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This thread is dedicated to a very special Horse Rescue operation located near the southern edge of the Mojave Desert in Southern California. For detailed information on this wonderful place, see

Updates on the horses rescued and news about new rescues will be posted here. Earlier this info was posted on Worthy Horse Rescue Organizations and Current Needs and Updates. Please see those earlier postings at that Discussion topic in the first 33 pages.

Here is a copy of the last post in that Discussion. Consider it the first post on this new thread.

I'm back from Mea Ola's Place and will post photos, etc. after I get myself back to myself. Whew. Hard-working few days there.

I've decided I'm going to start a new thread dedicated only to Mea Ola's Place so that others who want to post about other worthy horse rescue operations won't feel this thread is taken up by MOP. That way the followers of MOP on the Z Forum can go right to the new discussion for updates. It seems a logical thing to do now that they are in a new location and are growing bigger.

The biggest news is that they have really increased the size of the herd. The previous owner signed over 2 registered paint horses to Hannah Kline, Ann's middle child. Hannah will be coming home (from Texas) on Friday. She will live in the mobile home (a single wide) on the property) and serve as the trainer for MOP. Word is that she is an excellent horse trainer. The two horses she just acquired, she will prepare for sale and I guess she will be able to keep the money. One of them is a stud, so it's possible she may stand him for awhile, or else she will geld him. He's the stallion who really upset Spider on Sunday. Ha ha. Will post about that later.

In addition to those two new horses, they took in Carmen, whom I mentioned above before I left. She is not much bigger than Little Man, a child-sized pony. Ann put them together, in side-by-side stalls. For now they are quite a ways away from the rest of the herd because they are still building corrals. Little Man seems to miss his MOP buddies.

Also on Tuesday, MOP agreed to take two more auction rescues from HiCaliber, and on top of all the work they are involved in for the move, etc., Chris drove down there on Tuesday night to get them. Will post details and pictures when I can. They are both dark bay geldings, one a smaller, possible Morgan cross, who is quite overweight and has already been named Porky. (I hate the name.) He has terrible feet, but he's not lame, so the prognosis is hopeful. They estimate him to be about 12 years old.

The other guy is 16.3 hh and has a lip tatoo. He has been abused badly, is very underweight, and has whip scars all over, especially on his hips and even on his face. There's a problem with one of his eyes. In spite of all, he is reported to be a real sweetie. He is estimated to be no more than 5 years old. His upper canines are coming in, but the lower, not yet. So young to have been so mistreated.

The "tall" guy
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Pictures from Mea Ola's facebook page 17 Feb 2016

Vet will check them today. The taller guy isn't named, and Ann wants a Hawaiian name for him, PG.


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    First update. Already.

    The taller guy has been named. Here's the post from Ann: "Okay, I picked his name. His name is "Ikaia" which means, God delivers. I think that is fitting for his situation. But, we will call him Captain for a just fits him even though he is a youngster. smile emoticon"

    Here's a picture of him from last night. It was a cold, very windy and stormy night.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Picture from Mea Ola's Place facebook page

    Captain is stalled right outside the barn while he is in quarantine. The vets postponed until tomorrow.

    Here is what Ann had to say about this boy today. "... Omg...I wish I could explain him. When I went to put his blanket on, I was in a rush. no Halter. At first he was afraid. I believe he thought something bad was going to happen. But, in a split second he had a distant memory of being cared for. Not only did he submit, but he really appreciated it. We connected tonight!"
  • Good for Anne. I hope she gets enough financial support for the new place!
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    Oh poor Ikaia...those scars on his face are just painfully terrible looking! Glad Ann was able to make a positive connection with him today. Do you know where he was before he was rescued by HiCaliber? Of maybe his tattoo will help uncover his abusive past. Poor Boy! Glad he found his forever home at Mea Ola. :oD

    Add on: btw...I really love his 4 white socks...I hope his tail will grow out as well. You can tell he was a handsome boy before "the people involved" decided to throw him away. :o(
  • He was at the auction in Ontario where HiCaliber got him. I noted that he has a shorn tail, the same as Tess, and also a lip tatoo, so I'm guessing he is a Standardbred who was a harness racer. Maybe he had a bad trainer or driver who didn't like him going too slowly. I'm also wondering if the whip may have hit him in the eye. Ann says she's not sure of his vision there. The vets should be out tomorrow to check the newbies, and the two causalties of the move.

