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Nicanor will stand the 2013 season at Shamrock Farm near Woodbine, Md for $2,500.


  • I love Nicanor so much! I'm happy for him and hope he has a great life. He deserves it. I also think he is one of the most beautiful horses ever. All the "brothers" are good looking horses!
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    They are all very handsome
  • I think he looks a lot like Barbaro. But then again, they all do. When Barbaro won the KD, he also won a good life for his brothers. He was such a great runner, everyone would like that divine lick of flame in their horses. I hope he does well; like you say, he deserves it.
  • I always thought he looked the most like Barbaro, too. Margano seems to be much darker than the others but gorgeous. He came in 2nd this weekend at Tampa Bay Downs!
  • With two of the brothers going to stud, Dynaformer's genes will go on in the thoroughbred pool, along with others from different mares than La Ville Rouge. Maybe some day, lightening will strike again, and we'll have a descendant who'll rival Barbaro's accomplishments on the track. Even if not, they're lovely animals and am glad to see the line continue. La Ville Rouge no slouch in the breeding shed either.
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    there are still two more full brothers...Margano is three...came in second in his race last week...and the youngest will be 2 on new years....I think he is going to be named/has been named Sereno?
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  • Greg Jones‏ tweet FULL BROTHER NAME & PHOTO
    Barbaro, Nicanor, Lentenor, Margano, and now the last full brother has been named,

  • All the brothers have La Ville Rouge's beautiful chest and shoulders. I always thought she was lovely, and looked so strong. After Barbaro died, and before Nicanor was born, there was a naming contest. I submitted the name, "Paint the Town Red", in honor of La Ville Rouge. Obviously, it didn't win, and they went with another hound name. I love all their names, especially Pennmarydel!
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    Greg Jones tweet with PHOTO· May 18
    A Nicanor filly. Out of the mare Stephski (Even the Score) foaled in PA. on May 5th

  • out of the five of them Barbaro is the most special so far who knows about Pennmarydel since he hasnt raced yet. When Nicanor was born i thought that he was gorgeous I love his markings especially his face marking so out of the living brothers I think that Nicanor is the most prettiest but there is something about Lentenor and Pennmarydel especially Pennmarydel they remind me the most of Barbaro just by the way that they look. Margano reminds me of Barbaro with the markings but his coloring is just too dark
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    Oh wow, they acquired Nicanor. Aww
  • Good place to land.
    Rachel said:

    Oh wow, they acquired Nicanor. Aww

  • Such good news to see Nicanor at Old Friends. Thanks!
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    Very good place
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