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Here is the reason why Groupie Doll's owners are selling her. Saw this on the official Groupie Doll and Brass Hat facebook page. We would like everyone to know that the decision to sell Groupie Doll has been very difficult. The four partners fully agree our best and only reasonable choice is to sell. We studied, discussed and debated all other options before making the final decision. For emotional and sentimental reasons, we would love to keep her and raise her babies ourselves. However, we are unable to do so. We have been blessed to have bred, raised, owned and trained Groupie Doll, but we also realize that selling her will allow us to remain active in the thoroughbred business. We look forward to her next two races for our team and hope she will win another Championship this year. The ride she has already given us has been our thrill of a lifetime in the sport of thoroughbred racing.
Fred Bradley, Buff Bradley, Carl Hurst and Brent Burns


  • Bless their hearts. What a difficult decision, but if they were able to, "bred, raise, own and train Groupie Doll" why would it be impossible to "bred, raise, own and train her offspring?" Just wondering.
  • Bless their hearts. What a difficult decision, but if they were able to, "bred, raise, own and train Groupie Doll" why would it be impossible to "bred, raise, own and train her offspring?" Just wondering.
    My guess would be money since they are a small farm.
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    read that by selling her...they could afford to maintain all the rest of their horses...
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  • Congratulations and a fond farewell from racing to a wonderful Champion.

    "I love her going out a winner," said Buff Bradley of his longtime stable star. "

    Bradley said this being Groupie Doll's last start was not a bittersweet moment for him.

    "I know she's going to have a good life. Mandy is going to take good care of her and I can see her whenever I want. I'm just happy with the career she's had. You know she's got to move on at some point. I wish she could keep racing this year, then retire, but I understand the business part of it. She got to stay around another year, and now she's a winner as a 6-year-old. That's something on her resume too."

    I can't wait to see your speedy babies on the track.
  • The Doll was spectacular! Loved to see her finish that chapter of her book in style.
  • She could not have run a better race. She looked so at ease. Great ending to her racing career.
  • she got a 100 beyer speed figure for that race
  • upon the race replay Mandy Pope got to lead her into the winners circle
  • Such a wonderful ending to her racing career. On to new things!
  • I'm glad her former owners can go see her whenever they want. It seems important to them. Clearly they love her.
  • THATS how you end a career..perfect ending for her..may she live a long life at timber town
  • Amen to that! That's how you end a career. Long life and happy to "the Doll".
  • I'm so happy she ended up with Mandy Pope and will have a very nice life in an awesome group of broodmares. Can you imagine the foals Ms. Pope will be having in the future? Wow! Congratulations to all of her connections that she won this race - looked like just for fun and with ease and she can go now into her second career. Beautiful!
  • So DRF+ headline reads that Groupie is to stay in florida for a bit before she heads back to the farm to be bred
  • If I had a choice to be let down in Florida or Kentucky during the winter, I would pick Florida. Nothing against Kentucky, but it's a lot more comfortable in southern Florida right now - plus she earned it. I'm sure the barn is happy to have her around for a while too.
  • Yup
  • I would hope that Mandy and farm management would give Doll some downtime before breeding, but maybe not much if they want a foal for 2015. It is getting on into serious breeding time about now for early '15 babies. I just keep thinking of the great care that Lanes End took with Zenny after she left the bright lights.
  • She doesn't need let-down time as much as Zenyatta did. From the time she entered Shirreff's barn to the time she left for Kentucky, Z was at the track. Groupie Doll, on the other hand, has had long stretches where she was turned out at her previous owner's farm in Frankfort. She was out for a good chunk of last year, hanging with her buddy Brass Hat. Anyway, the sheds are just now opening in the next week or two. She can have a month or two off and still be bred for a reasonably early foal.
  • Thanks for the info, lauraj. I wasn't really into what the Doll's schedule was while on the main stage. And since mares have a pretty long gestation, they do get somewhat of a 'rest' while the bun is in the oven.
  • The Swan Song

  • NICE!
  • Hope she has a happy life as a broodmare "down on the farm."
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