Horse Players (A Betting Game)



  • Saturday
    Gallant Bob Stakes (Parx #8)
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    Congrats to the winners, and good luck to everyone this week!

    Gallant Bob Stakes (G3), Parx, Race 8, 4:05pm EST
    1. Always Sunshine (FL) Tammi Piermarini 118 Edward T. Allard
    2. Recount---Emmanuel Esquivel---118---James P. DiVito
    3. Limousine Liberal---Irad Ortiz, Jr.---118---Ben Colebrook
    4. Trouble Kid---Joshua Navarro---118---Ramon Preciado
    5. Catalina Red---Daniel Centeno---118---Chad J. Stewart
    6. Hebbronville---oe Bravo---122---Lynn S. Whiting
    7. Grand Bili---Javier Castellano---122---Gustavo Delgado
    8. Bayerd---Ricardo Santana, Jr.---118---Steven M. Asmussen

    Commonwealth Cup Stakes (G2), Laurel, Race 4, 2:42pm EST
    1. El Jefe Grande---UNKNOWN---118---Abigail C. Adsit
    2. Mr Speaker---Jose L. Ortiz---118---Claude R. McGaughey III
    3. Golden Glint---Horacio Karamanos---118---Mary E. Eppler
    4. Cut to Order---UNKNOWN---118---Jamie Ness
    5. Up With the Birds---Trevor McCarthy---118---H. Graham Motion
    6. Talk Show Man---Julian Pimentel---120---Hamilton A. Smith
    7. Legendary (GB)---Sheldon Russell---118---Niall Saville

    Cotillion Stakes (G1), Parx, Race 9, 4:50pm EST
    1. Tara's Tango---Mike E. Smith---117---Jerry Hollendorfer
    1A. Keen Pauline---Martin Garcia---122---Dale L. Romans
    2. Desert Valley---Deshawn L. Parker---117---Jeffrey A. Radosevich
    3. Embellish the Lace---Javier Castellano---124---Anthony W. Dutrow
    4. Stroke Play---Angel Castillo---117---Ramon Preciado
    5. Take Charge Brandi---Luis Saez---119---D. Wayne Lukas
    6. Pangburn---Ricardo Santana, Jr.---117---Anthony W. Dutrow
    7. Peace and War---Joel Rosario---117---H. Graham Motion
    8. I'm a Chatterbox---Florent Geroux---122---J. Larry Jones
    9. Calamity Kate---Edgar S. Prado---122---Kelly J. Breen
    10. Eskenformoney---John R. Velazquez---117---Todd A. Pletcher
    11. Don'tforgetaboutme---Irad Ortiz, Jr.---117---Todd A. Pletcher

    Pennsylvania Derby (G2), Parx, Race 10, 5:45pm EST
    1. War Story---Deshawn L. Parker---117---Jeffrey A. Radosevich
    2. Island Town---Brian Joseph Hernandez, Jr.---122---Ian R. Wilkes
    3. Frosted---Joel Rosario---124---Kiaran P. McLaughlin
    4. Iron Fist---Mike E. Smith---117---Jerry Hollendorfer
    5. Madefromlucky---John R. Velazquez---122---Todd A. Pletcher
    6. Gimme Da Lute---Martin Garcia---122---Bob Baffert
    7. Tommy Macho---Javier Castellano---117---Todd A. Pletcher
    8. Battle Midway---Aaron T. Gryder---117---Nicholas P. Zito
    9. Upstart---Irad Ortiz, Jr.---122---Richard A. Violette, Jr.
    10. Mr. Z---Luis Saez---119---D. Wayne Lukas

    Rachel's Turn Stakes, Charles Town, Race 6, 7:39pm EST
    1. Glory Girl---Carlos L. Castro---120---Keturah E. Obed-Letts
    2. Queen Kitten---Angel Ortega Stanley---120---Patrick L. White
    3. Carita---Julio E. Felix---120---Ingrid Mason
    4. Gianna Bella---Antonio Lopez---120---Cynthia E. O'Bannon
    5. R C's Daisyduke---Gerald Almodovar---120---Scott A. Lake
    6. Aye a Song---Christian Hiraldo---120---John D. McKee

    Dogwood Stakes (G3), Churchill, Race 9, 10:11pm EST
    1. All Day Alice---Rosemary B. Homeister, Jr.---118---Jon M. Cowan
    2. Zeven---Robby Albarado---118---Eddie Kenneally
    3. I'm a Looker---Francisco C. Torres---118---Patrick J. Dupuy
    4. Chide---Shaun Bridgmohan---118---Albert M. Stall, Jr.
    5. Super Majesty---Alex O. Solis---118---Jerry Hollendorfer
    6. Pleasant Tales---Jamie Therio---118---Dallas Stewart
    7. Sweet Swingin---Channing Hill---118---Dale L. Romans
    8. Huasca---Eddie Castro---118---Efren Loza, Jr.
    9. Street Song---Chris Landeros---118---Ian R. Wilkes
    10. Kathballu---ulien R. Leparoux---118---Kenneth G. McPeek
    11. Heart's Song---Jon Kenton Court---118---William R. Connelly
    12. Sweet Success---Corey J. Lanerie---118---George R. Arnold, II

