2017 Kentucky Oaks.



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    Abel did it!
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    yep she did...good for Mikey
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  • Absolute pace meltdown. I really thought Paradise Woods had that race. She'll come back from this one.
  • Quality Road gets a big black type
  • I had a feeling about Abel Tasman. Her last race she kept getting into trouble, but ran a better race than her results showed. She's a nice filly.
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    America'sBestRacing‏ ‎Friday, ‎5 ‎May, ‎2017
    Once again, it's "Money" Mike Smith, front and center, winning the $1-million #KyOaks
    with Abel Tasman @ChurchillDowns
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    TwinSpires.com‏ ‎5 ‎May, ‎2017
    Race 11 (Oaks) Rider of #13 Abel Tasman, Mike Smith is the lone rider here
    that has won the Oaks before.. 2013 on Princess Sylmar. #KyOaks
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    2017 Longines Kentucky Oaks RACE REPLAY
    Kentucky Derby Published on May 5, 2017
    Abel Tasman wins the 143rd running of the Longines Kentucky Oaks

    J.J. Hysell‏ @trifectabox 5 May 2017
    Mike Smith tells @NBCSN the blinkers "made a world of difference" for Abel Tasman in #Oaks.
  • Paradise Woods set too fast a pace early on for the condition of the track and just wore herself out. I knew she couldn't keep that going with such a sticky surface. I was happy with the result. I like Abel Tasman. She's been in a few races I've watched. I think Unique Bella beat her in at least one of those. The Breeders' Cup Distaff should be an interesting race this fall, esp. with Unique Bella, Abel Tasman, and Songbird all in the same race. Unfortunately Mike, their regular jockey, can't ride all three at the same time.
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    You are fun , Va_in ca, know you do love Mike! Fun stuff! K
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    What did you all think of the pink pants? Wile I appreciate the gesture, some of those color combinations hurt my eyes.
  • What did you all think of the pink pants? Wile I appreciate the gesture, some of those color combinations hurt my eyes.

    It was a nice gesture, but very distracting and harder to keep up with the saddle cloth colors and jockey's silks - which was already hard enough with the mud - lol!
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    I didn't even notice until someone made a joke on Twitter about firing Bob Baffert because Mike Smith was wearing pink pants.
  • I completely agree @lauraj_cincinnati. Abel Tasman's red silks in conjunction with the pink pants were a particular eyesore.
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    Love everyone that stuck with Abel Tasman.
    I didn't think the pace or mud would wear Paradise Woods out...on that I was wrong.
    I also have to say, and hope you don't get mad, that Mandela owns a little of this.
    He ships terrible. Beholder never shipped
    If the story line follows the trend of this thread, I'll get great numbers in the breeders cup.
    Stellar Wind and paradise woods
  • I don't think it was Mandella's fault that Beholder didn't ship well. Beholder always seemed to get sick and stressed out when she shipped, which can't really be helped.

    People said that John Sadler couldn't win outside of Southern California too, and look what he did at Oaklawn Park (two winners out of three runners in two days).

    Paradise Woods looked like she shipped perfectly and was training beautifully at Churchill Downs. I thought she could overcome it, but the pace and the sloppy track were obviously her downfall. I really think she'll bounce right back in her next start.
  • I thought all the pink butts were adorable. :)
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    Supposedly Miss Sky Warrior lost a shoe. Not really surprising.
  • jen_bloom said:

    I thought all the pink butts were adorable. :)

    So they actually WERE pink! I thought I was seeing things! LOL. But oui, all the jockeys flying around the track with pink butts =) Amusing.
  • And oui, even though horses can't upchuck.... They can still get air, car, or seasick =( Some of them just have a difficult time shipping, more than others.
  • Not to mention the ears. Some people are very sensitive to changes in elevation and some even get earaches. Horses (or dogs or cats, etc) can't tell someone about the ear problem.

    I thought the pink butts were a bit unnerving. hahaha. And the color combinations were pretty awful in some cases, esp. Mike Smith's. But the idea was kind of cute.
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