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    I really liked Aimee Mann in the day: How about her early work / albums, "Til Tuesday" and "Voices Carry." Add to that any and all of Leonard Cohen.

    Andres Sergovia has always been a mellow favorite with his classical guitar melodies.
  • First, Biden is a creep.
    Second, The Pope is under considerable investigation to his character, my investigation...my,my, mine own look into his abyss, the devil's home, shows me the depth of corruption within his sorry soul
    Third, if this happens...if these two corrupt leaders meet, join together in the disgusting efforts of the moment.... take that deep breath, that moment of reflection.
    It would be better it not happen, but by my tally best to know the enemy, best to see him, best to eliminate him.
    I told you Francis was a problem.
  • Simon Peter
    What thoughts have you on this?
    Certainly you have started, stayed, given to...
    From his mouth, through your eyes, in your text.
    Tell me I am wrong about the devil in the Pope's robes
    You can't
    Paul was at Stephens death, Paul was a part of St Stephens death
    Paul has had much to answer
  • Who the hell is stachel page?
    What's wrong with Joey?
    Where's the blackface theater?
  • Doing weird things.
    Looking for a 76 newspaper
    Finding Kennedy
    Slow motion.... gonna put y'all in chains... slow... motion... where's bahram...pipes??!!??
    I'm joe Biden, I'm f..king Joe Biden... I ran with Barry... Barack... Obama... I've been black my whole life... I take the trains... home every day to Scranton....we are gonna be better, better then the.... we're gonna push.... we're gonna...
  • Thanks to all of you who have served our country in all of your capacities as well as those who have left us--one who comes to mind is Whoodler--I am not a Vet, but have family members whom have served in many capacities. This is an important day to remember those that serve are country and their families. I thank you!
  • Do you observe a minutes silence on the 11 November as we do ?
  • Canada does.

    In the U.S. it's veteran's day, where we celebrate the people who came home. So no, we don't have a moment of silence for the living.

    And for some reason we have a mini festival on Memorial day at the end of May, our version of remembrance day....



    Big facepalm.
  • Face palms..?.. gotta think about that.
    Yep, gotta go déep and let the noise go quiet... like no noise.. like alone.
    Bunch of stuff boiling up, boiling clears a few things, like most everything...
    Silence runs déep...
    I sometimes make a lot of noise, sometimes I play music really loud... sometimes mrs rebaker, I think about your children.
    It's not quiet time then.
    Heads bowed to those we've lost
    Heads high to those we serve
    To His honor shall we fall
    I am an old man. Given by the grace of God, a son.
    I will not give him to this new order
    I will try to expound the nature of progress and the cost for liberalism.
    I am old... not enough time
    ...but he'll know the truth of things.
    As we all should
    Last word....fuck the lies....with all my last strength...
    Fuck the lies.
  • ... a course I gotta get a song.
    James Taylor....
  • ,..you guess which song...
    ... should be easy..
  • It was Donavon
  • If you're going to San Francisco
    Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
  • People in motion
  • Funny
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    Sung by Scott McKenzie...Written by John Phillips...Promo for International Monterey Pop Music Festival Wiki
  • I miss John Denver.
    Where have all the flowers gone
    I miss John.
  • We had a lot of cool music in the time!
  • Rhymes and reasons
    The children teach us.
    They are our flowers.
    But thats not today's story
    There are no rainbows
    No reflection
    Just nasty adults.
  • Ronald Reagan suggested freedom was just a generation away from extinction.
    We are on that edge, told in exacting words of where we'd be, on that edge
    Right Now
    Right now
    Slings and arrows
    Committed pain
    Please say stop.
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    Put your ear on the rail.... listen, can you hear it coming...wait...ahhhh, yes I can SEE it.
    My sisters taught me to hear the ground before I was five. We lived by some train tracks that would be my backyard for three, four years old. That was before the house and home, before fast and held, before I knew a bicycle.... listen to the ground....
    ...too many green frogs, so many you couldn't walk without losing some... keep it small... like small steps, not big nasty steps that ruin the Wilson lawn, or smash the flowers of Mrs Valentin... keep your steps careful not to smash the green frogs.
    Large and small dunes
    People are crazy. Big people are crazy. They are scarey
    Ear to the ground boy.
  • Oh wow, the president is angry
    Damn that white supremacists idea of mine
    Somebody wipe my ass
    Damn... wrong again.
    That kid was guilty, but the project of jury tampering isn't dead. There'll be other opportunities. We'll get every one of those gun assholes.
    .... wipe me...no, that was wind, no that's wet...
    Wipe me
    Yes, that black man was justifiably found innocent...no, that decision was wrong...he shouldn't...wait, c'mon man, you can't...we gotta live with this...
    ...was that wind?... wipe me
    That drunk driver killed my kids...well, killed my wife....you know bo...he was.... that was a drunk driver... SEPARATE... how'd you like it...
    So yes, I agree with the idea
    We've got to go with the verdict
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    Invasion of the body snatchers
    Oh no, oh no
    Body snatchers around every corner
    Oh no, oh no
    Nothing to be afraid of
    Sleepy eyes
    A lullaby
    Oh no, oh no
    Nothing to do but wait
    Oh no, oh no
    Elmo sippy
    A cup of coffee
    Oh no, oh no
    Invasion of the body snatchers
    Oh no, oh no
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    Wooden Ships
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