Little Passovers Gift

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Gods evening everyone! What am exciting night it has been. Congrats Big Z and welcome little princess. As many of you know we lost twin foal this week. One was stillborn and the other colt whom we dubbed Passover Angel crossed over Tuesday evening around 10:00pm. Needless to say Cheyenne was crushed but in little Passovers passing he sent Cheyenne a very special gift. At 11:17pm Wednesday the 27th Cheyennes mare Red Maple gave birth to a solid whit thoroughbred filly by Wise River. The good Lord took the colts for himself but gave Cheyenne an even greater gift. If you go to her Facebook page under Cheyenne Buechler I believe she has already posted a photo.


  • Sorry about the misspellings I am using my phone and my fingers are freezing.
  • Came out of "retirement" to tell you congratulations on your filly, Cbuechler. Hope she is everything a thoroughbred should be.
  • RosebudRosebud Member
    Yah congrats for you how old are is it now?
  • Just over a month old and sassy already. We are preparing to shatter the myth tha
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