    Nothing major and will post story. Actually the second casualty came about a week after his move. Volt was so stressed by the whole thing that he colicked on Monday night, so Ann and Chris had to stay there over night. She had to dose him up with meds and tube him a time or two. Fortunately he was better the next morning, but was very dramatic about the whole thing. It was funny, being a guest there with the host and hostess not home. So I had the whole house to myself. CG, one of the Meaholics, from the Bay area, was there, but she slept in the trailer. So funny.
  • Oh...I must have missed the incident of the two casualties during the move. So one was handsome Volt...but who was the other horse?
  • You didn't miss them. I didn't write them yet. Volt was indeed one, the other was Spider.

    Spider, due to weather, the move, and before that Dr. Sam's being incapacitated by having been stepped on by a horse, has not been gelded yet. Spring is approaching and in spring, a young stud's fancies lightly turn to thoughts of love--to misquote the old saying. To be continued...
  • Oh...I hope Dr. Sam didn't get stepped on by one of Ann's horses. OUCH!
    I'm going to really be interested in the "Macho" incident between Spider and the Paint stallion from the original property owner.
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    Actually it was kind of a no-incident. Just extreme impatience and lack of attention on Spider's part. He was the last horse to be loaded at the old site. He had a whole trailer to himself. Here is a still shot. The kid is Payton, Ann's son.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Photo by VA-in-CA, 14 Feb 2016

    After the gate was opened, Spider stood there for a long time sniffing the floor and the ambient air inside. The last two horses who had been moved over to the new place were Nani and Tess. Mares. So it was quite interesting to him. Finally they were ready to load him.

    Here is the video I took of that. The grey trailer in the background to the right is ready to roll with Rowdy and Gasston already aboard. Ann rode in the back with them. I followed them all in my car with CG. The sound on this video is enhanced by turkeys and a rooster. (There are a total of at least 80 birds to move. I counted, but may have missed a few. Their coop is behind where I was standing.)
    After clicking the video link below...Click on the icon on the far right directly below the's the yellow circle with the green (+) inside to get a full screen view of the video.
    Video by VA_in_CA

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    Oh darn...I'm revealing my age again! With my bad eyesight & astigmatism, I had to blow up the text above to be able to read what to do with the original video link VA_in_CA but perhaps it might be best to copy the URL code (the 3rd,/last choice) for posting the video link from the left side of the Tinypics website code choices? ...Just trying to help. ❤

    Below: After clicking the video link below...Click on the icon on the far right directly below the's the yellow circle with the green (+) inside to get a full screen view of the video.

    Spider getting into the trailer
    Video by VA_in_CA
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    Thanks, PG. I was able to go back and edit in the suggestions you gave. I got the wrong code to enter for the video because (stupidly) it's in a different location for still photos and I used the same location for the video--the code listed 1st. Sigh. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it. Much easier than trying to read that teeny tiny print. And the words I typed in later were in the same miniature font. lol

    I didn't get video of Spider unloading because he came out so fast. The truck and trailer drove to a different area of the new location, to the corral-stall where Spider was to be put temporarily. The MOP corrals have not all been finished yet. Eventually, he will be put back near Rowdy and Gasston. His temporary quarters were in a stall not far from the barn and across the round pen from where the MOP horses are mainly stalled.

    They backed the trailer up to the gate of his temporary stall to unload Spider, and as soon as they opened the back of the trailer, he got a good whiff of the other stud who was in a corral lined up next to his, but separated by 16 feet. The sedation wore off the second he smelled that other stud, ha ha. Spider let out a challenging cry and charged out of the trailer, forgetting that there was a step down. so he cut a hunk out of his left rear fetlock. Silly boy.

    Then Chris and Payton worked on clamping reinforcing panels of their own to the stall because the walls were a bit rickety and bent down in one case. Ann wrapped Spider's leg which had bled quite a bit, but I guess that cleaned it out. She put something on it before wrapping. The next morning the cut looked clean and the other stud had been moved so Spider couldn't see him, at least.

    Here you can see Spider all settled for his first night, on Sunday, 2/14.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Picture from Mea Ola's Place facebook page

    Here's a picture of his leg that Ann took on Wednesday, and her comment on it.

    "Here is Spider's owie at bandage change today. I started the honey/Betadine wet to dry bandages today. That is the fastest way I have found to heal wounds like this. But this one is going to take a few weeks, regardless. Thankfully he didn't tear anything but skin off."

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Picture from Mea Ola's Place facebook page.

    And here is a short video showing the area where Spider is now. The stalls shown to the left of the barn are where the two new geldings are for their quarantine period. The "beautiful sight" Ann refers to is the wind turbine. The former owner surprised them by getting its brain fixed. It had been cooked by a lightning strike last year. So now it is producing electricity and storing what isn't used. This is a great blessing because their electric bill last month was over $400 and that was for a winter month. (Click the link below.)

