Does anyone know any good horse farms/places to visit in Kentucky?

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Someday I would really like to visit Kentucky, but I'm not sure which places would be the best to visit! Definitely Churchill Downs, but where else? I don't think it's possible to visit Zenyatta, right? (That would be THE BEST vacation EVER if that was possible though!) I think you can visit Claiborne Farms, where Secretariat was buried? If anyone knows any other good places, please do share them! Thank you! :) I love Zenyatta!!


  • Three Chimneys is a wonderful place to visit as is Old Friends Retirement also the Kentucky Horse Park. Not only is Secrtetariat buried at Claiborne but many other great champions like Bold Ruler, Buckpasser, Swale and living ones like Blame and Lure.
  • Oh, thank you! :) All of those places sound amazing! I want to go to Kentucky so much!
  • Not possible to visit Zenyatta, unfortunately! However, you must visit WinStar Farm! It's awesome...everyone is super nice and they really appreciate their fans! They are building a new stallion barn that should be ready in November of this year, so I would wait until will have stalls for 20 stallions....Tiznow is there, Col John (my 2 favs) and Super Saver, Distorted Humor, Speightstown, Hold Me Back, Summer Bird..etc.....go to and check it out! I'm a Stablemates member which gives you access to the farm's cool and addictive! I've been able to watch several foals born on the live webcam since January! I just visited there a couple of weeks ago and can't wait to get back!
  • OH! I remember watching Super Saver, and I think I'm a member of that website! Thank you for reminding me about it! That's so cool! I will go check that out!

    And yeah, I know someone that got to pet Zenyatta... They are so lucky... At least we have this wonderful website, and Zenyatta has the most amazing team that updates us with cute photos and videos!! :)
  • You can visit Lane's End, depending on when you will be there. Not all the farms advertise public tours, but if there is one you especially want to visit, give them a call. Old Friends is a must-do, as is the Kentucky Horse Park. I believe you can visit Our Mims by arrangement. If you are a fan of Brass Hat, he is glad to have visitors. There is also the Thoroughbred Center, a training facility owned by Keeneland. They offer tours.

    Again depending on when you are there, try to get to one of the Keeneland meets, or to Churchill Downs for racing. The Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill is worth visiting.
  • Thank you!! :) I will have to look into all of those places! They all sound amazing!
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    gotta echo the sentiments on winstar, been there a couple times, most recently after the bc in 2010, super saver had just gotten there. winstar is very fan friendly. ive been there several times over the years, got to see kris s when he was alive(zenys broodmare sire),,victory gallop right after he was retired..winstar is great. claiborne is good, more for the history of who was there then whos there now. the main cemetary is a must see. my one complaint is that they wont let anyone go to the marchmont cemetary up the road where the likes of easy goer,sir ivor etc i assume are. been treated great as gainesway as well. hill n dale was really great. we went there after hours to visit seattle slews grave. the stallion manager happened to still be there and not only let us see a couple of the stallions(midnight lute,zensational etc) but walked us down to the paddock where theatrical was being hand grazed(he was 28 at the time so not turned loose). old friends as stated before is mandatory as is the KHP. all in all, everytime ive been to ky, ive been treated great, almost without fail, at almost all the farms. some of course are better then others, but even the places i couldnt get into, was extremely polite in telling me i couldnt cant beat a trip to ky
  • What I don't understand about Lane's End and others' policies, is that visits increase the interest in horse racing. It's good for their eventual bottom line. The Mosses open-door policy did wonders and it should be examined at every level.
  • There focus and attention is on breeding season, showing potential studs to mare owners in the spring and foaling out the mares. Come July things slow down a bit and then you can arrange a visit.

    If you own a mare you can visit the stallion complex...

    As Three Chimneys says on there web page since the farm is a working farm no one can pet the stallions. Basically the same attitude here.
    What I don't understand about Lane's End and others' policies, is that visits increase the interest in horse racing. It's good for their eventual bottom line. The Mosses open-door policy did wonders and it should be examined at every level.
  • Initially, I would check each farm's website for tour times and availability. My favorite farms to visit have always been Three Chimneys, Adena Springs, and Lane's End. Ashford Stud is quite gorgeous and staff regularly offer a brief tour of the stallion complex. Some stallions shuttle to other countries during the Southern Hemisphere breeding season, so it's possible those you want to see might not be in KY in our late summer and fall. You must also try and visit Keeneland and "Old Friends" Retirement Haven in Georgetown. The Lexington Convention & Visitors Bureau can give you some great tips on where to visit in Central Kentucky. The same would be for their counterpart in Louisville. Kentucky is a magical and restorative place to visit and I hope you have a great time when you go.
  • If you visit the KY Horse Park make sure to visit Cigar and Funnycide. There are other old studs there. These old guys really put on the show for you.

