16Z--April 10, 2016 War Front colt

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Okay. He has his own thread now. Hope Kyle can post his first picture here. And follow ups as well. Welcome baby boy. (He shares my birthday and that of several other people and horses, see various comments for others.)


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    Welcome new Baby Z! What a handsome boy you are. You'll never know how long your arrival has been anticipated but glad you are here now. New born picture, hard to tell color. Anyone care to take a guess? I am seeing some red?
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    Breaking News: It’s a Boy! Zenyatta Welcomes Third Colt
    Lorraine Jackson Horse Nation April 11 2016
    Zenyatta safely welcomed her most recent offspring into the world this morning, and it’s a darling little colt with face markings to match his 2009 Breeder’s Cup Classic Champ and 2010 Horse of the Year mother. (note: must be logged into Facebook to view)
    The colt is the son of War Front, and it is Zenyatta’s second cross with the 14-year-old stallion of Claiborne Farms. Zenyatta had previously been bred to War Front and produced a healthy filly, but the foal was euthanized after a tragic pasture accident in 2014.
    Several years after Zenyatta’s retirement from racing, her loyal followers continue to watch the mare’s progress as a mother courtesy of a very busy social media account, and the mare has been on foal watch for several days
    Congratulations to mama Zenyatta and all her connections!
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    Zenyatta Delivers Colt By War Front
    by Paulick Report Staff | 04.11.2016 | 11:00am
    After several days of going past her due date, champion Zenyatta finally gave birth early Monday to her fourth foal – a healthy colt by Claiborne Farm stallion War Front.
    The new arrival is the mare's third colt, following a 2012 Bernardini colt (Cozmic One) and a 2013 Tapit colt (Ziconic). Zenyatta produced a filly by War Front in 2014; unfortunately she had to be euthanized after a paddock accident as a weanling. She did not produce a foal in 2015.
    This is a developing story; more updates will follow once they become available
  • Such a beautiful baby boy! Congrats to all the connections!
  • I love that he got Zenyatta's ears.
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    Zenyatta's 4th foal, by War Front, born Monday
    Jonathan Lintner, The Courier-Journal April 11, 2016
    Champion racehorse Zenyatta successfully delivered her fourth foal Monday at Lane's End Farm near Versailles, Ky. It's another colt, her connections reported, this one by War Front.
    The horse appears to be a dark bay color with a white blaze across his face. Yes, he looks just like Mom.

  • I want to see a photo of Zenyatta.
  • I want to see a photo of Zenyatta.
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  • me, too .....
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    Guys, really?

    Has Team Z ever given us any reason to doubt them when they've said something? KyleA has already posted on here that Zenyatta is fine and that more pictures and information will be forth coming.
  • I imagine they're busy. They'll post more pictures when they can.
  • Not doubting them @Zenyen, just love to see Zenny interact with her foals. She is such a good momma.
  • I don't think they've ever shown pictures of Z before they've cleaned her and the stall after foaling. They also have to get the foal up and nursing. So they are pretty busy.
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    Foal is up and nursing within the hour.
  • That was an unnecessary comment.
  • Comments about wanting to see Zeny are no different then the comments from the past days saying we want to see a foal.

    Not worried about Zeny, especially after the confirmation she is ok, just looking forward to seeing the love in her eyes for her new foal.

    I want to see a photo of Zenyatta.
  • I know @Zenyen --- we are all just anxious for that first pic of Zenyatta loving on her new foal --- but i can wait! Maybe the foaling barn had a really busy night, Would love to get an update on pasture buddy, Violet Rose, too. She looked about as big as Z --- maybe we will get to see them turned out together!
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    That was an unnecessary comment.
    What was unnecessary?

    I didn't mean to demand a photo. Usually the first photo we see is Zenyatta and the foal. I'm sorry if I want to see her and I know they're busy. Sorry.

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    No, VA wasn't talking about your comment....VA was commenting on KMM having to point out, that since foals are up and nursing within an hour, that can’t be a reason, at this point in time, for not seeing a photo of Zeny.

    I think we have gone a bit down a rabbit hole.....wanting to see a photo of Zeny is about wanting to see the connection between Zeny and 16Z.

    I personally am also looking forward to seeing Ann with Zeny and Z16.
    That was an unnecessary comment.

    What was unnecessary?

    I didn't mean to
    demand a photo. Usually the first photo we see is Zenyatta and the foal. I'm sorry if I want to see her and I know they're busy. Sorry.

  • I also want to see a photo of Z with the foal. It's always so nice to see the sparkle in Z's eye when she looks at her foals. I am sure we will get some photos by the end of the night. Team Z has always been so generous and great about getting us photos in a timely manner.
  • Just found this info on another thread --- apparently Violet Rose, Z's pasture buddy, had her foal on April 5th --- it's a colt, too. Sired by Courageous Cat.
  • Congrats to our Queen and new colt. He is a carbon copy of mom. Her FB page assures us more pics are coming soon.
  • Louise, I was saying that KMM's comment wasn't necessary because I know, as we all do, about how long it is before the foal stands and nurses. I felt she was implying that I was too stupid to know that.
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    Oh boy, let us not go there again. I wasn't implying anyone was stupid, VA. It was a comment, that is all.
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