    And finally here are pictures of the other stud. His name is Drummer, and the former owner signed him over to Hannah Kline, Ann's daughter.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Pictures from Mea Ola's Place facebook page

    I will post more pictures and videos in the coming days. Videos take forever to upload.
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    Wow! Drummer is one handsome dude!
    Here's a picture of his (Spider's) leg that Ann took on Wednesday, and her comment on it.
    "Here is Spider's owie at bandage change today. I started the honey/Betadine wet to dry bandages today. That is the fastest way I have found to heal wounds like this. But this one is going to take a few weeks, regardless. Thankfully he didn't tear anything but skin off."
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Picture from Mea Ola's Place facebook page.
    As for Spider's owie you might ask Anne about using the product Vetericyn (Hydro Gel)...It's great for cuts like Spider's. It replicates the chemicals, etc. the body's auto-immune system produces in fighting infections so it is non-toxic to the animal. It speeds the healing process of skin wounds and doesn't sting upon application. It also doesn't harm healthy tissue in the process of cleaning wounds and removal of foreign matter and dead tissue from a wound. It comes in a Vet strength formula as well. I've tried the human version called Puracyn and it really, really worked and my wound healed faster than normal for me without scarring! Amazing!

    The Vetericyn Hydrogel (which is more viscous) stays on vertical wounds better like the legs of horses. The regular (more liquidy) Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care is great for cleansing irritations to the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. Both are PH-balanced.

    It also doesn't contain antibiotics or steroids (tests free) there's no limitation for use unlike antibiotics, steroids, etc. Also upon application of Vetericyn, the wound will turn reddish in color...what's happening is the increase in blood flow to the area in the healing process for the wound. You will see this happen in the video shown below on the horse's leg.

    Dr. Brad Gordon of Equine Referral uses Vetericyn
    by drmsullivan via YouTube

    Links on Vetericyn:

    Note: This is not an article to promote the selling of a is merely an informative posting.
  • Thanks for this. I'll pass it along to Ann after she gets settled better. I don't think she'd want to try anything new with so much chaos surrounding her just now. For all I know, she may be aware of it already. She'll probably want to stick with her tried and true methods for now. She didn't post much at all today. They are really running themselves ragged with all they have to do. Thank goodness CG was there to help. On Monday and Tuesday she did 7 loads of laundry. Wow. They can't get those birds moved until Chris builds a coop for them. It's a worry.
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    Re Drummer, the other horse Hannah is getting looks a lot like him and is a mare. They are probably siblings. The ranch was a breeding ranch with Quarter Horses and Paints.
  • Oh...I hope you will share Vetericyn with Ann. I am aware that she is a vet tech and has her own tried-and-true method for healing wounds. But I'm hoping she can try a different method which might give better, faster results. :oD I'm sure she knows that Betadine is an antiseptic application and prolonged exposure/contact can cause skin irritation which delays skin healing. Also, I researched and found that Betadine also kills healthy tissue along with the infected tissues on wounds and can cause more scar tissue to form in the injured area.

    You can also mention our "local" wound treatment application...
    Use the thick succulent leaves of the aloe vera plant, trim off the sharp spikes along the edge of the leaves. Then split the leaves in the thick leathery skin of the aloe leaf away from the wound and the gooey gel-like pulp making close contact with the wound. Wrap the aloe leaf/wound with ti leaves (regular wraps are okay if ti leaves are not available). But the ti leaves will help draw out heat from the wound area...keeping the wound cool. Remove when the aloe pulp has dissipated and reapply with fresh aloe/ti leaves once again...repeat. Aloe is good natural stuff! It has natural analgesic properties and promotes rapid skin healing. The Egyptians used it in the same manner too! Alexander the Great always had a supply of aloe vera when he went into battle to help tend to the wounds of his soldiers! :oD
  • Really interesting. Will pass this along when I can. Her computer is at the old location, so she doesn't get much time to check on it just now. They are pretty swamped and we are all a little bit in the dark when she doesn't get a chance to post. Hannah is coming home some time today and I guess someone will have to drive in to get her, probably from Ontario airport, unless she is driving in from Texas herself. Again, no word on anything right now. Frustrating and worrying. Latest news was that all horses are well and adjusting.
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    Here's an up-to-the-minute video of Rowdy and Gasston out in the arena for the first time at the new location. This was Rowdy's first time to see speeding cars going by. Love the way Gasston tries to keep up to supervise his "baby." Someone noted in the comments on the MOP page that Rowdy is smiling. He is. He was doing a lot of that while I was there--the kind where he pulled his lips back and flashed his teeth. Soooo cute. But he would clam up every time I held up my camera. Funny boy. Next Tuesday, he'll be 21 months.

