OTTBs (Off Track Thoroughbreds, or former thoroughbred racehorses)

VA_in_CAVA_in_CA Member
I thought I would start this discussion as a place to post two kinds of posts. 1) Notices about OTTBs that need homes and are available for adoption or placement. Hopefully and ideally, readers of this discussion would have contacts who could help find placements within a reasonable distance from the current location of the horse. However, a successful placement was found in Iowa for a son of Seattle Slew who was rescued in CA from a meat auction, and it has worked out well. 2) Stories of successful placements of OTTBs, including personal experience with doing this, or with adopting an OTTB. Sharing these stories will be interesting reading and may also encourage people to follow suit and attempt to take in an OTTB of their own. Not all OTTBs live up to their bad rep as being "difficult" to handle. Many are sweethearts.


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