    Take in the Arabian exhibit too. Gorgeous!!! UK campus is beautiful,see their library!!
    Great crafts to see and buy in Berea. Keenland,yes. Training Track.

    Gosh, have a SUPER time. I LOVE KY!!!! KY is # 1

    You will have a great time.Good food in Lexington downtown.
    Heck, I'd have a blast, staring at those horses in pasture grazing.
  • I live in Lexington and echo the sentiments of everyone on here. I've been to Lane's End twice and had a wonderful time both times. If you're a fan of AP Indy, I'd say it's a must. If you can come in April or October, Keeneland will be racing. Personally, I think Keeneland is a better experience than Churchill Downs. Keeneland is a very special track. On the downside, though, the farms' tours tend to be booked solid when Keeneland is racing and the hotel rates often go up.

    The Kentucky Horse Park is also wonderful. Plus, if you're a fan of collecting model horses (Breyers), Breyerfest comes to the Kentucky Horse Park every summer, July 20-22nd this year. Breyerfest is a fantastic experience.

    Churchill Downs is a fun place to visit, but if you're limited on time, I'd say to focus your visit on Lexington. There's much more to see here, IMHO.
  • Lanes End is wonderful. Visitiing the stallion barn with Lemon Drop Kid, Curlin, AP INDY, etc was the best experience I have had involving horses. Kentucky Derby Museum@Churchill Downs. Also recommend doing the Urnban Bourbon tour downtown and any of the distillery tours.
  • Yes, the distillery tours. 4 Roses is putting out a 12 year old barrel in May!! It makes great egg nog for the holidays.
  • If you go to Kentucky Horse Park (which I recommend) take the Unique Horse Tour. It leaves from the Park. I always call before the vacation and reserve a spot on the tour. Sean Washington is a GREAT guide and goes to several farms and (the 2 times I went) he took us to a farm w/ mares and their new foals - it was great. Don't miss Sean's tour. Just call the Horse Park and make a reservation. (Both times we went to WinStar - don't miss that farm!)

