Mike Smith

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Just had win number 4998, only 2 away from 5000 wins. Wow!


  • Wasn't Mike the perfect jockey for Zenyatta? Those two really had some communication going on. And the BC Classic wasn't your fault, Mike. Good luck on 5,000.
  • Go Getem Sweetheart
  • pure poetry was the connection between Mike and Zen......I have held Mike in the highest regard his whole career. I have just loved him from the start and continue to wish him the very best. A man with a heart like his deserves every good thing in this life. Hugs Leslie.......your number one fan :)
  • Mike Smith & Zenyatta was a match made in heaven.
    It was a love fest from start to finish to quote I believe it was Trevor
    Denman at the finish of the 2009 Breeder's Cup Classic "One We'll Never Forget!"
    Mike is a great person and such a talented, committed athelete.
    Good luck this weekend, Mike. I hope today and or tomorrow will bring you
    your historic 5,000th victory.
    Let the good times roll.
  • Go Mike GO!!!
    I just love his smile. Such a gifted rider. Oh man, the feeling of ever riding a horse like Zenny. Can you imagine feeling the magic, having that wonder under you.
    I bet Z is rooting for you!!!
  • From Mike Smith's Facebook:
    Working my way to my 5000th win with 2 to go!
    Today I ride at Santa Anita:
    Race 9-- AMAZOMBIE
    Come on out and see me! But come early!!!

    For those of you that want to watch but don't have HRTV, like myself, you can watch for free at calracing.com. You have create a username and password but like I said it's free.
  • www.DRF.com will live stream all of the races at Aqueduct, Keeneland, Santa Anita, and Hawthorne (Illinois). Also, NBC is covering the races today from 4:30-6:00 ET. Other free sites include www.calracing.com, www.keeneland.com. You can set up a free account at TwinSpires as well....they don't pressure you to bet....my favorite site.
  • KetaKeta Member
    Randy Moss tweeted on Sat. April 7

    Next week, Rafael Bejarano is sticking with Secret Circle for Arkansas Derby,
    and Mike Smith takes mount on Bodemeister
  • Now only 1 more to go, Mike just won with Lady of Shamrock, now Amazombie left to ride today. Oh I hope 5000 is with Amazombie!
  • WHOOHOO, number 5000 and on Amazombie too!
  • Thrilling! The Champ and the Champ doing it together.
  • MartyMarty Member
    Hooray!!! he did it. Congrats Mikey.. Great Job!!!
  • Fantastic. Congrats Mike Smith.
  • LeeLee Member
    Congrats Mike, way to go!! Thanks to Amazombie for helping out!
  • And best of all, it was a hand ride on Amazombie!
  • Congrats to Mike S. on his 5,000 win!
  • OllieOllie Member
    YEE HAW, what a ride! Congrats to you Mike!!!!!
  • He did it! Congrats Mike!
  • Where can we view a video of the race?
  • Where can we see a video of the race?
  • MamawMamaw Member
    You can see race replays on calracing.com-you have to sign up but it doesn't cost anything-watch the previous race-race 8 at SA-where he won on Lady Shamrock coming from behind like our beloved Zenny.
  • Congratulations Mike. YOU DID IT!!!!!
  • Good job Mike.
  • Where can we see a video of the race?
    Here is a link both of his two wins today are on this. The Amazombie 5000 win is good but you need to watch his 4999 win also. Lady of Shamrock was rolling.
  • AmandaFAmandaF Member
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    Here's a link you can see both his 4999 and 5000 win. Amazombie was great but you need to see his 4999 win also, it was GREAT, Lady of Shamrock is going to be a horse to watch I think.
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