Divine Sunset (Divine Park x Tropical Sunset, by Touch Gold) - An Owner's Personal Adventure!

It's been one of my life goals to own part of a racehorse and I'm thrilled to say that I've finally done it! I bought a share of Divine Sunset, a stunning 3yo bay filly by Divine Park out of Tropical Sunset, through the Thoroughbred Stock Exchange just this week.

I was looking for a horse based at one of the racetracks near me, who had nice conformation and a lot of potential. I loved the look of Divine Sunset immediately and she was based at nearby Laurel Park. After getting second opinions from a few friends (our wonderful @Zenyen included!), I pulled the trigger and bought a share.


Divine Sunset has had a single, troubled start in a MSW at Laurel going 5.5f on the turf, in which she hurt herself coming out of the gate and trailed throughout. She has since switched trainers to Wayne Potts and has new shoes, which should help her stability and traction during her next race.


Wayne Potts is currently looking for a race at Pimlico to enter Divine Sunset before the end of the meet on 6/26.

I'm still working out a good time for me to go up and see her in person, which I'm hoping will be before her next race. I look forward to sharing updates with you all!


  • Man, she is a beautiful mare! Have fun!
  • What a beauty. So feminine looking, which is what I like in a filly or mare.
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    Congrats! I too own a share in a horse from TB Stock Exchange. She was near the top of my list when I was looking. Definitely let me know how visitation works and all that! :)
  • That's awesome @Lioness! Who do you own a share in? You should make your own thread!
  • @jaefeathered thanks! I own a share in Franklyn With A Y, a 2YO colt by Paddy O'Prado. I purchased it pre-Preakness, and thanks to Cherry Wine, his stock has already increased. He just started his training at Pimlico this week. I'll be sure to make a thread on him later tonight! Can't wait to follow both our horses! It is very exciting.
  • Nice! I think Paddy O'Prado has the potential to be a really great stallion. I'd love to follow Franklyn With A Y too though. Very cool they're both in the same area!
  • Thanks for starting this thread, Jae, excited for you, and excited for @Lioness now as well!
  • This is a special thread for sure.
  • Congrats to both of you.
  • Bad news...It sounds like Divine Sunset's feet have been causing her issues recently and TBSX is going to "make a final determination on her future tomorrow."

    I'm going to be so disappointed if she ends up retired =( I had such high hopes for her.

    I'll of course keep you all updated as soon as I hear anything more.
  • Bad news indeed...hoping for the best. :/

    Bad news...It sounds like Divine Sunset's feet have been causing her issues recently and TBSX is going to "make a final determination on her future tomorrow."

    I'm going to be so disappointed if she ends up retired =( I had such high hopes for her.

    I'll of course keep you all updated as soon as I hear anything more.

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    Aww sorry to hear that!

    If they do retire her and are able to sell her as a broodmare prospect, do you get at least your initial investment back to put into another horse?

  • I think they might actually keep her and breed her themselves if it comes to that, so it's possible I could at least retain a breeding share of her. I don't know how likely that is though. I'm sure we'll all find out more tomorrow.
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    I am sorry you did not get to see your girl race.
  • Hope it's not career ending. Best wishes
  • Yikes! Any news? I hope all is well, and she just needs some downtime.
  • I don't have an official email from TBSX about the specifics, but the way they're talking about her makes it sound like she'll be retired =( The quote below is from a post they made on one of their Facebook groups earlier tonight.

    "Divine Sunset has foot troubles and we are not the type of people that are going to run horses that are not sound or fit. We will do what is in the best interest of the horse and we pick trainers who also hold these values."

    Again, I'll be sure to pass along more information as soon as I know anything for sure.
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    She might have chronic abscesses.
  • If she has to be retired, I really hope that her feet won't cause her any pain in her retirement and that they aren't due to genetic issues that could pass on to any foals.
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    They will resolve any foot issues before they breed her hopefully.
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    i'm so sorry @jaefeathered! :'( I too hope she is pain free in her retirement. Please keep us posted.
  • I'm terribly sorry to report that Divine Sunset has been retired. Here is an excerpt from the email we were sent today:

    "As many of you are aware, Divine has had many set backs after her first race at Laurel Park and has had ongoing problems with her feet.

    After each workout since the race, Divine would come back sore and not herself. The vets and trainers have done a series of diagnostics to pin point the problem, but unfortunately there is no one good answer and we cannot solve the issues. In addition to her feet, now her ankle and knee have also began to give her problems.

    As a company, we made a commitment to our members and to the industry that we will not race injured horses and make sure they are transitioned to homes after their racing career is over. Unfortunately, it is now that time for Divine Sunset. As one of our two foundation horses, it is hard not seeing her win her first race, but we understand that this is part of the risk of being involved with racehorses.


    On a positive note, Divine has settled into her new home this week at Winding Woods Farm in Lexington, KY. She will have 30 days to get acclimated to her environment and get the rest she needs to evaluate our next steps with her. We have had many interested people in rehoming Divine, but we haven't decided if we are going to keep her as a broodmare yet."

    They have also offered to credit her share price towards a new horse at TBSX for anyone who wants it. So my ownership experience is over almost as soon as it started, but I'd like to try it again soon.

    I hope Divine Sunset has a happy, healthy retirement.
  • Hoping for a happy retirement for her.
  • Ah, that's disappointing! Hope you find another horse soon.
  • I have my eye on a few right now, which I'll be posting about in the TBSX thread soon. I have reservations about all of them though, so I might end up waiting a little longer to see if they get any other horses in the Mid-Atlantic region.
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