Most likely sire for Z 2017

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  • Thanks, KMM!
  • Would like to see Deputy Minister as broodmare sire for bloodline and see how it mixes with Z's bloodlines.
  • Could also take into account sons of Deputy Minister.
  • Thanks Sarinne. First thread that I started. :)
  • I really think Zen will prove to be a good broodmare. We just don't have any results yet. She seems very fertile and healthy, and she has great care. Maybe her boys on the ground, or future produce. It is a bit of a waiting timeline. Would also like to see what her unnamed full brother proves. She is a young made in scheme of things. K
  • Because this is a new thread , a new search for the next sire, how would you start? Maybe over? Define what you expect, goals? Do you really understand what kind of horse you have, and can you get to the goal projected?
    What was Zenyatta going to give to Bernardini that he didnt already have
    How about Tapit?...A finish? ok..not bad, except she might throw a slow start.
    What about War Front. Does anyone have any idea of the horse you will have? What does war front produce?
    I would love to hear how the conversation starts. Would it be like...take a sire and how can Zen improve his line.... or does it go....Zen...what sire can improve her line? seriously interested to see how the process works.
  • Boy , tincup, you really want to me step up to the plate! Haha. I claim to have research talents, so maybe will try to take on your challenge. Actually, probably prove to be pretty humbling. K
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    I absolutely love Deputy Minister as a sire and damsire, but I worry that he'd throw too much stamina if his line was bred to Zenyatta's. She's already got plenty of that. Maybe if he's far enough back it would be okay, but I wouldn't explicitly look for his line to be matched with hers.
  • Dottie was quoted as saying they were looking for "speed" for Zenyatta in an article earlier this fall after Pharoah won the Grand Slam.
  • Jaefeathered, there can't be too much stamina. Can we find DM in mares with speed, as a damsire?
  • I mean Deputy Minister was the sire of the speedy Dehere, who sired Midnight Lute, and the grandsire of Ghostzapper, but he's a major stamina influence. He's the damsire of Curlin, three Belmont winners, and Man of Iron (Marathon), among others. Not who I'd look at for speed.
  • I would love to see her go to a stallion like Honor Code. Not him specifically, but an excellent miler that could carry his speed.
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    I like the idea of breeding to Honor Code in theory, but I'm concerned with Vertigineaux's blood mixing with AP Indy up close. I went into it in another thread, but it doesn't seem like it's a good cross (Mr. Besilu, Cozmic One, Eblouissante, Treasure Trail, etc). It looks like it's been diluted enough with Tapit for Ziconic but we won't really know until he starts racing.

    EDIT: I know you said "a stallion like Honor Code" not necessarily him.
  • Copies from the Z16 thread:

    Speightstown or More Than Ready if they are looking for speed as in turn of foot.
    For those who nick then Speightstown is an A and More Than Ready is an A++

    I am liking Speightstown more and more.
  • they should choose empire maker
  • I still have a crush on Orb. I've always thought he was very classy and elegant.
    Fast, too. I think they retired him early because he lost interest in winning, but Zenyatta's strong will could make up for that!
  • But Is AP off the table? If so let me know so I can stop praying! :)
  • I actually agree that a "speedy" sire would be the best pairing for her. A sire like Speighstown, or Munnings. The only distance sire that I think would be a PERFECT match for her is still.... MdO =)
  • Not a big fan, but what about Bayern?

    (sorry if my english may be bad sometimes, I`m from Germany, but i would like to improve)
  • Bayern, I think, is just too new and unproven in stallion ranks.
  • It sounds like the Afleet line would be a really good match with Zenyatta, both on her sire's side and her dam's side. As much as I adore Afleet Alex though, I think he would throw too much stamina and he doesn't have the best conformation. I think Northern Afleet was supposed to be speedier and his early sire stats were extremely impressive. I have one article claiming 20% stakes winners from his first crop, and an overall (as of 2011) ~60% winners and ~6% stakes winners. I doubt the Mosses would send Zenyatta to Northern Afleet now though.
  • from what i read deputy minister&gone west&storm cat&sadler's well are the best other sires to use look at their sons
  • Afleet Alex is highly rated and he has sired some that were pretty good 2 year olds. He is a good size too. Another that fascinates me although True Nicks rates it a D would be Bodemeister. He had a ton of speed and could carry it if conditions warranted it, much like Bayern. And Bodemeister had some really nice yearlings this year. So far, her production kinda warrants looking out of the box to see if there is a nice nick.
  • Has anyone seen the Animal Kingdom kids? They're really attractive. Maybe an interesting candidate.
  • i keep thinking what studs can increase the chance of producing a superstar
    horse i think the studs are medaglia doro or empire maker or ghostzapper
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