Wise Dan - Two time Horse of the Year and a Grand Old Gelding



  • Great tribute! Great horse, magnificent! Great owner and trainer, Fink and Lopresti! No mention that he was going to specific other career, just that he would be retired to farm. Thanks for posting, Keta.
  • According to Trainer Charlie Lopresti Wise Dan will start training to become a stable pony!
  • That is cool! He goes the route of Lava man. They surely love this great boy and want him around. He will be in an environment he is used to. Like this decision!
  • That's awesome!
  • Wise Dan will be paraded at Keeneland during the Breeders' Cup before being sent to train as a stable pony.
  • From Lava mans FB page:
    Soooo I hear Wise Dan was retired, and after a break to let down they are going to teach him to be a pony horse like me. If he wants to come watch me work, I would be happy to have him!! Champ to Champ!

  • Super happy for danny boy and his new job. Just learned Wise Dan will work the track as Lava man does after a romp with his brother. It`ll be great to see him lead youngsters to the gate, whispering nuggets of wisdom.
  • For those that wanted to see it here is Wise Dan being Paraded at Keeneland:
  • Wow ... what an utter disappointment. Keeneland ought to be ashamed.
  • KMMKMM Member
    Wise Dan should have been paraded on main track.:(
  • He should have paraded on the main track and the PA system should have been talking about his accomplishments, not doing TVG talking head BS on whatever race was coming up.

    This is a two time Horse of the Year, who has come back a couple of times, to the top of his game. He gave the racing world an amazing story to follow, an amazing story to tell and instead I'm listening to prognosticators rambling about how to bet whatever race is going to be run.

    But this is how America treats their turf champions. What a missed opportunity.
  • KMMKMM Member
    And I agree commentators should have been talking about him and his accomplishments!
  • I mean, if his connections didn't want him on the track because he'd get too wound up, which can happen, that's one thing.

    But at least the commentators should have been talking about him. There is plenty of material about him to fill the amount of time he paraded. I never even heard them pause ONCE to say "Turf champion and two time horse of the year Wide Dan is currently parading in the parade ring, let's all take a moment and give him a hand!"
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    He would not get wound up, at least I don't think so. He is a vet, all around pro. I think they did him a disservice. K
  • Sometimes the pros are the ones you have to be careful about. They know the routine but what they don't understand is the idea that a walk over is just for 'show'.

    They can get wound up, on their toes and ready for a race, only to wind up frustrated when you walk them back to the barn without running.

    Like if you have a horse who always goes out to their paddock after breakfast, walking a specific path. You feed them breakfast, halter them up, walk that specific path all the way to the gate of their field, then turn around and put them back in their stall.

    You can end up with a real handful and risk the horse hurting himself.
  • SarahSarah MaineMember
    Loved Wise Dan's walk at Keeneland. Would have loved to see him another season.
  • IMO if he's chill enough that they're putting him in pony training, he should have paraded on the main track.

    Great disrespect for one of the living greats.
  • For the record I agree he should have paraded on the main track and enjoyed his applause.
  • Hi everyone!

    Charlie LoPresti has been incredibly kind to me throughout Wise Dan's career, and I have such love and respect for Dan. While I was at Keeneland this weekend, I visited Wise Dan and interviewed Charlie LoPresti. In turn, I wrote this article about Mr. LoPresti looking back at Wise Dan's career and towards the gelding's future in retirement. I hope you all will enjoy: http://www.horseracingnation.com/blogs/grandstand/The_End_of_an_Era_Wise_Dan_and_Charlie_LoPresti_123

  • Thank you, Mary ...
  • KMMKMM Member
    Love Lopresti's management of WD. Great article. Stupendous horse!
  • PastTheGrandstand: Thank you! What a great write. Long Live Wise Dan.
  • Charlie LoPrestihas always been very kind, gracious and generous with the fans. I was blessed to see all his races in KY since his Firecracker at Churchill and every Makers and Shadwell at Keeneland. Charlie graciously allowed us a private audience with his greatness twice a year for the past three years.Great article PastTheGrandstand...
    And for the record he was indeed paraded in front of Both the paddock fans and the grandstand--Please click and read--
    "Two-time Horse of the Year Wise Dan was celebrated at Keeneland on Saturday between the second and third races as fans in attendance were treated to an appearance in the paddock and a parade in front of the grandstand. Wise Dan was retired from racing last month after a tendon injury was discovered while he was prepping for a planned start in the Woodbine Mile. The 8-year-old gelding has been based at Keeneland under trainer Charlie LoPresti throughout his career and counts two editions of the Shadwell Turf Mile among his record seven stakes victories at Keeneland, including last year’s race, which turned out to be the final start of his career. Racing for owner-breeder Morton Fink, the versatile Wise Dan won the Grade 1 Clark Handicap on dirt as well as 10 other Grade 1 races, retiring with 14 consecutive victories on turf. - See more at: http://www.americasbestracing.net/en/the-latest/news-stories/2015/10/3/slideshow-stirring-sendoff-for-superstar-wise-dan/#sthash.QeRdmuyh.dpuf
  • TVG did cover both the paddock and grandstand. I'm not one to try to argue or defend TVG, but they did talk about him with great respect....
    Keeneland treats him like a God....every time he raced and on the day he was paraded. I'm confused about where you're getting your information. I can assure you it's not correct.
    He's my favorite living horse and I would be the first to be upset if the above was accurate, but it's not. All the best. And Long Live Wise Dan!!
  • KMMKMM Member
    Thanks Ashton. Good to know. I jumped to conclusions based on video.
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