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  • Videos linked below all taken by VA_in_CA on 21May2016.

    1. Rowdy and Gasston in the round pen.

    2. Beautiful Rowdy, with Gasston.

    3. Ann working Sassy in the round pen

    I shut that one off too soon. Ann then hugged Sassy. Sassy was very rusty, according to Ann, since there has been so little time to work with any of the horses during all the busy moving activities and then preparing for and holding the Open House in April. Whew.
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    Here is the video of Rowdy's Birthday Party on Monday (23May2016) with some of the volunteers and Gasston. Who thinks Rowdy is totally spoiled? Hahahaha.

    And here is a video posted earlier today of Rowdy exactly 2 years ago (25May2014). What a contrast in size and appearance!!!

    Both videos from MOP facebook page.
  • Mea Ola's Place acquired 2 donkeys last week. They are BLM burros who were captured on Feb 26th, just 3 months ago. They are both pregnant and due any moment. They can be seen on MareStare's cams. They have only been at MOP a short time, and already they are getting pretty tame. There's a 3rd burro with them that belongs to a friend. I guess she is keeping her at MOP until the quarantine period is up before adding them to her own herd of burros.

    Here are the MOP girls.

    This is Poppy.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    And this is Jiffy. She has a full bag, and wax.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Pictures from MOP facebook page

    And here is a hilarious video of Vinny and his reaction to the 3 burros stalled not far from him. Watch how he is coaxed out by Chris to eat his food, then see what he does when he looks over at the burros. Vinny is about 16.3 hh. hahahahaha
  • Jumping threads or topics here, but Facebook allowed me to see this video, VA. Maybe it has something to do with it being on Mea Ola's page and the others, which I can't see, are on the Hi Caliber page. Strange stuff, this computer world. On a side note, my 16 hh OTTB, Sugarfoot, has almost the same reaction when he sees the BLM Burros who live across the street from him. Especially if they start to serenade - he is not amused.
  • Hmm. That is interesting about seeing the videos. And funny about your horse's reaction to the burros.

    Here are two Mea Ola's Place videos of beautiful Spider, their NOTB (Never On Track Thoroughbred). hahaha. He's the one who is a 2013 son of Birdstone, and who had a fractured pelvis from birth until cured at MOP. See his story at!spider/v0oit. Videos taken yesterday, 29 May2016. and

  • Very sad news at Mea Ola's Place about Nani, who was rescued accidentally at the auction on January 26th, after she had been the kill buyer's purchase. She chose Ann. To see the whole story, see the 2nd entry and following on p. 30 of Worthy Horse Rescues for intake photos and the story. She had 4 good months at Mea Ola's Place and was loved and happy there. This will be very hard for Ann and also for Tess, the other mare who was rescued with Nani. Both rescues came about through Hi Caliber.

    Quoted from

    "Most of our videos are super happy, this one is not. We have to say good-bye to Nani this morning.
    She has been battling a strange colic in which she forms balls of poo the size of a volleyball. We have tried everything we can to remedy this. She is now going on 24 hrs of not being able to poo by herself. We have had to reach in and help her for the last 24 hrs. She has been tubed and has had several enemas and nothing is helping this time. She got a whopping dose of pain meds again this morning and the vet is on his way.
    If you would like to contribute to this final act of kindness it would be much appreciated. Our paypal email is or you can use the donate button here:!donate-today-/nsbgs. Your contribution is tax deductible. Please make a note that it is for Nani. Thank you."

    Someone commented that she knew of another farm that had to clean out a horse daily.

    Here is Ann's reply:
    "Mea Ola's Place Our fear is that she will go down and cast herself, which she has done twice now, and not be found til morning or for hours in the heat of summer and suffer. This is so painful for her and we just won't watch her suffer. It is hard to make that decision but our vet is recommending it as well. Our vet had never seen this before her and we have tried everything."

    Here is Ann loving her and saying goodbye. (Video cuts off before they let her go across the bridge.)

    All of us connected with Mea Ola's place are heartbroken. She was a special girl.
  • Ann reports that they let Tess remain in the turnout with Nani after Nani had been put to sleep so that she could come to terms with the situation. She also put Tess into a new stall upon her return to the stall area. That's a good thing because it will make the fact of her friend being missing less obvious and in her face all the time. She is now in a stall next to Volt, which Volt seems to enjoy.
  • So sad for the loss of Nani, but I think that is kind of Ann to let Tess be in the turnout with Nani to do her own assessment of the situation and then move Tess to a new stall. More often than not you hear stories of people just shoving horses and their sensibilities off to the side, but it seems to me that Ann really gets it and looks out for all the best interests of the horses. They are far more intelligent beings than we ever give them credit for. Thanks for sharing.
  • Yes, true. Ann always says she can think like a horse.
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    MOP has had to euthanize the second horse in 2 weeks. This is another sad case and a surprise, too. It was Captain, the beautiful OTTB that Hi Caliber rescued from auction on 16 Feb 2016. Hi Caliber didn't have room at that time for all the rescues they had made and Ann agreed to take two. That was just after all the MOPhorses had been moved from the old location to the new ranch location and Chris drove down to Ontario to get him and Porky.

    The name given him by MOP was Captain. He was a TB, but they were not able to read his lip tatoo because he didn't like having his lips messed with. In the last week or so, he began having seizures and strange spinning episodes, and he cast himself in his stall one day. He had one sunken eye which probably came from an injury. Ann got videos to Dr. Sam and he recommended euthanasia because of the danger of injury to the horse or people. He had another episode this afternoon as the local vet was on his way. Very sad.

