What I SHOULD be doing......but I'm not ;)

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Obviously, I have a serious case of "senioritis". No, not having "senior" moments, rather graduation in June type senioritis. I decided 3 years ago to go back to school and get my A.S. Degree in Registered Veterinary Technology. I already have a B.A. in Criminal Justice, and a Master's Certificate in Early Childhood Education, but one can always learn, right? Anyway, I just turned in my paperwork for my "grad check". Now it's wait wait wait to see if everything is covered. It's a little "iffy" because my B.A. is from 1978.... things have changed since then. Back then, I could choose between math and science classes. At that time, my high school counselor told me to stay away from anything math or science related because I struggled so much in them (mostly math). Of course, back then, we had no diagnosis of ADHD. I've since discovered that not only do I have serious ADHD, but kind of a math dyslexia where I switch numbers around etc. So, my transcripts show that I have had no math. Supposedly, they are supposed to accept my previous GE requirements and say that I've fulfilled the current GE requirements since I have a degree from a California university. Needless to say, I'm pretty worried, because not only would I need to take Intermediate Algebra if they decide NOT to accept them, I'd most likely need to take 3 years of math classes just to take Intermediate Algebra. They don't teach it nowadays the way they did back in the dark ages.... I'm weird too, in that I can look at a problem, and figure out an easier way to do it, or do it in my head. So, here's hoping that all my classes transfer.

As to the "what I should be doing"- I have a power point presentation due tonight....I've gotten about 3 slides done, then decided I needed to scurry on over here to see what everyone is up to.

So, everyone, are YOU doing what you should be????? ;D


  • Ugh. Must you inject reason and practicality into our magical world of escapism? :-) This is a cute idea for a discussion topic. Probably all of us should be doing something else. Coming into Zenyattaland is a momentary break from the drudgery of daily life. Sort of a mental and emotional break. For me, it's not so momentary. I should be doing soooo many things, I can't count them all, can't possibly do them all, so here I am. Won't be able to use the excuse of, "just have to check up on Tasty" anymore, so maybe I can get some stuff done. (Tasty foaled a bay colt in case you missed that announcement.) What should I be doing right now? Eating lunch.
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    Ugh. Must you inject reason and practicality into our magical world of escapism? :-)
    Sowwy Virginia.....hanging head in shame, scuffy dirt with my foot. Thank you for letting me know about Tasty, I was actually working with our horse unit at school. And, sadly, the presentation did get done, so I now have 45 minutes to play in Zenyattaland!!!
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