Name The Butt!

edited June 2016 in Community & Creativity
Hello everyone! RR12 here, this is a very silly little game that @Rachel and I have created, and sometimes play: It's time to Name That Butt!

Name The Butt is a silly game, in which I will post the butt of a famous racehorse. I will then provide three riddles after every 5 guesses, hinting at whose butt it is. The maximum amount of points you can acquire per butt, is 3 points, for each riddle you need to guess the origin of the butt: a point is deducted. 5 butts will be shown, and after said-butts have been determined, a tally will be made! The person with the most points after 5 butts, gets to be the person who chooses butts for everyone to guess. Each winner can send me a private message, listing the horses whose butts they want to be the guesses. This is a fun little game for all we silly horse ladies to participate in =) What better game to have than one centered around horse butts? So please, join in and have some fun!


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