St. Nicholas Abbey



  • PU-Nick! Still praying for you!
  • Finally some news! I was wondering about him.
  • And good news to boot! Thinking about St. Nick, and hoping he continues to progress to 100%.
  • KetaKeta Member
    St Nicholas Abbey making progress: O’Brien
    Posted by: AAP+ Filled in: International Horse Racing | 2/8/2013 at 11:36am
    St Nicholas Abbey is continuing to progress along the right lines after having undergone two major operations.
    The six-times Group One winner fractured a pastern on Aidan O’Brien’s Ballydoyle gallops which ended his racing career and developed colic soon after.
    “Everybody is very happy. It’s a day-to-day thing with him,” O’Brien told At The Races.
    “He’s had two massive surgeries and it’s a credit to everybody he’s doing as well as he is.
    “It’s so far, so good. Every week that goes by he’s getting a shorter price to make it.
    “Hopefully everything keeps going well. He’s a magic horse.”
  • Barbaro all over again. I pray and hope a full recovery the Nick.
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    St Nicholas Abbey's road to recovery
    Channel4Racing Published on Aug 2, 2013
    Tom O'Brien, the surgeon at Fethard Equine Hospital overseeing the six-year-old's recovery from a fractured leg, explains the recuperation process.
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    that was about as informative and fascinating as it gets!!,,great video..had no idea he busted himself up that bad..hang in there Nick!!!
  • Wow, that's one heck of an injury, I didn't know it was that bad. Glad they did this for us
  • Thank you for the videos. We are really pulling for St Nicholas Abbey to make a full recovery. Keep improving SNA!
  • Wow! He looks so healthy! And such a sweet face.... So glad to see him a happy horse.
  • Gosh, he looks great. What a beautiful horse.
  • Great vid! PU-Nick!
  • So glad he had wonderful doctors, and is making strides towards full recovery. But his recovery from this injury isn't guaranteed, that's for sure. It will be a long time before they can say he's really out of the woods. I was really glad to see him putting weight on that leg, and moving so well on all four legs. That will help keep the laminitis at bay.
  • Rachel, who's Abbey? Still lighting candles for Nick.
  • Rachel, who's Abbey? Still lighting candles for Nick.
    Rachel and I call St. Nicholas Abbey, "Abbey"... Or at least I do. Because when I see something about NICK in the hospital... I can't help but have a slight heart attack, as "Nick" is also the name of my boyfriend. I've always been a worry worm =)
  • im just going to say St Nicolas Abbey from now on
  • Good idea, but as we said before, you guys can call him anything you want. I just think that it's more respectful to call someone or something, in this case a horse, by it's given name. It would be as if I decided to call Rachel by another name because I liked the name I chose better than the one her parents gave her. By what right do I do that? I just feel that the same respectful courtesy should be extended to everyone, and in this case, everything. It seems the grown-up thing to do. Just my opinion.
  • And on another note, he is a really pretty horse. Like RR12 said, what a sweet face. Love the way he's tearing into the grass. So hope he continues to get better!
  • its a term of endearment, its not disrespectful on my part. im sure he is called Abbey there in Europe as well or Nick or whatever. and i dont care if you want to call me Rach or something short, that goes for everyone on here. i dont mind :) you yourself have called him Nick for short. He's doing better and thats all that matters really
  • yes, I have called him Nick because that's what most people on the blog were calling him. And I will continue to do so. Thank you for your thoughtful response Rachel; its all about respect; as you said. And not to be argumentative, but calling you Rach as a nickname for Rachel is not the same as if I started to call you Gloria because I liked it better. I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from.
  • And as you rightly say, he's doing well, and that's all that really matters.
  • i dont understand what you are saying, the name ST NICOLAS ABBEY has Abbey in it, therefore the reason i say Abbey. its just his name in a short way. Its the same way people call him Nic or Nick. no one is calling him something like SANTA CLAUSE cuz his name for short is St Nic.

    Now, why would u tell me that its better to call him by his full name and then go around and say your going to call him Nick still? i will also still choose to call him Abbey it doesnt matter, we are all posting in this discussion so i think everyone knows who we are talking about.

    Enough with this now, name preference does not matter as long as we are talking about the same horse. i never had a problem with anyone calling St Nicolas Abbey whatever short names. But i wont have someone tell me its better to call him his full name while they turn around and decide to call him a short name.
  • Santa Claus? Darn, that's what I was calling him. LOL Just kidding guys, I couldn't help myself, but I love you both.
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