Where are they now?

Thought this thread might help anyone who followed horses on the track but can't find any current information as to what happened to them. Maybe someone might know or know where to look.

At one time, I followed the racing career of now 10-year-old mare, Jessica is Back. She has no progeny and I have no information as to what happened to her.

The second one I'm wondering about is now 7-year-old mare, C C's Pal. All I was able to find on her is that she was reported to be in foal to Smart Strike about 8 months ago. Does anyone know what farm she's at and if she's still carrying to term.


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    here's a tough one for everyone..that i have NO CLUE what the answer is
    over in the in memoriam thread we talked about 1982 ch 2yo ROVING BOY. so i went looking to see if he might have any siblings because i loved the fact he traced to man o war. so, the decendent of RB im looking for is an UNRACED 9 yr old mare named LUCYS THUNDER. shes by thunder gulch out on an alydar mare who is out of a half to roving boy. that pedigree is amazing!!..look at it on pedigree queury. doesn't appear to have any offspring so unless someone knows a resource i dont, i have no clue how to find out if shes alive, who owns her, where etc,,but id love to own her
  • Hi Kurt,
    I checked Equineline, and she has no progeny--at least no Thoroughbred progeny.
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    Hi Kurt,
    Sorry I don't have an answer, but perhaps have found some more leads (?) for you. I searched and I think I came up with her Alydar dam -Lucy Black. Here's the PDF where I read this-it may give you some more clues to follow. http://www.cthsont.com/docs/sales/yearlingsalecat_2007/14.PDF
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    Here's another filly (now 3 years old) from that line.
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    If she is unraced....id check with the home of her dam....if their is no sale info
  • Lucy's Thunder is not listed by the JC as having died, so she is probably still alive. Her breeder is a gentleman by the name of Jurgen K. Arnemann, who was a co-owner of Criminal Type. He is located in Franklin, KY and/or Florida. There used to be an Arnemann Farms, but it is now the location of a small airport. There's a Dietmar Arnemann in Franklin who might be a son.

    Jurgen Arnemann is 78, so it's likely that he dispersed his stock when he sold the farm. She may have gone to a show/sport home or a warmblood breeder.
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    thanks for all the help everyone..awesome!!
  • I was looking to see if we had a thread for horses we're trying to find information about, and I found one! So, I'm hoping we can put this back into use when we have a horse we're wondering about. My first question, which may be an easy one because I haven't tried that hard to find him--does anyone know what's up with Far From Over?
  • He is going to make his season debut on Friday. Check Equibase and Horseracingnation. :) 3rd race at Belmont on 6/24, John Velazquez up for trainer Todd Pletcher. He's had seven workouts since April 30, all at Belmont. His last work, two days ago, was his fastest 5 furlongs yet and earned a bullet for a time of 1:00.05.
  • Thanks, @mrsrebaker !
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    Here is some info on Calidoscopio.

    He stands at stud at Haras La Quebrada in Buenos Aires,Argentina, alongside his sire Luhuk, now 25
    His first crop of foals was born in 2014 and are now 2 yr olds. Here are some of them:

    Etxeko - colt
    Gryder-colt. (Think this one was named after his jockey, Aaron Gryder, which is kind of nice.)
    Figurita Repetida - filly
    Winoneforme - filly
    Yoteviganar - fully

    Calidoscopio is on pedigree query. Choose reports and progeny and all of these are listed. I am certain there are more, but at least we know some of the little Calidoscopios running around.
  • Oh, thanks for finding out. So he's still there and not sold? That's great.
  • I don't think he is going anywhere. His sire is at about the age to be pensioned. I would expect that Calidoscopio is the chosen successor. With 2 yr olds, a yearling crop, and 2016 foals, they are probably starting to see what he can do. Hope his 2 yr olds do well at the track.
  • I know people have posted this elsewhere as well, but do any of you guys know whatever happened to Materiality? He seemed to just drop off the face of the earth after his retirement. The last thing any of us have heard is that he was retired and that stallion arrangements hadn't been decided yet. He hasn't shown up as a stallion anywhere, as far as we can tell, but it also doesn't look like he's back in training.

    I sent Alto Racing a tweet at one point last fall to ask where he was, but I never got a response. Maybe we could ask someone at BloodHorse or even Todd Pletcher?
  • Jessica is back -here is a 2010 article from Blood horse, giving some of her background family history. Interestingly, her sire, Pumt It Back, held the Met Mile record that Frosted just broke, so this is a timely search for her.


