Horse Players (A Betting Game)



  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    looks like I had a flash of "brilliance"....or a "flash in the pan" more likely

    on Friday at Oaklawn...the Fantasy
    on Saturday at Oaklawn... the Arkansas Derby and Oaklawn H
    on Saturday at Gulfstream...the English Channel
  • sarinnesarinne Member
    Fun game this week, Wh!

    Well the analysts can prognosticate all they will about Daisy, the the horse on the race on the day, just like in dogs. :) But a nice work!

    I will be thoroughly heartbroken if Irad gets lost at sea :wink:
  • I just wish she had had a run or two before this.
  • @whoodler : Per Your Request

  • Thanks, E_H! Appreciate your help.

    Go Finnick!
    Of course, both my Pickers are in the same division.
  • sarinnesarinne Member
    Saturday Arkansas Derby Div 2 at Oaklawn and the Honey Ryder at Gulfstream
  • Since it's all the same, you're getting both divisions.
  • sarinnesarinne Member
    whoodler said:

    Since it's all the same, you're getting both divisions.

    well Carol picked one, so I didnt' know
  • Sorry. I thought you were the one who picked it.
    So it counts as one race for her.
  • sarinnesarinne Member
    edited April 27
    No worries, easy to miss. So I guess I will go with the Big Drama on Saturday at Gulfstream for my second choice.
  • WezzieWezzie Member
    So do I go with Non stakes? Since...
  • sarinnesarinne Member
    Wezzie said:

    So do I go with Non stakes? Since...

    There are some restricted stakes races I think?
  • What is the problem? We've been using MSW, AOC, Just Plain C, 2 YO, camel, etc for weeks.
    Nunya ever respond when I say things like "anybody can suggest a game or race or...." which, to me, means you, at least, have no objections.
    We didn't use the Risen Star as 2 separate choices even though it ran in two divisions. It just brought a guest race. Why would we treat the AR Derby any different?
  • sarinnesarinne Member
    There is no problem. Sorry for my error.
  • As you say, no problem. LOL.
  • sarinnesarinne Member
    whoodler said:

    As you say, no problem. LOL.

    Yeah, sparingly. :kissing_wink:
  • Starting on next week's supply.
  • Oaklawn has the 2nd's races posted.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    its not my turn to it?
  • whoodlerwhoodler Member
    edited April 29
    Had to think.
    I finished last and everyone else has picked, so it must be you.
    A regular game and a BigHerbie.

    Ignore the above.

    I "thought" Wezzie had first pick but it was you, Carol, and she hasn't picked yet so no, it's not your turn, it's Wezzie's turn.
  • whoodlerwhoodler Member
    edited April 29
    Shooters Shoot out of A Derby.
    Makes Div 1 so blah.
    Anyone know how it was decided who was in which division... ALL the names in a hat and just started drawing them, first 11 in D-1, second in D-2? Have 11 black balls and 11 white in a bingo wheel, call a name an all the blacks in Div 1, all the whites in 2?
  • Oh, and Baffert took part in the SA demonstration today. I'll give him a point or two for that.
  • ‘Put Me In, Coach’: Carmouche Ships Down To Oaklawn After Six-Week Hiatus

    Wonder if he'll get the Ortiz Treatment by TVG,
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    edited April 29
    I may be out of the loop til
    I am going to pick 2 races....
    if wezzie chooses either of these as hers...I will go with the other
    if wezzie picks a completely different race as her choice I will go with #1 as bigherbie's race

    #1 on Friday at Oakland...the Gardenia
    #2 on Friday at Gulfstream...race 6 MSW
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember

    Basin is running in the Ark Derby Saturday at Oaklawn...division 1...race 11

    Silver Prospector is in the Ark Derby Saturday at Oaklawn...division 2...race 13
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