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This discussion was created for everyone to share their "off topic" travel stories not pertaining to equine subjects or horse racing. Personal photos not required, but great if you have some to share! :oD


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    image Colorful view of The Mall towards the Washington Monument-Photo by Paniolo_Gal

    These photos were taken celebrating "Earth Month" back on Monday, April 22, 2013 (Earth Day) during one of our visits to Washington D.C. You will notice that the above image of the Washington Monument has scaffolding around its base. They were still repairing the damages to the monument after a 5.8 earthquake struck the nearby region of Mineral, Virginia on August 23, 2011 at 1:51:04pm.

    Another view towards the Capitol Building...
    Below you can see a "dustwhirl" meandering through The Mall...
    Dogs at play...
    The "Red Baron" in action!
    A sky full of color with flying kites!...
    image All photos above taken by Paniolo_Gal
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    Gorgeous pictures!

    I'll be doing the Montana --> New Jersey --> Kentucky drive in a few weeks, I should get some good pictures. We're going to be hitting either the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary or the the Badlands along the way.
  • Great idea for a new thread, Paniolo_Gal. Good to see you back.
  • I second Louise's comment. Hope you have more time for us now, or soon, PG. Interesting to see the Washington Monument with scaffolding. The last time I was there, back in the 80s, the Capitol dome was covered in scaffolding.

    EliRose, you probably said this before, but why New Jersey, my original home state? The Wild Horse Sanctuary sounds like a winner. I think you have to drive through the Badlands to get between Montana and NJ. I did when I went west from NJ back in 1968. Maybe there's a new Interstate since then, however, that may bypass the Badlands.
  • I'm from NJ :) We're going home for a week or so before I start working. I've done the NJ to MT drive before, we went the North Dakota route last summer so thinking about the South Dakota one this time, which is where the sanctuary is. It's a longer drive but we're not pressed for time.
  • I did the S. D. route from east to west. Hope you get there before the mosquito season starts. Terrible there and in Minnesota. Take pictures at the Sanctuary.
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    I'm from NJ :) We're going home for a week or so before I start working. I've done the NJ to MT drive before, we went the North Dakota route last summer so thinking about the South Dakota one this time, which is where the sanctuary is. It's a longer drive but we're not pressed for time.
    Anxious to see your travel photos and/or stories along the way through South Dakota @EliRose, especially the wild horses at the Black Hills Sanctuary! A few years back, we stayed in Rapid City and got to visit Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monuments. We got a thrill visiting Bear Country U.S.A. and seeing the colorful landscape of the badlands with glimpses of free roaming buffalo. We also drove around the area where "Dances With Wolves" was filmed and had a buffalo stew at a place called Door Latch Inn (if I remember correctly). There's also a Petrified Forest Park you can visit as well. :oD This region has many beautiful and rare vistas for sure!

    Thanks @louisecastello and @VA_in_CA regarding the introduction of this thread. We look forward to reading about our members travel adventures. :oD
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    image From (topic light-at-the-edge-of-the-world-the-wayfinders)

    Although this is not a personal travel is about our Hawaiian Island's legendary Hōkūle'a and her travels around the world from her first voyage in 1976 to Tahiti, she has continued to sail the world's oceans...spreading word to Mālama Honua (care for our Earth)

    image Map from Malama Honua via

    Excerpts from the Star★Advertiser article...
    New York officials and Native American tribes welcomed the Hōkūle'a and her crew during an arrival ceremony early this morning in Manhattan.

    The Hawaiian voyaging canoe arrived in North Cove Marina on Saturday (6/4/16), a day earlier than planned due to rainy weather and dangerous water conditions expected today.

    The Hōkūle'a and her crew are in New York “to bring the voyage to the United Nations” for this year’s World Oceans Day on Wednesday. The theme this year is “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet.”

    More photos from of today's welcoming ceremony:ʻa-arrives-in-new-york-city/

    Hōkūle'a was named for the star (Star of Gladness) that reaches its zenith over Hawai'i. She has a sister ship named Hikianalia who will be sailing up to the Panama Canal to meet up with Hokule'a in 2017 and both will sail back to Hawaii together.

    Track Hokule'a in her voyages live:

    Background history about Hokule'a
  • Wow. What a powerful way to bring the message about maintaining the health of our world's oceans. We need to stRstart treating them with alot more respect than we have been.
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    Besides being the race day for the 2016 Belmont Stakes...Today, June 11, 2016 is also our Island's celebration of Kamehameha Day! I thought this would be a good time to add on more information in regards to our two sailing vessels Hokule'a & Hikianalia... :oD

    image Map drawing by via

    Hokule'a is the Hawaiian name for the star Arcturus. It is the 4th brightest star in the night sky. As mentioned earlier Hokule'a means "Star of Joy (Gladness)". Arcturus is an orange giant star. Hokule'a, was a key navigational star for the ancient Polynesians.

    Hikianalia is the Hawaiian name for the star Spica, the brightest star in the constellation Virgo which is the 15th brightest star in the night is a massive binary star nearest to the sun. Hiki is another word for "star". Hikianalia is located to the south of Hokule'a and was used as a guide for mariners and fisherman. Spica was thought to have helped Hipparchus to discover the precession of the equinoxes.

    For those in astronomy or who navigate with the is a detailed reference of the Hawaiian stars:

    If you would like to refer to last year's 2015 Kam Day Parade and the famous Pa'u is the forum link:
  • Even though today is the first day of the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio...A pause for a "Moment of Silence"

    AUGUST 6 at 8:16 AM...

    Refer back in April 11, 2016 & April 12, 2016 on page 1 & 2 in the "Well-Known Fillies Born in 2013" and "Enola Gray-Unsung Heroine..." page 1 (6/16/16), these discussions about Enola Gray and how her name reminded many of the WW II bomber, Enola Gay. This is not meant to be a negative comment on Enola Gray, the filly by any means, only to bring us back to this tragic day 71 years ago to pay homage to the people and City of Hiroshima...

    Back in June 2013, I got to visit Hiroshima and saw the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Park. It was so, so very sad to see pitiful photos of the survivors, and remnants of destruction from the bomb, "Little Boy" released by the bomber, Enola Gay over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 which wiped out 90% of the city and immediately killed 80,000 people...tens of thousands more would follow a slow death due to radiation exposure.

    image ▲The remnants of the Prefectural Industrial Promotional Hall, now known as Hiroshima Genbaku (A-bomb) Dome which survived only 490 feet from ground zero as the atom bomb exploded in the air resulting in a downward blast and not when it hit ground (which would have smothered this building had it been a horizontal blast).

    image▲ A melted child's tricycle from the Museum exhibit

    image ▲ The Hiroshima Memorial Cenotaph at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park which "frames" the Genbaku Dome in the distance.

    Related articles:

    Note: Although we have different time zones...I am posting this update in the forum at 8:16am HNL time...

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