    Jessica is back has had two foals, one in 2012, and one in 2013. See info below from pedigree query, reports, progeny.


    Malibu Bob -colt 2013

    Hip: 145
    Two-year-old Malibu Bob
    C 2013 Malibu Moon - Jessica Is Back, by Put It Back Franklin G. Smith, agent Wes Carter, agent for Crossed Sabres Farm $13,000 Sold

    winter Palace - filly 2012

    Two races 2015, raced by Crossed Sabres Farm

    http://www.fasigtipton.com/hora/2015/Hip/453://www.skysports.com/racing/form-profiles/horse/871766/winter-palacewinter goal age

    I couldn't find and thing to indicate she broke her maiden in 2025, nor any races in 2016. Don't know if she is still training with john Hertler or not.
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    Hi @jnwisconsin! Do you still have time to edit the year in your last sentence for Jessica Is Back (2004f):
    "I couldn't find and thing to indicate she broke her maiden in 2025, nor any races in 2016. Don't know if she is still training with john Hertler or not."

    I'm not sure if you meant 2015 or based on sentence context...perhaps 2009 as a 5-year old breaking her maiden?
  • Oops, no. ,can't edit any more. Well, that's a fine mess I made.

    As far as I can tell, she hasn't broken her maiden.

    I couldn't find any races in 2016, either, nor any indication she is still with John Hertler.

    Maybe she's gone back to the farm, not having seen Paree!
  • I also made an oops...
    I mistook your post about Winter Palace to be referring to Jessica is Back (Winter Palace's dam). AUWE! 【⍤】
  • Although the request is old, here is some info on C C's Pal. She was consigned November , 2012 to be sold either as a broodmare or a racing mare. She had been injured in her last race at Belmont on 9-22-12 and retired

    According to comments on Horse Racing Nation, she was in foal to Smart Strike in 2013. She either didn't take, or didn't carry the pregnancy to term or produce a live foal. Pedigree query shows no progeny for here. Another comment from HRN, though indicates she is/was pregnant with a 2016 MDO foal. No idea if true or if foal has been born. The pregnancy info from bothv2013 and 2016 came from the same commenter. The info could be legit, or not. Time will tell, I guess.
  • Jaefeathered, I have been hunting for info on Materiality for a while now. I posted everything I know in the horseracing injuries and fatalities thread. It is basically a list of where he is not. I came to the same conclusion as you - he seems to have vanished off the planet. But I will continue to search.
  • I too have been trying to find out something about Materiality. I emailed Alto racing but go no reply. Can't find a mailing address for them. When I had heard nothing about Far From Over last fall, I wrote a letter to the owners. They did not reply directly but posted news on his FB.
  • What did they put on his Facebook? Sorry, i am not on Facebook. Thanks.
  • Sorry about double post, too late to edit previous.

    Found this on Materiality. Lots of interest in him as a stallion. Yet he still appears nowhere as a stallion.


    My thoughts are:

    When tested, he was unable to perform stallion duty. If so, maybe they tried to get him back to racing, but it didn't work out.
    The highest bidder was a foreign country that doesn't feed info back to the JC.
    Maybe best offer former stallion came from quarter horse or sports horse world.

    There are some other strange things about this:

    The last entry on Alto Facebook dates to Materiality's retirement.

    Alto's website is now a domain that is for sale.

    When Petcher was interviewed, everything he said sounded like it was "in memoriam". He was probably just mourning the loss of Materiality's racing career, but with the complete shutdown of info on this horse, it just sounded strange. Not implying anything at all. Just saying.

    If there is anything in print that dates later than the above, I haven't been able to find it.

    Doesvanyone have any ideas on where I can search next? It is just weird, and worrisome.

    Oevfinal thought. I have need doing some basic research on the horses in the current Retired Racehorse Project. A small number have names that aren't in Blood horse. They may have changed their names for the project. If so, I suppose he could be one of them.

    I will report my RRP findings when I can get to an actual keyboard and not just my smartphone.
  • Huh, that is all weird...I was thinking that he just hadn't gotten any interest in him as a stallion, which they were ashamed of. That doesn't seem to be the case though. You'd think they would have announced it even if he was going to another county or to be a quarter horse stallion though.

    Very very strange.

    Do you have exact quotes from the interview with Pletcher? I'd be very interested to read it.
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