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    I looked at Carryback's pedigree, and went huh? They must have passed on something good. Bless his heart.
  • @Carolinutah, Casey, Celeste, KarenGogue, Mucker4eva & Cigar: Thank you so much for taking the time to write such positive & interesting comments. I appreciate this from the bottom of my heart. Loved the discussion about Carry Back!!!!!
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    Saggy was the horse that won the only race Citation lost his greatest year...Citation got pushed way wide in the turn and Saggy hugged the rail and hung on...
    Joppy was supposedly banned from racing for her refusal to leave the starting gate..
    She was purchased for a few hundred and Saggy's fee was about the same...
    the racing deities blessed this pair with Carryback...
    which just goes to show ya.....ya never know

  • Man-o-man. This was a race for the ages!!!!
    Check this out.
  • Geez, Ferdinand really looked like Nijinsky in this footage! I found that so often the photos of Ferdinand do him little justice -- but this footage does! Thanks so much for posting this!!!!
  • Gosh u see the early acceleration before they even get to the turn. horses these days would tire so fast if that were to happen. that was prolly the best footage of ferdinand ive ever seen. i was a child when news hit he was slaughtered :(
  • I was not aware that Empire Maker was sold to Japan! Don't know if Juddmont made arrangements for him to be sent home after his stud career is over. Sure hope so.
  • I was not aware of what happened to Ferdinand.It makes your heart sick. How can there not be a way to solve this problem. Broadbrush had a better fate. Thanks for posting the video. It was an amazing finish.
  • An entity named Japan Bloodhorse Breeders Association lists several USA horses including Empire Maker.

    The real answer would be to have a tracking system to keep up with these horses and require money be set aside at the time of the sale to return them home.
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    several USA horses have what is called "Ferdinand" clause in there contracts with Japan..
    Silver Charm and Roses in May are two....when they are retired....they come home...
    Empire Maker went to Japan before his kids started making a lot of noise on the track...
    mistake?....of course their is always the big one that got away...Sunday Silence...but do not get me started...i believe that there is a fund started somewhere..New York? ..that is used to help with expenses to bring these guys home...
    and then there are the ladies.....can Azeri come home too
  • Just saw on the Bloodhorse website that Dynaformer had what in human terms was a heart attach Saturday. His breeding days are over but he was doing okay. Three Chimneys will take excellent care of him.
  • It's the deepest Derby field in a long time..... Now, new from THE VAULT, a pre-Derby offering that gives some "fun facts" and then looks at the tail female of some of the Derby favourites. ENJOY!
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    Dearest Abigail.....just finished reading your lastest for the first time.....superlative job ...will have to read again tomorrow and factor info I to my derby picks.....or just go with my heart...
  • I had the pleasure of seeing Ferdinand's Hollywood Gold Cup win in person. With apologies to The Queen, he was the most beautiful horse I've ever seen.

    I'd say if you care enough about your horse to invoke a special rule so the buyer doesn't eat them when they're done with them, then that's a pretty good indicator that you probably shouldn't sell to them in the first place.
  • Thank you, Carol. I really appreciate the positive feedback and am glad to hear that it gives you still another "spin" on a Derby pick. But follow your heart -- always!
  • Abigail, thanks for the family tree information about the dams of the Derby horses. Gotta say Union Rags and Gemologist sure are well bred but almost all of them are. It is really hard to pick a horse this year. With the quality of the 3 yr. old crop, we might see again a different winner in each of the Triple Crown races.
  • Abigail, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your new blog post! What interesting information and background research into our future Derby champions! You are so dedicated to finding the information for us and your writing is such a delight - I can learn and enjoy at the same time. Thank you - as always!!
  • Thanks for the kind comments Celeste & Shirlee! I really appreciate it so very much. I'm working on a new article & am hoping to post it either tomorrow pm or Wednesday morning. I'll let all of you know when it's up. HUGS!
  • Here's the latest from THE VAULT, entitled Belmont Park: Tales & Snippets. ENJOY!
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    @Abigail - Bravo!
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    You have done it again....great...absolutely great
  • Loved your new Vault post, Abigail!! Wordpress let me actually leave my comment this time so things are progressing. The way you are able to put together some of those historical pedigrees makes it so much easier for me to comprehend and is one of the many things I appreciate so much about your writing talent/skill. Thank you, once again!!
  • Great stuff!!!!
  • Thank you so much, marypny, carolinutah, Celeste & mucker4eva!
    I did manage to post the wrong race for Lady's Secret -- LOL -- but that's been amended.
    Celeste: I saw your comment at THE VAULT and will reply ASAP!
    It just makes me so happy when fellow Zen-sters write me!!!! Love & hugs
  • New from THE VAULT, just in time for the New Year, is the story of the only North American filly to ever win a (both sexes) Triple Crown:
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