Funny Cide

I love Funny Cide. His history is interesting to read, he won big races against a lot of odds, his name is cute, ect. I'll never forget the day I got to see him, pet him, and watch his awesomeness. Any one else a Funny fan?


  • Funny Cide created quite a stir back in 2003. He was the first gelding to win the KY Derby since 1929. He was a New York bred. New York isn't known for breeding too many Triple Crown contenders (Kentucky is far ahead of the other states).

    Funny Cide won the KY Derby, then dominated in the Preakness. So that set the table for him coming home to Belmont, New York to complete his Triple Crown in his home state and home city. A huge throng of New Yorkers turned out to root him on, but like what has happened to many Triple Crown threats recently, he didn't make it, finishing third in the grueling mile and a half Belmont. Because he's a gelding (fixed), he raced until the age of 7 and won 3.5 million dollars during his career.
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    Pretty awesome horse. His sire's (Distorted Humor) stud fee was originally $10,000 when Funny Cide's dam, Belles Good Cide, was bred to him, but after Funny made his fame, Distorted Humor's stud fee rocketed up to $350,000.
  • Really? I hope Distorted Humor bought his son a big birthday present.
  • Indeed, His past is really quite interesting.
  • Have loved FunnyCide for ten years - and tried to follow him whenever he is in the news. I'm so happy he is at the Kentucky Horse Park now so that some day I may have a chance to meet him in person. He's such a special horse!!
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    Somehow I never realized IHA and Funny Cide were so closely related....Distorted Humor is dad of one and granddad of the other....
  • Somehow I never realized IHA and Funny Cide were so closely related....Distorted Humor is dad of one and granddad of the other....
    Distorted Humor is a good stud. :) Rather ironic, however, because Funny Cide's grandam, Danzig's Beauty, last foal was a filly by Empire Maker, Funny Cide's "rival".
    Distorted Humor currently stand at WinStar Farms in Kentucky. I went to see him on my last trip to Kentucky, he's a good looking horse. I also went to the Kentucky Horse Park, and got to see Funny Cide, one of the horses so dear to me. I love Funny. <3

  • Funny Cide also Seattle Slew as a great-grandfather.
  • Being a Slew and his bloodline fan and Funny Cide being local here to the east coast, he became one of my all-time favorites. I went to see him in the Haskell and, that day, Funny Cide drew the biggest crowd the Haskell ever had and he broke the attendance record. I've been to Monmouth Park many times and I personally have never seen a crowd like that. He had so many fans here, and although he didn't win, he was loudly cheered as if he did.

    The link to "Funny Cide's Official Website".
  • Funny Cide is one of my favorite Triple Crown contenders.
  • Thanks, WhiteAspen. Loved the photo gallery. Brought back so many wonderful memories of the horse. It was sort of rags to riches story of horse racing.
  • I love Funny Cide. As a native new yorker, it was such a thrill to have him to root for in the 2003 TC series. He was a wonderful, brave, full of heart racehorse, who tried his best every time. I'm glad he's in a good place now.
  • i also saw distorted humor in january on my ky trip. what i found interesting about him, is that at 20 yrs of age, he gets ridden every day..which explained why he looked so good..he looked fit and healthy..beautiful stallion
  • Funny Cide has been a favorite of mine for years and I love visiting him at the Horse Park when I can. I'll also never forget attending a horse ownership seminar in Virginia that featured Jack Knowlton, one of Funny's owners. He and Funny are and always will be "class" personified.
  • I also love that Distorted Humor's dad is Forty-Niner. Forty-Niner was one of those horses I would occassionally find myself thinking, "I wonder whatever happened to him." It's nice to see that he lives on through the descendants of Distorted Humor.
  • Distorted Humor also sired Drosselmeyer, who won a Belmont Stakes and a Breeders Cup Classic, and now lives at WinStar Farm.
  • Love Drosselmeyer! I picked him to win the Classic. He had had some great works and looked fabulous in the paddock. Unfortunately, instead of placing a straight win bet on him, I put him in an exacta box with HdG and (I think) Uncle Mo. So I didn't win anything.

    Funny Cide sure does enjoy showing off for his fans at the Horse Park.

    Another great Distorted Humor son is my good buddy Commentator at Old Friends. He's a character! He loves his mints.
  • Love Funny Cide as well and will hopefully get to see him this summer! :D
  • Love Funny Cide also! Can't wait to see his gorgeous self at the Park. He is an incredible red color, deep,deep, chestnut, and I loved his style. I have to check *again age getting to my brain, but Coil is very similar looking to Funny, I think they are related. Too bad Coil is out in CA now, he was a perfect match for my Metfield gal.
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