    Click in the lower right corner to get full screeen.
  • Nice video! So good to see happy critters.
  • Here is a picture of Mea Ola, Gypsy (both black and white), and Rosie. Ann calls them "besties." This was their first turn out at the new location. Their turnout has grass growing in it and it's starting to green up. Ann says they like it anyway. It is extremely rare to have growing grass in horse paddocks in the desert. It costs water to grow it after the seed is planted. It's not natural, for sure. The house can be seen on the left. The stall area is out of sight to the right, beyond the trees and driveway.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Photo taken in their first turnout at the new location, 2-19-2016

    And here is Babs. She and Tilly have been in one of the back turnouts since their arrival at the new location. Their new stalls haven't been assembled yet. Here's what Ann had to say when she posted this picture on Thursday morning (2/18): "Here is beautiful Babs this morning. She and Tilly are very happy in their new place here." (This turnout has a big square weather shelter in the middle.)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic and, "[Babs] is really happy here. smile emoticon. She has been following me everywhere when I go in their turnout and even on the cart. It is as if she feels more secure here at the new place. Not sure why that is."

    My guess, and it's only a guess, is that maybe she likes the more open space and feels safer because she can easily run away if necessary, whereas she couldn't in a confined stall. Her old turnout had trees and shrubs, which she may have felt could conceal dangers. Who knows?

    Pictures and quoted comments taken from Mea Ola's Place facebook page.
  • Do they have enough fundraising base for new endeavor?
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    I believe so. I believe they are collecting donations for the new arrivals, Captain and Porky, see above. You can also check their Website under donations to see if they still need those funds. For the purchase of the property, they plan to get corporate sponsors from local businesses and also from fund drives at local events. They will be paying off the total cost within 4 years.

    I'm in the middle of trying to post the videos of loading Babs and Tilly and I just accidentally closed the whole thing out. But fortunately the draft was saved. I've got a few more videos to load. Even the short ones take forever to load. Sigh.

  • Loading Tilly and Babs at the old location was NOT easy on Sunday morning. They were in the round pen and the trailer was backed up to the gate. -- Video by VA_in_CA.

    They then brought in another panel to guide them toward the gate and make the area that contained them smaller. They tried again: -- Video by VA_in_CA.

    In fact they tried several times and somehow I missed the actual moment when they loaded. It's very hard to tell if the cam is recording when the "screen" you have to look at is in bright sun.

    Unloading the two ferals was easy, however. They immediately liked their new quarters, which are temporarily in a big turnout.
    Video from Mea Ola's facebook page.
  • Thanks for sharing all the news and videos of the move and starting this thread for Mea Ola's. There is never enough time for me to follow everything on FB so it's nice to find it here.
  • It's hard to keep up with all the new changes. Wow. Here is the video of the new girl--Carmen--that they took in on Sunday afternoon (14 Feb, 2016). [i was back at the old place packing dishes. lol] Carmen was discussed on page 33 of Worthy Horse Rescues. Her former owner can no longer care for her or even afford to buy food for her. So sad. But at least she is having a stroke of luck getting to come to Mea Ola's Place. You can see here that she's quiet and respectful. For now she is stalled way in the back with Little Man, a child-sized pony. Video link:

    Here is Carmen, in the rear, with Little Man, in their temporary quarters.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Here is Carmen, a little bit too close for clear viewing. lol
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    And here is Little Man. He is used in kid's camps, and Carmen may also serve there, until a forever home can be found for her. I think he looks sad to be so far away from his old buddies. I don't think he can even see them here. But soon the new stalls will be built and they can be moved back with the herd.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Still photos by VA_in_CA on 16Feb2016
  • Here's a post from Ann this morning.

    "I ended up leaving Gypsy, Mama, and Rosie out all night. They refused to be caught and I didn't want to chase Mea Ola. They were just enjoying themselves too much! I was so proud of Rosie. She hasn't had one melt down over the move and all of the newness. Tekka had a meltdown, however. It will take some time for some of them to adjust. We had to hand walk Volt so he could see that no one was going to "steal" his mares. The place is so big that they don't know if a horse left or is just turned out. We will get back into a routine soon and everyone will figure it out."

    She also reported that the last of the original owner's horses left yesterday. So now all the horses on the property belong to, or are connected with, Mea Ola's Place. At least 5 are new to the Rescue--Nani, Tess, Carmen, Captain, and Porky, plus there are the two paint horses for Hannah--Drummer and Libby, the paint mare, and I think 6 horses that are boarding. They've also had requests for information about boarding from other people in the community. Boarders will help their finances.
  • Do they have enough fundraising base for new endeavor?
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