    I also enjoyed Taylor Made. I went to see Eskenderya, and there are so many other great stallions to see. Emily also took me to the mare/foals barn where Pepper's Pride is - very rare for a farm to do that.
  • Kentucky Horse Park is wonderful, lots of horses of every breed plus some wonderful retired stallions, Arabian exhibit and very often they are hosting horse shows. Have always felt very welcome at Lane's End, the stallions are amazing and the staff is wonderful. We watched Wild Again breed one of his last mares before he retired, he was one of the most beautiful TB Stallions ever, black and looked more Arabian than TB. Three Chimneys rides their horses every day, the only farm that does as far as I know. Point Given was brought out and I was asked if I wanted to pet him! We have a picture of that! He was fine and very TALL. By the way when we asked who rode him they said no one, he doesn't really like it! Lane's End we visited recently and while the staff was friendly, it is not as set up for visitors as Three Chimneys.
  • A great place to go for breakfast is the Keeneland track kitchen. It's very low key and inexpensive and the food is good. The best part though is the walls are covered with pictures of all the great horses that have been to Keeneland in the past. And if you go in April or October when the meet is going on, you're liable to run into Todd Pletcher or Bob Baffert or the like. That's where everyone goes for breakfast.
  • When you go to Kentucky you will be in horse heaven! I have only been to Lexington, but I love it so very much! The Kentucky Horse Park is amazing, but we haven't been back since they have expanded and upgraded so much stuff for the World Games back in 2010, so I'm looking forward to seeing those changes next time I'm lucky enough to go. Going to one of the Keeneland race meets is on my bucket list - I've been there just ti see it when they were not racing and it is so very beautiful. The best seafood I have ever eaten was in Lexington also - kinda funny for such a land-locked place, but it was delicious and one of the things I love about many of the restaurants in Lexington is that when the tvs are on - they're showing racing - woohoo!! Something like that never happens in TX - any restaurant or sports bar with tvs has just the usual stuff - so yes, you will enjoy Kentucky!!
  • Kentucky Horse Park was a wonderful surpise when I visited KY 5 years ago. I'll be back at the end of June this year and hope to see Zenyatta. I've emailed about tour dates and am anxious to hear if I can get in. If anyone hears anything about tours starting, please let me know? thanks!! Coming all the way from Albany, NY (1/2 hr from Saratoga!)
  • Kentucky Horse Park was a wonderful surpise when I visited KY 5 years ago. I'll be back at the end of June this year and hope to see Zenyatta. I've emailed about tour dates and am anxious to hear if I can get in. If anyone hears anything about tours starting, please let me know? thanks!! Coming all the way from Albany, NY (1/2 hr from Saratoga!)
    Sorry, but Zenyatta is not on the Lane's End tour. Check their website for dates--IIRC, they don't start giving tours until July. You get to visit the stallions but not the mares.
  • kykydog5- I just looked at this part of the Z forum. Thought I would mention a tip re. visiting horse farms in Kentucky.
    If you are a horse person (meaning you own, show and/or race horses) you might be more successful in visiting farms if you write formal letters of inquiry to the farms you want to visit. That has always worked for me in the past.
    I know others on this site have recommend tours. I cannot speak about those, because I have never been on a " tour" of farms.
    Certainly the Horse Park is a must and focusing around Lexington and Versailles and Paris would be wise.
    However, I would definitely go to Louisville to see Churchill Downs and visit the museum and shop there. It is truly a moving experience, as will be any trip you take
    to the horse country in Kentucky. It is a world unto itself.
    Have a wonderful trip.
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    I don't know how it works now, but a long time ago, I visited Three Chimneys Farm in Midway, KY. We just called the Farm to find out about visiting and they said we could schedule an appointment for a specific horse. We scheduled an appointment for Seattle Slew. Slew was kept in his stall awaiting our arrival. After spending time with him, we then had a private tour around the Farm. We met Slew O' Gold who was in his pasture and saw Chief's Crown from a distance. Rahy was also there as a stud but he wasn't available.

    I think each Farm has different options for visiting. I saw Rachel Alexandra at Monmouth Park in NJ for the Haskell. I would love to meet Zenyatta and was very sorry she never made it to the East Coast. I feel another trip to KY coming on.
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    When I go to Kentucky I call ahead and visit several of the farms. Sometimes they have tours you can go on but mostly I like to go on my own and have one of the grooms take me around. It is wonderful and you get to meet so many champions. Be sure to tip the groom. They are taking time out from their busy day to show you around. But don't go during the breeding season. Wait until August or later and everything will be much more relaxed.
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    Dust Commander’s Old Kentucky Home
    John Asher | July 11, 2013 | The Voice-Tribue
    The sweeping impact of Foster’s beauty and the emotions it generates were on display again late Monday morning in the garden at the Kentucky Derby Museum. Friends, fans and museum visitors gathered there in tribute to Dust Commander, winner of the 1970 Kentucky Derby. Following that ceremony, his remains were buried alongside those of four other Derby heroes: Sunny’s Halo (1983), Carry Back (1961), Swaps (1955) and Brokers Tip (1933).
    The journey of his remains from a Central Kentucky farm to the grounds of the museum was nearly as eventful as the unlikely path that led to his trip to the Kentucky Derby winner’s circle in the Churchill Downs infield.
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    Darby Dan Farm Launches New Tour (VIDEO) June 22, 2014
    Here's some trivia for you:
    What is the only place in the world where you can see the Kentucky Derby trophy, Preakness trophy, a Belmont Stakes platter, the Epsom Derby trophy, a Breeders' Cup Classic statuette, and the World Series trophy - all in one room?

    If you answered "Darby Dan Farm in Lexington, KY" - you win!

    You can visit this incredible collection, now on display at the farm's main house, as part of a new tour created this year. Visitors will also have opportunity to meet 2011 Preakness winner, Shackleford, and Florida Derby winner, Dialed In, on the tour.

    How To Tour
    You can experience Darby Dan Farm yourself, Tuesdays through Saturdays. Admission is $10.
    Contact Tracie Willis,, to schedule your tour.

    Fans of the farm and its horses can find quality Darby Dan merchandise at its new online store
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