Would any of you horse lovers be interested in reading my novel, Destinations? It's a fictional story about a young, horse-crazy girl growing up in a small town in the 1970's. It is my first original novel (I've written a lot of fanfic over the years) and since it weaves a horse theme throughout the book, some of you might like it, and I'd be THRILLED to have readers! I hope it's all right to post this here, and I'm not being too forward.


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    wow this novel sounds like the books i used to read when i was younger lol very good read :)
  • Is it going to be available on Nook?
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    @rachel - you read the entire thing already?? I am impressed!! Thank you so much for reading! :) :) :)

    @Joanna - Nook? *face embarrassed* I have a confession to make... I'm not very computer savvy. Is Nook like a book download site? I know there must be a way to put it online at Amazon, which in turn would allow people to download it to their readers, but I have no clue how to do that. I started to read the Amazon instructions, and my brain started hurting. It's a miracle I figured out how to post it on, actually. *sighs* This is what happens when a person is old and computer clueless, like me. :D (they need those little face icons on this site!)
  • Nook is the Barnes 'n Noble reader like Kindle. They have lots of free books; I have NO idea how you submit a book or if there's any cost to the author/publisher to do this.
    If the book is available from your link, I'll try that!
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    @Joanna - Yes, if you click on the link on the first post, it will take you to the first chapter of my book. You can then 'pull down' on the upper right hand side of the page to get to the subsequent chapters, or click on the 'next' button, which also takes you to the next chapter. It's about 100,000 words long, which translates into about a 300 page novel, so it's fairly long. It's also written in the style of the 'Anne of Green Gables' books (although not nearly as good!) Each chapter tells its own little story, and moves "Susan's" life forward, so it's not like a book that has one main plot carrying through to the end. Does that explanation make any sense?

    Thank you for agreeing to read it! I appreciate it.


    PS ... I have it posted under a screen name of 'PonyTricks'. This is because I used to like the country/rock group 'Trick Pony' .
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    Bahahaha! no i didnt xD i can read fast but im not that fast lol its a work in progess lol. just reading the first couple of lines i knew it was going to be good
  • This discussion interests me and I do have some ideas to pass along about how to get the book onto Amazon, etc., but this will take me some time as I misplaced the notebook with my notes. Also I'm still recuperating from a terrible bout with gastroenteritis, maybe food poisoning, so can't look now. But I'll be back later. Keep up the good work.
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