Trainers under Investigation & Suspended

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The purpose of this Discussion is to bring a central point for trainers who are being investigated.
And for those trainers and staff whose licenses have been suspended on any level.
Sources can come from Facebook, Twitter, print, video, audio media.


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    PETA Accuses Two Trainers of Cruelty to Horses
    By JOE DRAPE The New York Times March 19, 2014
    Over a 26-year career, the trainer Steve Asmussen has built one of horse racing’s largest and most successful operations. He ranks second in career victories, with more than 6,700; has earned more than $214 million in purses, the fifth most in thoroughbred racing; and was recently included on the National Museum of Racing’s Hall of Fame ballot.
    But People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, after conducting an undercover investigation, has accused Asmussen and his top assistant trainer, Scott Blasi, of subjecting their horses to cruel and injurious treatments, administering drugs to them for nontherapeutic purposes, and having one of their jockeys use an electrical device to shock horses into running faster. As a result of its findings, PETA filed complaints with federal and state agencies in Kentucky and New York on Tuesday, saying Asmussen “forced injured and/or suffering horses to race and train.”
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    Joe Drape tweet Wed. March 19 2014
    PETA Accuses Asmussen of Cruelty to Horses;
    10 complaints to state & feds
    video among documentation
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    It is important to know what is being said and who is saying it.
    This is given extra credibility by lots of people because it is published in The New York TImes.
    For horse racing, this could not come at a worse time-just before the Triple Crown races.
    There are many who will say-I told you so=this is what racing is really all about.
    Still waiting to sift through all the information.
    Ahmed Zayat and Zayat Stables tweeted his distress at reading this.
    Many of the racing community seemed stunned by this when you read the tweets.
    Be prepared for questions & comments from family and friends.
    This is not the news I wanted to share.
    This is not the news I ever wanted to read.
    As Casey said, " Yes, there are bad trainers, grooms, jockeys, owners.
    But there are bad people in every facet of life."
  • Yay Keta, you are wonderful!!! Of course, I didn't attempt to start this, because I never have started one before and I guess I'm too lazy to try. Sorry! Thank you for starting this thread.
  • I saw on twitter that Mr. Zayat has scratched all his Asmussen horses pending investigation. I have no link, but it's all over twitter. Also, Hall of Fame has removed Asmussen from ballot. Rachel put the link under breaking news.
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    You are welcome!
    Hugs, keta
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    Esther Marr ‏The Blood-Horse tweet on Thurday March 20 2014
    PETA Probe story updated with full statements from
    NTRA, TOBA, RMTC, and The Jockey Club

    Report: PETA Probe Alleges Cruelty to Horses
    By Blood-Horse Staff March 20, 2014 9:08 AM
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    Zayat Scratches Asmussen-Trained Horses
    By Ron Mitchell and Tom LaMarra The Blood-Horse March 21, 2014
    Prominent owner Zayat Stables has directed the scratching of all of the stable's horses entered for this weekend's races under the name of trainer Steve Asmussen.

    The action by Zayat is the first major fallout from the March 20 publication of a New York Times article based on a 2013 undercover investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals within the Asmussen operation.

    In a Tweet, Zayat Stable's Justin Zayat said the action to scratch the horses was "pending further investigation from our side with these matters."

    Ahmed Zayat said in a text message that he was traveling early the morning of March 21 and would issue a statement later in the day.

    According to Equibase, Zayat had entered two horses trained by Asmussen over the weekend, both March 23—Skinny in the second race at Fair Grounds Racing & Slots and Selway in the second at Oaklawn Park.

    Hall of Fame trainer D. Wayne Lukas has two Zayat-owned horses entered March 22 at Oaklawn—Gridlock in the seventh and Brewing in the featured Gazebo Stakes.

    The Jockey Information Systems shows Zayat and Asmussen have teamed for at least nine stakes since 2007, including with grade I winner Justin Phillip and grade II winners J Be K, Prayer for Relief, and Soul Warrior.

    Information reported by PETA and included in the Times story alleges over-medication of and cruelty to horses, as well as use of electrical devices on them.

    The newspaper said it wrote the story on the condition it not publish the name of the investigator, who is said to have worked for trainer Steve Asmussen and his assistant, Scott Blasi, for four months at Churchill Downs and Saratoga Race Course.

    Prominently mentioned in the Times article was Zayat-owned Nehro, who was known to have hoof issues and reportedly died from colic on the way to an equine hospital the day of last year's Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (gr. I) at Churchill.

    Asmussen is on this year's ballot for induction in the National Museum of Racing's Hall of Fame.

    The PETA investigator also alleged Asmussen employed undocumented workers and encouraged use of false documents, according to the Times.

    "It is certainly a surprise to Mr. Asmussen and Mr. Blasi that anyone would deceptively get a job and keep surveillance and their notes on their conduct for the agenda of others," Asmussen and Blasi's attorney, Clark Brewster, told the Times. "They will reserve comment with regard to any accusations until they have had the opportunity to fully review them. Then they will respond factually."

