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  • Ebby! My video of your debut!

  • KarenGogue
    So wonderfully done!
    Thank you for sharing
    Hugs, Keta
  • Thanks for posting that Karen - wish I could have been there! What a beauty she is...
  • Karen. Super video. Great commentary and exciting yelling. It was almost like being there.
  • That was so exciting! I felt like I was there, too. Thanks so much!
  • Oh, my!! You've done it again, Karen!! Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic video. It is just beautiful and makes my heart so happy. Thanks!!
  • Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Karen. The video is outstanding, I can't stop watching it! Your comments, cheers, tears are so perfect. You Dumplings are doing a superb job encouraging our darling Eblouissante! I am praying for many safe and successful trips for Ebby! Thank you sooooo much. Keep up the fantastic work. Much love, h+++
  • What a great video! Love the cheers, and the tears. Eblouissante - lifted up by the love of many fans! You go girl!
  • Awesome Gem Goodbye - for now ...

  • Awesome Gem Goodbye - for now .

    Karen. Loved your video of the goodbye to Awesome Gem. Very well done and a real pleasure to watch. Your comments are always great to hear. It is good that Gem has a nice future job. I would love to see him working one day like Lava Man.

  • Watch out Barn 55!!

  • Thanks Karen for all the marvelous videos. How lucky you are to see all the horses up close and personal.. :)
  • ^ This is a remake of the above video of Sandy's birthday. Much more added. I don't know how to delete the old one! LOL!
  • My video of last years winner of the Vox Populi Award - Rapid Redux.

  • My Zenyatta Vox Populi Award 2011 video.

  • Here is Judy Gadwood's video - I just put it together for her.

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  • Ahhh Eblou ...

  • KarenGogueKarenGogue Member
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  • that was a beautiful video of her, loved the still shots they were perfect in showing her beauty and strength :)
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    I loved the part where Jasmine got so excited about Zenny's statue! Beautifully done GF!!!
  • WELL DONE!! Thanks for posting.
  • I loved the part where Jasmine got so excited about Zenny's statue! Beautifully done GF!!!
    Yes, she was reading the inscription and was telling me her hat said Zenyatta. Too cute!
  • Anyone know why the videos are not showing up here - they did before. Am I doing something wrong? I am not a tech person LOL! It makes it easier for people to look for a video. Thank you!
  • Mr Commons and other horseys on SA Handicap day.

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