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  • Do you have TVG2????

  • whoodler said:

    While we wait for Ellis, already 15 minutes late...
    Starting now... 6PM E... through Sunday the 25th, 11:59PM E,
    players may drop a horse and replace it with any other 3 YO
    in North America.

    Global Campaign for Positive Spirit.
  • In TVG's offense, they have races on TVG2 witch is run lie TVG but without more eteetmed tracks, and also steam on roku, etc. Lotta coverage there.
  • sarinne said:

    Do you have TVG2????

    No. The only tvg channel offered is just plain tvg.
  • Saturday - 8/24

    Personal Ensign
    Sword Dancer

  • whoodler said:

    sarinne said:

    Do you have TVG2????

    No. The only tvg channel offered is just plain tvg.
    you can get good stuff on TVGII when they run concurrent stakes. I could not scoff at TVG2 it usual only has one handi cappericpaper for you who don't like all the chit chat.
  • Unavailable.
    He can't belittle and argue with his co-host if he's working alone.
    (Reread what you wrote and it wasn't what I thought... but it would be an improvement over the 3 year olds yakking on tvg-the-main-station.)
  • whoodler said:

    He can't belittle and argue with his co-host if he's working alone.
    (Reread what you wrote and it wasn't what I thought... but it would be an improvement over the 3 year olds yakking on tvg-the-main-station.)

    Over my head...........your great grandson has better cognition right now. Please explain. And no picking on me, this has taken over ten minutes to write!
  • tvg2 is not an option.
    I THOUGHT you were saying the number 1 crybabybully on tvg was the host on tvg2 To which my reply was he could argue with/pick on his co-host if he was alone in the studio. Which would be an improvement.
    Then I reread what you had written and saw that you meant there was only one announcer/guesser which would please me because I don't like the conversation.

    To be clear, it is not the conversation. It is one guy who is always belittling the other's comments/picks/private life who I find unacceptable.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    congratulations to bigherbie….
    cant believe I came insecond with my meager total but here goes
    sat at Del Mar...the Pat O'Brien
    sun at Del Mar...the Shared Belief
  • Saturday, Saratoga, Ballerina.

    We have all four of the BC races and I have to tell you, sadly, we're not doing so well with them.
  • To ease the mid-week doldrums, and because there are now enough 2 YO races around the country (which are Carol and Wezzie's favorite,) AND because it might help us make better 3 YO picks in the future...

    Thursdays are for Babies

    1) Belterra Park # 1 MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT (12:35) 2 YO fillies (1 mile turf/1 mile 70 yd dirt)
    1 My Wynter Echo (KY) 2/F F Garcia 120 T W Short
    2 Tenakee (KY) 2/F L A Lezcano 120 R Hernandez
    3 A Rose in December (KY) 2/F L V Tormey 115 J R Dyer
    4 She's Flashy (KY) 2/F L R Mojica, Jr. 120 J R Dyer
    5 Gray Nay (ON) 2/F L1 C Orm 120 S Semkin
    6 Topa (KY) 2/F L J Burke 120 J Corrigan
    7 Speak English (KY) 2/F A Achard 120 K Wittek

    2) Saratoga # 6 MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT (3:30) 2 YO (1-1/8 mile)
    1 Imperare (KY) 2/C L1 J Lezcano 119 A M Stall, Jr.
    2 Lucky Curlin (KY) 2/C L T Gaffalione 119 M E Casse
    3 Enforceable (KY) 2/C L J L Ortiz 119 M E Casse
    4 Mo and Go (KY) 2/C L L Saez 119 J C Englehart
    5 Bracketologist (KY) 2/C R Maragh 119 D W Lukas
    6 Cowtown (KY) 2/C L1 I Ortiz, Jr. 119 T A Pletcher
    7 Portos (KY) 2/C L1 J R Velazquez 119 T A Pletcher
    8 Zuzudini (KY) 2/C L1 D Davis 119 E R Barker
    9 Crossing the Moon (KY) 2/R L J Rosario 119 K G McPeek
    10 Ghost of the Mambo (KY) 2/C L J Alvarado 119 W I Mott

    3 )Gulfstream Park # 8 MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT (4:51) 2 YO (7-1/2 furlongs turf)
    1 Violent Impact (KY) 2/C L1 C A Torres 1135 M E Casse
    2 Tovar Y Tovar (FL) 2/C L E Jaramillo 118 G Delgado
    3 Alejandro's Team (KY) 2/C L1 S Camacho 118 J Garoffalo
    4 Rodeo Red (KY) 2/G C Montalvo 118 D Swick
    5 King Theo (KY) 2/C L A Jimenez 118 C Vaccarezza
    6 Tank 'Em Down (KY) 2/C L A Santos 118 L Cazares
    7 Storm Risk (KY) 2/C L L Reyes 118 G Amaya
    8 Givemetwenty (KY) 2/C L R Gutierrez 118 R E Nicks
    9 Causalistic (KY) (MTO) 2/C L L Panici 118 A Sano

    4) Golden Gate Fields # 4 MAIDEN CLAIMING (6:15) 2 YO fillies (5 furlongs)
    1 Elusive Tiger (CA) 2/F L1 $20,000 W Antongeorgi III 120 S M Sherman
    2 Khaleesis Dragon (CA) 2/F L1 $20,000 C Herrera 120 A Psarras
    3 Autism's Quest (NM) 2/F L1 $20,000 C Martinez 120 S Calvario
    4 Shawnee Pass (CA) 2/F L1 $20,000 I Orozco 120 D Offield
    5 Angel's Ride (CA) 2/F L $20,000 P Flores 120 S Specht
    6 Lucky Feline (CA) 2/F L $20,000 L M Ocasio 120 S Specht
    7 Apurva (CA) 2/F L1 $20,000 A Gomez 120 E Moger, Jr.
    8 Zibo (CA) 2/F L1 $20,000 F Duran 120 O J Jauregui

