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Hey all!

Since there seems to be a pretty good discussion starting up about Breyer model horses, I thought we should probably have a place to discuss them, especially to talk more about things like model Horse shows, and custom models and nifty stuff like that.

Got a new model? Share it here! Pictures aren’t necessarily a must, but they sure would be nice.

Let’s talk model horses!


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    Well the first should be mentioned that Breyer has officially retired the Zenyatta's first foal end of 2017 which I thought a bit funny and fitting being as Cosmic One was also retired from the Race Track to begin a new career. I am currently retired from the model show world as like many things in our world today they have gone for the money with showing.

    I forget who on the other thread stated they and some friends used to get together and race their models and had fun and felt the Model shows would be like that. Well in the 80s that would have been Yes, but sadly today the goal of showing has turned from a group of horse loving people getting together to enjoy showing off their models and a friendly competition for paper ribbons made by all the entrants, to a multi Thousand dollar event held once a year called The NAN Championships, and also the Breyerfest Live shows where it is very hard to even get entry into the show unless you have clout.

    Va_In_Ca is not far off that in today's showing of Models world it is quite pricey. Seldom do the old Regular Run models place well in Breed or collectability classes because Breyer and The Peter Stone Company found a real cash cow in making VERY limited or One of A Kinds often typed short hand as OOAK. Prices on most of these type models in Breyer are $175.00 and you have to have your name pulled or commit to purchasing 4 models a year at that price, and The Peter Stone Company now does nothing of a bulk Regular Run but instead does multiple small number special Runs of 3-5 models or all are OOAK models selling for IMHO ridiculous prices of $400 and up some being more then a real ,good healthy Pleasure Horse. :(

    Peter Stone Company known by most collectors as simply Stone Models Have went far beyond my pocket book and have ran off most new collectors unless they have inherited them from family who bought them when they were priced just a few more dollars then Breyer models were. I will say Stone models are much better sculpted and realistic then many Breyer models of the Regular Runs though Breyer had no choice but to improve on their line of models to keep up with the Stone molds.

  • While I am not actively showing my models any more, there are plenty of shows in my region that are still in the fun category, in my opinion. Some of them are preps for the North American Nationals (NAN), with the top two models in each class earning cards to qualify for that big show, but several shows still use paper ribbons or even second hand ribbons, except for rosettes for champions, etc. I used to really love the performance classes where models are in set-ups wearing the proper tack, with or without a rider, as one moment in time in that particular activity. The research required to make a good performance entry gives the chance to learn about different disciplines, but the competition has become harder and harder, the tack much more exquisite and expensive and it all just wore me out at the shows - ha! The realism and the talent displayed in putting together the winning sets is amazing though. The newer models have changed from the static standing square Lady Phases of the past into much more dynamic poses and I think that is due to the influence of the artists sculpting the resins out there. Wow - beautiful stuff, but way out of my budget most of the time. As a racing enthusiast, I am very excited that the Breyerfest theme this year is Off To The Races and Brass Hat is the Celebration model! Sorry to get so wordy, but I am so excited about Brass Hat.
  • "Icabad Crane" OTTB turned Eventer will also be there Live at Breyerfest, as will the well known Standardbred "Foiled Again" who at 14 years old will be racing and trying to win his 100th win but will be retired this year for a well earned retirement
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    If anyone likes resin models(AKA breakable clinkys) You can get a very nice model of American Pharoah at a very nice sale price here:

    Or you can jump on the California Chrome model at half that price here:
  • BreyerFest Festival starts today
    "Celebration Horse" is Brass Hat --- Icabad Crane, Harley the track pony and Coz will also be there!
  • Really fun to see Coz so loved and enjoying the attention.
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    Icabad Crane didn't attend do to a leg injury which is healing nicely but would not have been able to handle the stress of Breyerfest and the trailering ride to and from. Get well soon Icabod.
  • Two Breyer Horses....Harley and Coz. I know it's been a couple of weeks, but this photo of the two meeting each other is so neat.

  • Breyer just released a Justify Model This one is the Traditional size but they also are releasing a Stable Mate scale as well as two different Christmas Ornaments one with the Winstar silks and one with the China Horse Stable silks.

  • They need to make that Garland for the TC winners in real life!
  • I was thinking the same perhaps make each garland in each race have a 3rd of the blanket able to be detached to add on to the next race Blanket, and only connect them if the same horse wins the two races. So if one wins just the Derby then it only is all roses, and if they win the Derby and Preakness they get the roses and the Black Eyed Susans. If they only win the Preakness they only get to wear the Black Eyed Susans, and only the Carnations if all they win is the Belmont. Should a horse win the Derby and the Belmont would we see a Roses and Carnations blanket. Only if they win all three races do they get the combined blanket of Roses, Black Eyed Susans, and Carnations. That would be quite unique in my eyes.
  • It would be wasteful.

    These garlands are all made with live flowers, in the case of the Preakness they're made with Daisies dyed to look like Black Eyed Susans. By the time you got to the Belmont, you'd have to prepare four of these garlands, with only one being used in the end.

    The Triple Crown achievement is already in the trophy, let's leave the garlands alone.
  • LOL Zenyen fresh flowers have come a long way thanks in part to the rose bowl parade. They can now give each flower a tiny very light weight water vial which allows those flowers to stay fresh and lively for days. I also think it would be no more work to prep a one flower two flower or three flower Garland. They go beyond need with the trophies so what would it be to create a three flower garland ONLY if there is a chance for a triple crown winner at Belmont. If there is no repeat winner at the Preakness there would be no need to make up a Triple Crown floral Garland right?

    I was thinking they could design a garland which snaps together on the sides in which if the winner had won the roses and the Black Eyed Daisies(Grin) they would simply have to make a small add on to the full garland should the horse win both of the two races. With modern technology it would be easy to do and they dump Millions of dollars on Trophies so whats a small amount to make two Garlands to the industry?
  • Why does it have to be real flowers? There are pretty beautiful fake flowers out there that fool me sometimes.
  • Have two garlands available at the Belmont. If a horse takes the first two legs of the Triple Crown, I think there could be a Triple Crown-garland of real flowers waiting just in case he wins the Belmont. If a different horse wins the Belmont, then the traditional garland is used. That scenario is very doable in my opinion.
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    For all of you Breyer fans on the forum, here is Justify with his own Breyer model --- he seems fascinated with the little tiny version of him!

  • Rachel said:

    Why does it have to be real flowers? There are pretty beautiful fake flowers out there that fool me sometimes.

    Because some horses try to eat them.
  • So fun, this is how to play and use your imagination.

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