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Holly you were never as sexy as Anita or Delilah. You invented the Breeders' Cup but Anita lured her away. And Delilah is always wearing that bikini. But you have so much more heart. You've been such a gracious host, my home away from home, my place to escape. You always tried hard and it's effort that counts. I want to thank all the really friendly people who worked for you. There was never an upper-crust attitude. Holly, you were a place for all to enjoy. You were a track for those who really loved the game, and those people will be there to say good bye.

I'm not exaggerating when I say this, you will always be my favorite sporting event. Because nothing beats a day on Century and Prarie.

Thanks for all the thrills.


  • Well said markinsac!
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    It's 3 am on the west coast. Hard to believe HP has just 13 hours of life left. I'm getting up, I can't sleep no more. This is going to be a long day.

    Weatherwize, it's supposed to be 68 degrees and clear today.

    Budgetwize, with an 11-race card and many simulcasts, the goal is to last until 5:45 pm, the time of the finale. My game plan is to play some of the simulcasts which start at 10:18 am until the first live race at 12:30. Then I'll try to just focus on the Hollywood races. I want to watch some of the races at different vantage points.

    My attendance projections for Friday, Saturday and Sunday were 5k, 12k and 37k. So far the actual crowds were exacty half of what I projected.

    Hard to believe markinsac as being optimistic!

    Time to start getting ready . . .
  • Paniolo, it's 1:30 in Hawaii. You still up?
  • Heading to bed soon! Was busy doing work on my project and gift wrapping.
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    Let me tell you folks, after the races on Friday, I went to check out the light rail station at Crenshaw and 120th street. One of the casinos has a bus shuttle stop there. I ended up seeing three casino busses getting ready to whisk Inglewood people away. I have mentioned before of casino busses also in Arcadia. After doing some research, the casinos even have a bus leaving from the city of commerce, which is home of LA's biggest card room.

    Do you see how these casinos have marketed their product? They go into cities that already have gamblers and steal them away. I don't blame the casinos for doing this. It's shrewd, but it's business.

    At the most recent CHRB meeting they talked about stabling issues etc. When are they going to start talking about customers? They need a plan to start developing new customers and a plan for retaining current ones.

    If you go to Pechenga Casinos website and find their bus schedule, you will see a vast network of busses sweeping the Southern California area daily. Most of these busses run twice a day. And the customer not only doesn't have to pay for gas, but they get freeplay when they get to the casino.

    Racing's strategy is to not change anything. Charge for admission. Charge for parking. Charge for a racing form. And a couple of years ago, the CHRB raised the takeout.

    If you're going to Hollywood Park today, after the races drive over to that light rail stop and observe the casinos in action.

    Then you will realize why HP is closing down.

    Racing doesn't know how to compete.

    Because racing doesn't have a clue.
  • Paniolo, I was at the 99 cent store yesterday. I ran into Rachel Alexandra. She was Christmas shopping.
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    If you are in Los Angeles today come join us. Admission is $10. But if you come to early bird wagering you get in free. The last race is scheduled at 5:30 pm. If you're not much of a gambler but want to be there for the ending, I believe they also let people in for free after 4pm. But I'm not sure on that. Call their customer service line at 310-419-1549. And somebody always answers the phone there. Santa Anita gives you a recording.

    If possible, come in from Manchester or Prarie, Century has a lot of holiday airport traffic.
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    Paniolo, I was at the 99 cent store yesterday. I ran into Rachel Alexandra. She was Christmas shopping.
    I heard Rachel Alexandra was caught taking money from poor Tinker the volunteer Salvation Army bell ringer...sigh!
    Image Hosted by

    And this is what Rachel put together for her holiday attire! LOL!
    Image Hosted by

    Good night markinsac. Closing up shop now.
  • Thanks for the laughs, good morning in the lower 48.
  • I'm ready to go. It takes three hours to gussy me up.

    I just opened up the LA Times and buried on page 10 of the sports page at the bottom is a tiny 5-paragraph article about Hollywood Park's last day.

    Hey LA Times, back in the day Hollywood Park used to sell your pathetic newspaper. And this is all the respect you give?

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    Just a couple of years ago at a CHRB meeting at Hollywood Park, the CHRB voted to raise the takeout on the bettors. When the director announced that the takeout was approved, the horsemen cheered loudly.

    Today at the same place we say goodbye.

    They just don't get it.

    In New York, NYRA just announced an increase in admissions at Belmont and Saratoga. Of course admission at Aqueduct will remain free because it has a casino.

    They just don't get it.
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    On Friday I noticed that the bench seats in the upper deck were still filfthy. It's a shame management couldn't clean them up. If the crowd is big enough today, they will be needed.

    As I speak, the freeways are amazingly clear. Come on down.

    My dad is guessing the crowd will be only 15,000. I'm sticking with 37,000.

    There's a pick-six carryover of 122k with a mandatory payout because it's closing day forever.

    Hollywood's fall meet sure was robust on stakes races. Sometimes Eclipse awards were won here in the Matriarch, Hollywood Turf Cup, Hollywood Startlet and Hollywood Futurity.

    Next year they'll be at Los Alamitos.

    Reality check!
  • Here already, talking to old timers and the past. Everybody says it's so sad. I talked to a few employees and they are sad too.

    Look, this place caters to its bettors. If you get here early and play the east coast races you don't have to pay admission. And these bettors are some of your most valuable customers because they bet a lot of races. At Santa Anita, you can't get onto the grounds until 10:30, which is strange because the first simulcast race goes off at 10:18.

    Go figure? Is that catering to your customers?

    Also here at Hollywood Park they have individual tv screens showing the win, place and show pools not only from Hollywood Park but from EVERY track they simulcast. At Santa Anita, forget it!
  • With 20 minutes to post time, there's a big crowd here. I've already seen two ladies crying. I haven't cried yet.
  • Whats the crowd number?
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    Rachel, the crowd is arriving late. My best guess right now is 23,000. There are a lot of people who are here for the first time. I've been assisting them as they don't know how to buy a betting voucher . Too bad race tracks have virtually no info for beginners. The betting lines are becoming super long. They way under staffed.
  • The crowd keeps coming in. There's a lot of ladies here. Too bad Santa Anita reps weren't here because today is a great marketing day. The parking lot is getting fuller and fuller. I'm now guessing 30,000
  • Betting on the 6th race was strong. The mutuel pool was $383,000.
  • The parking lot is completely full from century all the way up Prarie to the length of the grandstand. They DID SHOW UP!
  • I'm standing on the roof. They cut a hole in the upper deck. You walk up some stairs. This is quite a memory.
  • I'm standing on the roof. They cut a hole in the upper deck. You walk up some stairs. This is quite a memory.
  • Two races to go . . . Damn
  • Savor it Marc, for i shall never be able to know what its like. Thank god for the internet and photo sharing...
  • Ty rachel
  • It's now dark. The last two will go under the lights. Some people are leaving but more are coming in. For the most part, they are staying till the end.
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