    5) Del Mar # 5 MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT 7:00) 2 YO (1 mile turf)
    1 Fly the Sky (CA) 2/G L J Diaz, Jr. 1157 S Miyadi
    2 Whispering Flame (CA) 2/G L E A Roman 120 J M Cassidy
    3 One Fast Bro (CA) 2/C L M Gutierrez 120 S Ruis
    4 Canyon Crest (CA) 2/C L V Espinoza 120 M W McCarthy
    5 Handsome Cat (CA) 2/C L T J Pereira 120 M Chew
    6 Blues Rapper (CA) 2/C L G Franco 120 C Gaines
    7 Descartes (CA) 2/C L R Fuentes 120 E R Freeman
    8 Lemon King (CA) 2/C L F Prat 120 T Yakteen
    9 Fantasy Game (CA) 2/G L J I Velez 1155 S Miyadi

    6) Colonial Downs # 2 MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT (8:16) 2 YO fillies (5-1/2 furlongs)
    1 Lilly's Lil Gem (MD) 2/F L1 $20,000 C C Lopez 120 G E Brooks
    2 Super Donna G (PA) 2/F L $20,000 K Davis 120 H I McMahon
    3 Deirdre of Legend (NY) 2/F L $20,000 T McCarthy 120 M J Reid
    4 Verrabella (MD) 2/F $20,000 S Russell 120 S S Cooney
    5 Queen Bess (KY) 2/F L1 $20,000 D A Sarvis 120 D Kobiskie
    6 Quality H Two O (KY) 2/F $20,000 V R Carrasco 120 T Connelly
    7 Lady Fox (MD) 2/F $20,000 F Boyce 120 C L Morgan
    8 Risen Change (FL) 2/F L $20,000 L Mawing 120 I Hemingway
    9 Star Rules (OH) 2/F $20,000 K Serrano 120 J K Huffman
    10 Emo (FL) 2/F L $20,000 M J Sanchez 120 M V Pino

    7) Century Mile # 4 MAIDEN CLAIMING (9:13) 2 YO (5-1/2 furlongs)
    1 Diaval (AB) 2/G $20,000 A Martin 122 R Hedge
    2 Sweep the Board (AB) 2/F $20,000 D Bryan 119 D Hawkes
    3 Desposito (AB) 2/F L1 $20,000 D Bynoe 119 C Frey
    4 My Angel Eyes (BC) 2/F $20,000 L Munoz 119 A C Webster
    5 Wiser Times (AB) 2/G $20,000 A Chalaris 122 R K Smith
    6 Prince Afleet (AB) 2/G $20,000 R W Walcott 122 C R Smith
    7 Lia's On Tune (KY) 2/F $20,000 R Sarmiento 119 J Petrowski
    8 Life's Work (AB) 2/C $20,000 R Lunan 122 C R Smith

    Winners pick next Thursday's races. NO STAKES.
  • All for me?! I love the baby races!
  • whoodlerwhoodler Member
    edited August 2019
    All for you... and Carol.
    And Sarinne, BigH, Jan
    and me.
    AND anyone else who wants to play.
  • bigherbiebigherbie Member
    edited August 2019
    Thanks, Whoodler!!!

    THURSDAY - (8-22) - Two Year Old Races

    Belterra #1: Tenakee
    Saratoga #6: Enforceable
    Gulfstream Park #8: Alejandro's Team
    Golden Gate #4: Angel's Ride
    Del Mar #5: Canyon Crest
    Colonial Downs #2: Verrabella
    Century Mile #4: Wiser Times
  • THURSDAY - (8-22) - Two Year Old Races

    Belterra #1: Speak English
    Saratoga #6: Crossing the Moon
    Gulfstream Park #8: Givemetwenty
    Golden Gate #4: Shawnee Pass
    Del Mar #5: Lemon King
    Colonial Downs #2: Lillys Lil Gem
    Century Mile #4: Lias on Tune
  • Belterra #1: Topa
    Saratoga #6: Enforceable
    Gulfstream Park #8: Violent Impact
    Golden Gate #4: Zibo
    Del Mar #5: Canyon Crest
    Colonial Downs #2: Queen Bess
    Century Mile #4: Sweep the Board
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember

    Belterra..Speak English
    Gulfstream...King Theo
    Golden Gate...Angel's Ride
    Del Mar..Lemon King
    Colonial Downs...Verrabella
    Century Mile...Wiser Times
  • Oh Carol, hush, you dominate with the babies!

    Belterra #1: She's Flashy
    Saratoga #6: Cowtown
    Gulfstream Park #8: Rodeo Red
    Golden Gate #4: Elusive Tiger
    Del Mar #5: Fly The Sky
    Colonial Downs #2: Emo
    Century Mile #4: Wiser Times
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    edited August 2019
    the only way to choose babies is to look at pedigree and pray...IMO...
  • the only way to choose babies is to look at pedigree and pray...IMO...

    Or pick the name you like -- Wh taught me that. :lol:
  • I looked at pedigrees on the fields for a couple of those races and and not only were they maidens, most have never been in a race period. And a lot are local horses....
  • JanDJanD Member
    Ok here goes typing with left hand.
    3 yr old picker challenge

    Mind Control is entered on August 24th @ Saratoga Race 7. H Allen Jerkens S.
  • Glad you dropped by. Was planning on asking about you... at least we know you're still with us!
  • Givemetwenty is out of Gulfstream #8 so I'm going with Storm Risk.
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