    Charles Town Oaks (G3), Charles Town, Race 11, 10:25pm EST
    1. Sarah Sis---Julio E. Felix---123---Ingrid Mason
    2. White Clover---Kerwin D. Clark---118---J. Larry Jones
    3. Hot City Girl---Jose L. Ortiz---118---Linda Rice
    4. Fusaichi Red---Joe Bravo---118---George Weaver
    5. Toutsie Rules---J. D. Acosta---118---Michael Stidham
    6. Temper Mint Patty---Luis Saez---118---Todd A. Pletcher
  • Gallant Bob Stakes - 4. Trouble Kid
    Commonwealth Cup Stakes - 5. Up With the Birds
    Cotillion Stakes - 1. Tara's Tango
    Pennsylvania Derby - 1. War Story
    Rachel's Turn Stakes - 4. Gianna Bella
    Dogwood Stakes - 10. Kathballu
    Charles Town Oaks - 6. Temper Mint Patty

  • Gallant Bob S: #7 Grand Bili
    Commonwealth Cup S: #2 Mr Speaker
    Cotillion S: #8 I'm A Chatterbox
    Pennsylvania D: #3 Frosted
    Rachel's Turn S: #6 Aye A Song
    Dogwood S: #4 Chide
    Charles Town Oaks: #1 Sarah Sis
  • Gallant Job - #5 Catalina Red
    Commonwealth - #7 Legendary
    Cotillion - #10 Eskenformoney
    PA Derby - #3 Frosted
    Rachel's Turn - #3 Carita
    Dogwood - #6 Pleasant Tales
    Charles Town Oaks - #3 Hot City Girl
  • Gallant Bob Stakes: #6 Hebbronville
    Commonwealth Cup Stakes: #5 Up With The Birds
    Cotillion Stakes: #1 Tara's Tango
    Pennsylvania Derby: #6 Gimme Da Lute
    Rachel's Turn Stakes: #4 Gianna Bella
    Dogwood Stakes: #11 Heart's Song
    Charles Town Oaks: #2 White Clover
  • Gallant Bob Stakes: #3 Limousine Liberal
    Commonwealth Cup Stakes: #5 Up With The Birds
    Cotillion Stakes: #8 I'm A Chatterbox
    Pennsylvania Derby: #5 Madefromlucky
    Rachel's Turn Stakes: #3 Carita
    Dogwood Stakes: #5 Super Majesty
    Charles Town Oaks: #1 Sarah Sis
  • For the gimme da lute fans and players.
    Gimme da lute has scratched from the Penn derby. Pace change and scenarios scrambled....island town now loose, who has a spare rope?
  • Gallant Bob stakes: Limousine Liberal
    Commonwealth Cup Stakes: Up with the Birds
    Cotillion Stakes: Embellish the Lace
    Pennsylvania Derby: Madefromlucky
    Rachel's Turn Stakes: Glory Girl
    Dogwood Stakes: Heart's Song
    Charlestown Oaks: Fusaichi Red
  • Heads up @bigherbie. Gimme da lute is a scratch from the Penn
  • Thank you, tincup. I saw your message earlier and have now whittled it down to 3 choices - me thinks I'm overthinking this!
  • It threw me because I was gonna use gdl also. Rats
  • After last weekend's tanks, I just gave it another go. Tried to look at training times and recent wins and maybe picking some longer shots, who knows? Many of you do more research than I have done, and it seems to pay off. K
  • Well, I'll tell ya KMM, I bought "Handicapping For Dummies" many months ago and checking DRF and I have been going downhill ever since. Think I'm going back to picking by names!
  • Haha! I was thinking the same. I may change choice. I was thinking of Kathbalu(sp.) . I go by Kath with family.
  • Gimme Da Lute scratched - Pennsylvania Derby: #4 Iron Fist
  • Gallant Bob Stakes: #5 Catalina Red
    Commonwealth Cup Stakes: #4 Cut to Order
    Cotillion Stakes: #1a Keen Pauline
    Pennsylvania Derby: #10 Mr. Z
    Rachel's Turn Stakes: #4 Gianna Bella
    Dogwood Stakes: #3 I'm a Looker
    Charles Town Oaks: #5 Toutsie Rules
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    hi guys....just got internet back...
    Gallant Bob...#6 Hebbroville
    Commonwealth....#2 Mr. Speaker
    Cotllion....#8 I'm a Chatterbox
    Penn Derby....#3 Frosted
    Rachel's Turn....#2 Queen Kitten
    Dogwood...#4 Chide
    Chas Town Oaks....#2 White Clover
    we are about 90% moved....figure a months unpacking to do...cant find anything..and what I need is always part of the 10% still at the old place...ugh
  • Gallant Bob: #8 Bayerd
    Commonwealth Cup: #7 Legendary
    Cotillion Cup: #8 I'm a Chatterbox
    PA Derby: #9 Upstart
    Rachel's Turn: #1 Glory Girl
    Dogwood Stakes: #3 I'm a Looker
    Charles Town Oaks: #3 Hot City Girl
  • Gallant Bob: #3 Limousine Liberal
    Commonwealth Cup: #7 Legendary
    Cotillion Cup: #5 Take Charge Brandi
    PA Derby: #3 Frosted
    Rachel's Turn: #5 R C's Daisyduke
    Dogwood Stakes: #5 Super Majesty
    Charles Town Oaks: #1 Sarah Sis
  • @carolinarkansas -- moving is such a pain, you have my sympathies! I hope you get everything straightened out to your liking soon. :)
  • Gallant Bob: #6 Hebbronville
    Commonwealth Cup: #3 Golden Glint
    Cotillion Cup: #1 Tara's Tango
    PA Derby: #9 Upstart
    Rachel's Turn: #3 Carita
    Longwood Stakes: #5 Super Majesty
    Charles Town Oaks: #6 Tempermint Patty
  • Oh, dear, it seems I have 4th-itis so far....
  • Oh woe is me?:(
  • Oh woe is me?:(one second so far, maybe).
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