Lady Eli

She's lovely, determined, and unbeaten. Right now she's fighting laminitis. I thought she deserved her own discussion and our support for a complete recovery.


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    Love Lady Eli! Wishing for a speedy and full recovery. Latest update
  • "There's no timetable on [putting a saddle on her]," he continued. "Right now we're just trying to take care of the horse and making sure she is physically well just being a horse, and it looks like she is. I look forward to the day we can put a saddle back on her. I'm not sure when or where, but we're hoping that day comes, and so far it's looking good."

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    Chad Brown's report in the Bloodhorse of Lady Eli's recovery is good news indeed. She's a remarkable girl!
  • Another update on Lady Eli! Sounds like she's doing fantasticly and they're going to try to bring her back for a 4yo campaign.
  • Terrific!
  • Very good news!
  • Wonderful news!
  • Definitely didn't tear up at all, nope not me ;)
  • So happy to hear this. Not many recover from laminitis. Know she will enjoy fall in Kentucky.
  • Great that she gets some down time. She can buck, frolic, and kick up her heels in field. If laminitis is gone, it will be great for her hoof circulation and blood circulation for her to be able to move in field or paddock.
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    Lady Eli has recovered from laminitis and has started jogging at the track. Really good news for a change!
  • Sassy Lady!

  • So great! It looks like she wants to be released from the track pony so badly and run on.
  • Yeah!
  • Lady Eli recorded her third timed work today going 4f in 49. The last two Mondays she went 3f in 39.40, 39.40
  • Nice and easy, little one....
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    Stay healthy, pretty girl!

    Here's the full article about her workout today. It looks like there's still no plan for her comeback race yet, but that's not surprising. Best to take it easy coming back.
  • So nice to get a miracle recovery. Bless her and her team.
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    Lady Eli Nears Return to Breezing, Spa Race Possible
    By T. D. Thornton TDN Monday, May 23, 2016
    Undefeated Lady Eli (Divine Park), who has not raced since stepping on a nail and developing laminitis in both front feet last July, is back at the Belmont Park barn of trainer Chad Brown and could soon be ready to resume breezing, with a tentative goal of being ready to run later this summer at Saratoga Race Course.
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    That is really good news!
  • What idiot left a nail where there are horses present?
  • Didn't Spectacular Bid step on a safety pin prior to the Belmont? Same kind of idiot who dropped that safety pin!
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    Bless her as she continues to recover. One of our miracle horses.
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    Didn't Spectacular Bid step on a safety pin prior to the Belmont? Same kind of idiot who dropped that safety pin!
    At the time, it was more common to safety pin leg wraps, ergo safety pins everywhere - oooor it was just a "good" excuse :(
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