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Does anyone have a suggestion for cats that throw-up all the time? I'm finding throw-up, with the hairball, at least once a week. Indoor cats. Yuk.


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    I mix three types of dry food; one specifically for hairballs, one fancy one for digestion, and a common one they all love. It does help, although not totally eliminating. There are also petrol malt pastes in a tube help. By the way, I have 4 long haired Himilayans/Persians, and I am looking at lion shaves for them over the summer.
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    A lion shave! I'd love to try that with my longhair rescue, Linus. I rescued him at the end of last year at age ten. He is all white and kind of looks like a Turkish Angora. At the same time I rescued an all black, one year old male cat, Spooky Junior. My husband and I specifically went to a cat rescue to get a white cat and a black cat. Black cat..hundreds to select from....all white cat...only one, haha. When we were told "he's 10 going on 11", my first response was, "let me think about it" and we went to go look at the black cats. I selected Spooky Junior and was ready to go. The lady goes "what about Linus?" My husband, bless his heart, speaks up "we'll take him too". Now I can hardly stand to think that I almost left him behind.

    Do you have a recommended brand of cat food? I'm ready to switch. Will be looking at the Dr's Fosters/Smith website for selections.
  • I used to feed the pet store brands, various kinds over the years, but now am living on an inadequate Social Security check and had to drop to a less expensive brand. I now use Purina One for Sensitive Stomachs. The cats like it; they are all healthy with it; and it has reduced the throwing up from the two I have with sensitive stomachs. Reduced, not eliminated. I feed a half cup a day per cat of the dry food and split one can of Friskies Buffet canned food among the 5 cats at bedtime. The Pate formula is supposedly the best and meatiest with less filler than the other kinds. I alternate Turkey & Giblets, Mixed Grill, Fish, Poultry Platter, Supreme Supper, etc. They only get fish every 3rd day. It's their favorite, but it's not a good idea to feed only fish. They get Salmon one time and some other kind the other day. I'm a member of Save A Pet, a cat (and sometimes dog) rescue group based in Riverside, CA. I've placed well over 100 cats in my day, but I live too far from Riverside now to be involved closely anymore. I still have 5 rescued cats.
  • I used primarily Solid Gold Indigo Moon for my cats. They loved it. I would find teeth marks in the bag if I did not get it open fast enough. I also used Royal Canin Aromatic. The first time I put it out, one by one they came into the kitchen, noses in the air, and all went straight for the food. Their Savory and Protein were also popular. Another is Taste of the Wild. I have just started using the dog bison formula and he loves it. The vet is happy wiith it. It is grain free, and I love it. Not the taste, just on behalf of my pet.

    As to canned cat food, my cats also preferred Friskies, though the regular stuff., not pate, and especiially not the florentine. Now and again, they would eat Science Diet if sent home by the vet. I tried some of the higher end canned stuff, but it was hiit or miss with them. There was too much waste.

    I swear the only pet food I ever tried was lollypups, all of the colors. Boring. Bland, no taste, and all colors were the same.

    What does everyone think of all of this cat and dog food that has types for specific breeds, big dogs, small ones, etc.
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    The kits get Royal Canin 33 which they love, good for digestive track, Purina Natural in green bag with woman with flowing hair..
    . they like that and I use as filler, and Iams hairball formula. Do it in thirds, mix up so they can't pick out.
  • If your cats tolerate brushing and you have time to get into a daily routine of brushing, that can help a lot. Some cats really enjoy that and others just don't, but it's a good first thing to try.
  • I also used petromalt. Cats all liked it. Instructions said to try putting a bit on their paw. Any time I did thatx my catts flung that stuff far and wide. Yet another nasty substance to get off the walls and ceiling.

    Now when I offered a ribbon of it from the tube, they took it readily. One of them sucked the stuff right out of the tube, held it in her paws and wouldn't let it go.
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    My cats will only eat the canned Fancy Feast Medleys, and I have one feral rescue who is allergic to fish so all three only get the chicken. He'll starve himself if we try to give a different wet food.

    They get Nature's Valley Instinct Chicken and Turkey, which is grain-free, as a dry food. That was recommended by the vet for the ex-feral who is SO incredibly sensitive. Improved his coat condition too. Throws up much less often, now only really when he manages to break into the cheese . . . Alfie won't eat new wet food, but he loves STEALING human food! Especially pizza. Whenever we get pizza, we have to stack books on top of the box to keep him out. Darn black cat knows he's not allowed on counters, either, and he runs for the hills if we catch him. Begs worse than the dogs.
  • CATS. Ya gotta love them. I sure do. I had one who used to pull corn cobs out of the garbage and chew on them. That was definitely weird. I had another who used to take the empty cat food can out of the garbage and carry it over and put it in the food dish so it wouldn't slide all over the floor, and then he would lick it clean. We also had several cats who liked pizza, but usually just the crusts.
  • Christmas cookies. Stole them right off the cooling rack.

    Potato chips

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    Christmas cookies. Stole them right off the cooling rack.

    Potato chips

    Haha, I have a video of Al as a kitten eating a Christmas cookie somewhere! He's a pig, too bad he really can't handle any of it. We usually add some rotisserie Costco chicken (the unsalted/uncured pieces) to the dogs' and cats' dinner when we get it, with vet approval. My lady cat won't even go near the stuff, she seems to get insulted. Slaps it right down to the dogs . . . They're working together, I tell ya!
  • Funny.
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    For some reason, many of mine are partial to French baguettes, ...I am partial, too. I get related mrrro please, from someone sitting closeby, for taste and pinch off a few tastes of the dough. I had one boy go through plastic, to get at a loaf of bread. They definitely like tastes of cheese, especially brie and swiss.
  • I'e had miine eat thru the bag for donuts, etc. Finally had to get a breadbox.

    Ditto on the cheesen. Mine like striing cheese, as long as I peel off the thin strings for them. Swiss, colby.

    One of mine liked raisin bran ceareal milk. Would drink the milk and eat all the remaining bran flakes. I made sure the raisins were gone, though.
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    Ours will attack for asparagus!
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    Haha. New one on me. I had a chessie who liked cantelope way back.
  • Mine eat pretty well, they get either Blue Buffalo wet or one of the other premium ones that is no carb and high protein. I try to void fish, many cats are sensitive to or allergic to fish. They eat Orijen dry, it does contain fish oil and some fish in it. Orijen is expensive to buy but a little goes a long way. With what else I feed, my three cats eat about 1/4 cup each daily. At night they get a 2 oz. slice of Blue Ridge raw pet food with vitamins added. All 3 have beautiful, smooth, shiny coats with very minimal vomiting.
    I would have a vet check out any cat that is vomiting more than once a week or has a new pattern of vomiting. It could be a symptom of pancreatitis, irritable bowel disease, or digestive lymphoma. Diet changes and medication can help prevent IBD from progressing to lymphoma. We lost our beautiful Ocicat boy after a 4 year battle with lymphoma and most of our feeding practices are a result of what we learned about possible links to commercial cat foods and cancer.
  • Soooo cute. Loved the name tag. All of the pics were great.
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    Did she have her kits?
  • I kind of thought I saw one behind her in the coffeepot picture, but it could have been the exposure or a reflection.
  • I think this is hilarious--Hi Caliber Horse Rescue in SoCal, which goes to the livestock auction every Tuesday, has 5 kittens to place which they took in from the man who is the kill buyer at that auction. Shows what a great working relationship they have with the guy. What a funny situation.
  • Go figure.
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