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    Zayat Orders Asmussen-Trained Horses Scratched (Same headline. Different Source)

    TDN (Thoroughbred Daily News) Updated: 10:46 AM ET (First posted: 10:41 AM ET)

    Owner Ahmed Zayat has instructed his son Justin to scratch all Zayat-owned horses under the care of trainer Steve Asmussen, according to a Tweet from the younger Zayat this morning.
    "I (have) been directed by @jazz3162 to inform the stewards to scratch all Zayat horses entered for this wekeend under the care of Steve Asmussen," the Tweet read. Zayat went on to say that those horses were Selway at Oaklawn on Sunday, and Skinny, entered at the Fair Grounds on Sunday. "Pending further investigation from our side with these matters," the Tweet concluded.
    The scratches come in the wake of a story in Thursday's New York Times which detailed an undercover investigation carried out in Asmussen's barn in 2013 by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Two of the story's revelations came via videotaped conversations of assistant trainer Scott Blasi discussing the poor condition of the Zayat-owned Nehro's feet with a blacksmith, and a profanity-laced tirade in which Blasi blamed Zayat for keeping the horse in training.

    The elder Zayat denied any knowledge of Nehro's feet issues, telling the TDN yesterday, “I am emotionally distraught about this,” said Zayat. “It’s horrifying. I haven’t slept. I can tell you my heart is bleeding. I knew zero--zero--about Nehro having a foot problem. We never heard about this. I was around this horse every day and we knew nothing about this. This is insanity. I’m trying to understand this craziness that’s going on. It’s mind boggling.”
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    Statement from the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame:
    Friday March 21, 2014
    "Based on pending investigations by the New York State Gaming Commission and the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission into allegations made by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and reported by various media outlets,
    the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame has decided it is in the best interests of the institution and the sport of thoroughbred racing in general to table
    the 2014 Hall of Fame nomination of trainer Steve Asmussen."
  • i feel like DRF is reporting the trainer on purpose

    Countess Twice, Asmussen-Brewster runner, gets caught on the wire by Canela Rose (7-1). M Esquivel for Pat Kelly.
  • Racing manager for Winchell: No decision yet if horses, incl #KyDerby Tapiture + #KyOaks Untapable, stay w/ Asmussen

    Winchell racing manager David Fiske: "We’ll assess the situation, do what’s best for us; not entirely sure what that is at the moment."
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    He has to be under not just a microscope but a huge electronic microscope.
  • Rach and Keta.. No kidding....BIG microscope. All the trainers better be watching their respective Ps and Qs.
  • this is the most we've seen asmussen in the news in a long time lol
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    In today's 4th at AQU Countess Twice runs for Asmussen and owner Clark Brewster, who is Asmussen's attorney in PETA case.
  • I guess his attempt to fly under the radar didn't work :))))

  • Gee, you ladies must not read my threads. I've been reporting him as a goat for a couple of years now . . .
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    Gary Stevens is catching a lot of flack on his facebook page. Calvin Borel is also allegedly part of the 'buzzer squad.'
  • im not sure about that part cuz we dont know when that conversation took place, buzzers were allowed a long time ago but now are illegal
  • i think its just the fact that theyve used them legally or not that is the shocker
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    Gee, you ladies must not read my threads. I've been reporting him as a goat for a couple of years now . . .
    Congratulations. I checked your thread early this morning and went directly into overwhelm. You seem to be quite prolific in your posting. Do you have journalistic credentials? Otherwise, why would someone who doesn't know you simply take your word for anything? Personally, I would make a mental note, but beyond that there's not much to be said or done. I'm not an official of any kind nor do I know any. I'm also new to this forum.

    As an aside, try to spell my name correctly next time....if there is a next time. You butchered it pretty badly in the other thread when you gave me a 'set down' about not posting anymore PETA stuff in that thread. I don't sit on this computer all day and keep track of every thread so my apologies for going where, apparently, angels have begun fearing to tread if they intend to use the letters P-E-T-A.
  • It's OK Kalar. Take a deep breath.
    I agree Rachel...the fact that buzzers (?) were legally used EVER is a shocker. But then again I recently found out that some committee in our very own federal government actually considered the idea of blowing up the moon just to see if they could. Makes one's head spin.
  • This made me laugh

    @horseracinghl @BklynBckstretch @JohnGDooley No sign of Blasi in winner's circle I'm told.

  • Kalar, that's all about nothing, I was being sarcastic. The other posters know my sense of humor, or I'd like to think I have a sense of humor. I've been around the race tracks for 40 years, mainly as a bettor, but groomed harness horses for about two years too. That doesn't mean I know everything. These fine horse lovers have taught me a thing or two about horses too. And it's been way too long since I've even touched a horse.
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