Shanghai Bobby

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Shanghai Bobby who was the 2 year old champion has been cleared to resume light training at Sartoga according to his facebook page!


  • RachelRachel Member
    thats good news
  • kurtkurt Member
    hate to be the downer but as a pletcher hater, have to say this horse wont win again. typical speedy two year old, over rated and then ruined by pletch. he'll find a way to retire him after one or two races that he cant win since hes already been booked to coolmore for 2014
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    So we wonder why we can't seem to get another triple crown winner...bad breeding (speed and not stamina/durability), destructive drugs, trainers ruining good race horses, owners eager to make money and then sending these "fragile/injured" horses to the breeding sheds = Racing industry shooting their own foot!
  • Pletcher and Baffert are what I call "instant gratification" trainers..... Sure, they'll give you a lot of money in a pinch.... But only a pinch, no more. Seldom is there a Pletcher or Baffert horse exceeding 3 years old and still racing. Shanghai Bobby is a perfect example of the type, a horse ran into the DIRT until it hurt him.... But it made a lot of money for his owners! And now he will be whisked off to stud since his use now lay a few in their eyes. It's a vicious cycle: owners want instant money, so they find trainers who will give them instant money, these "instant money" trainers pump their horses with harmful drugs, these doped up horses grant their owners instant money until they are raced so much they get injured, then they are retired early and the whole process repeats itself. We have become impatient, and it is killing the industry.

    However, if there is one good thing I can say about Pletcher.... His fillies RULE the track. If ever he had the mind to place one of his fillies in the Kentucky Derby.... I have no doubt in my mind that she would win. And if he was of the mind to see if she could take the other two legs of the Triple Crown.... We may have ourselves the first filly Triple Crown winner ever, and first Triple Crown winner in many years.
  • kurtkurt Member
    wow, didnt really expect to have people agree with me about fraud pletcher. glad im not the only one that sees this clown for what he is and also agrees that "bobby" is a prime example of all thats wrong with our disrespect to the horse but it is what it sure he'll get 125 mares next season
  • I love Bobby and his owners don't seem to be bad at all. I like Pletcher more than Baffert but I do think he has too many horses in his stable.........
  • RachelRachel Member
    i agree with you Kurt, always havent liked pletcher but he has a few horses who have exceeded his ways. Stay Thirsty and Caixe Electronica. Stay Thirsty is now retired but he retired sound, and Caixe Electronica is still racing. i saw Caixe in person at Charlestown and hes one heck of a horse.
  • RachelRachel Member
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    Pletcher at one point had over 4,000 horses that he could of went to the derby with, as derby prospects. 4 friggin thousand. are you kidding me...
  • LyndaKLyndaK Member
    Shanghai Bobby was one of my favorites coming into his 3 year old season. It was very disheartening to see him not achieve his potential.
  • kurtkurt Member
    actually, he DID achieve his potential. hes a speed horse, built to sprint..he won what he should have won. it was when he was asked to go further then his breeding that he was done. but he actually achieved everything..and more that could've been expected based on his pedigree and trainer
  • RachelRachel Member
    and no hes coming back for hopefully more
  • LyndaKLyndaK Member
    Let me clarify...that he (Shanghai Bobby) did not have a successful career as a 3yo.
  • kurtkurt Member
    LYNDA- i wouldnt have expected him to have a successful 3 yo season. hes the typical thoroughbred of today. built for speed,aka, success at two. he succeeded brilliantly at that. once he turned three and the races got further, hes not bred for it and has, and will fail miserably.
    i'll concede that if fraud pletcher aims him for say the BC sprint(think Gilded Time) he may have some success but at the longer distances of the travers, woodward bc etc, hes got zero shot.
    again, i have nothing personal against this horse, i just resent his trainer and everything this horse represents in todays breeding
  • LyndaKLyndaK Member
    Sorry Kurt, but I happen to like Shanghai Bobby and his top line especially. This is of course all my opinion and I think he was capable of having a stronger 3 year old year. Now if that is the result of his training or his trainer or other reason, I have no way of knowing. What I do know is that a trainer and owner should know his or her horses well enough (both physically and mentally) to know how hard and how far to push them. And that sir is something I do know something about. Regardless of the breed of horse, potential in any horse goes far deeper than the pedigree on a piece of paper.
  • I agree with you LyndaK. I really like him as a horse I'm just not so sure Todd is the right fit for him as a trainer?
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
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    it is only june it not....that leaves 6-7 mo of his 3yr old season left...little early to count him out
  • DoreenDoreen Member
    Bobby had his first timed workout today:

    Date: July 29, 2013
    Track: SARATOGA
    Distance: Three Furlongs
    Time: 38:95 Breezing
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt
    Rank: 6/6

    Nice and slow. Hope everything works out well for him, whatever his future holds. He's always has been a horse who tries hard.
  • Here is Bobby's comback race after time off. HE WON!
  • I think that his win today is just awesome. He is such a beautiful horse and so very talented. Maybe he just needed to do some growing up.
  • Sounds like he will either go to the BC sprint, BC dirt mile, or could skip the BC and point to the Cigar Mile.
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  • I recently started following Shanghai Bobby and I really like this horse. I think he has a bright future ahead of him. Beautiful Horse!
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