    He had grown really beautiful since February. See p. 5 for before and after pictures. I'll also post this fairly recent video again:

    Probable cause of seizures was traumatic brain injury. They will try to get his tattoo number to see what they can learn from his history.

    Edit: After Captain was PTS, they checked his tattoo and learned that he was Hy Danger and only 6 years old. He had 11 starts and was 1-1-1. He had 2 starts in 2016. His last trainer is listed as Michael D. Hop. Anyone know anything about him? The vets say his condition and the eye injury plus all the whip marks he had are consisted with his having been severely beaten. But he was a gentle and loving horse. Just turned 6 on Jan 21 and dumped at the auction on Feb 16th with 2 starts in 2016! Something needs to be done!

    Added note: There is a picture of Hy Danger on Pedigree Query, but that horse has a blaze. Captain had only a snip. Unless the wrong picture was posted, or the tattoo read wrong, it doesn't compute. ??? In any case, Captain is gone. RIP
  • MOP just finished up the first Kids Summer Horse Camp session 1. If you are interested, here is a video summarizing the 4-day session. Don't you wish you could have gone to such a great day camp when you were a kid? I sure do. Such a great experience for them. Video from MOP facebook page.

  • There's a mystery about Captain's official name and history. He can't be the Hy Danger listed with the number Ann reported because that horse does have a blaze and he won a race on March 9th, when Captain was already at MOP. So maybe the number was read wrong or looked up wrong. But the main thing is that we knew him as Captain and Captain is the one we loved. Here's a picture taken of him before they took him to the Bridge. He looks different in the picture from his usual self. So he knew something wasn't right. Very sad expression. He did not deserve to be so mistreated. Thankfully he had almost 4 months of unconditional love.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Picture by MOP
  • Rose and Holly are much improved after 2 months of regular meals. They started with meals 4 times a day, and then went to 3 times a day, same amount of food but divided into 3 portions instead of 4. They look happy here. Then there's a brief glance at Romeo and Volt, and Mea Ola and Sassy and friends. For contrast, to see how they looked when they first got to MOP, see the bottom of p. 4 of this thread, April 9.
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    Wow! I couldn't recognize these two girls, Rose and Holly from just 8 weeks ago! They filled out very nicely and their facial/head expressions and body language tells us all that they are feeling real good and are truly happy here!

    Mea Ola is a "Haven For Healing"...for the mind & body indeed!

    For easier comparison, here's page 4 below showing Rose and Holly at the bottom of the page when they first arrived...simply amazing on their 180-degree transformation from back then! Thanks for the update VA_in_CA! :oD

    Here's VA_in_CA's reposted video of the girls playing in the paddock from yesterday...
    from Mea Ola Facebook on 6/12/2016
  • Mea Ola's Place got their new sign up at the front gate, replacing the White Shadow Ranch sign left by the former owner. Chris made the frame for it. I think it looks very classy and professional and fits the character of the new location. Here it is:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • The two donkey girls are looking close to foaling.

    Here's Jiffy:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    and Poppy:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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    Nice sign. Nice Jennys I think may be right term?
  • Yes, a female donkey is a jenny and a male is a jack.
  • Senior Saturday was cancelled today, so I won't be going up to Mea Ola's Place this evening. Rats! I miss seeing the horses. Here's a picture of Rowdy that was taken by Ann yesterday. I think he is absolutely gorgeous and his head is pure perfection. Then below that is a link to a video of a reposting of one that Ann took 2 years ago on June 16th, after his third major crisis and treatment by Dr. Sam. It's my favorite video of baby Rowdy at his most adorable. It's hard to believe that was this handsome boy 2 years ago.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Picture from Mea Ola's Place facebook page.

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    New Arrival--Birth Announcement

    Jiffy had a jack this morning at 6:25 Pacific Time. He is the spitting image of his mama. Already pretty frisky. You can see him on marestare on live camera. He and Jiffy are in the bottom frames. They are hanging out in the shade mostly because today is a hot one.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Pictures from Mea Ola's Place facebook page, 19 June 2016
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    edited June 2016 darn cute! LOL! @VA_in_CA remembers this from my comments while watching past live births on MareStare. i created my own name for a baby male donkey...

    If a baby female donkey is commonly called a "Jennet"!
    Then I've nickname a baby male donkey a "Jacket"!   ツ
  • I had forgotten that. I'll pass it along to the MOP folks when I go back to Google Chrome. I"m using Firefox now. Very confusing.
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    VA_in_CA said:

    I had forgotten that. I'll pass it along to the MOP folks when I go back to Google Chrome. I"m using Firefox now. Very confusing.

    Oh! "Jacket" is just a word I coined/used, as I thought it was fun to create an equivalent word for "petite" using an et or ette for a baby boy donkey...rather than calling it a baby jack.

    LOL! Perhaps Mea Ola can name this "Jacket" something like "Corduroy" or "Suede" (like Corduroy or Suede Jackets back in the Seventies! btw...since 2015-2016, this corduroy & suede fashion fad has returned along with other looks of the 70s!

    Remember the Paisley Jackets, Yeti Jackets, and the Nehru Jackets!

    Fashion trends from the 70s...
    Corduroy comeback
    Suede reinvented!
    The Yeti Jacket Revived for winter 2016
  • Cute. I remember you invented the term.

    They've already named the little guy and I don't care for the name. Usually Ann comes up with good names, but this one--not so great. Wolf Man Jack, relating somehow to the full moon. ??? A vote was not taken. :/
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    Ah...that's too bad. But perhaps after they learn more about this "Jacket's" personality, they might change his name to something warm and fuzzy like Corduroy (Jacket) or Suede (Jacket) perhaps.
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