Video of Zenny's Baby Bump!

Crazy4ZCrazy4Z Member
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I happened to wander to the video section of this site and found two I haven't seen before. One was taken in March and is titled Z And Her Baby Bump and another shows Coz drinking water from a hose at LE last August. Check them out if you haven't already!


  • Thanks for the heads up Crazy4Z. I hadn't seen those videos before, they're cute!
  • Loved those videos. Wish there were some videos of 13Z. He sure didn't get the attention from Team Zenyatta that Coz did.
  • KalarKalar Member
    edited April 2014
    Yes, please, let us see some video of 13z! Pretty please!! The video of Z and the baby bump is cute. She surely does seem to love her 'mud packs'. heh heh
  • I think that happens with the first child in a family too. The parents just get busier and busier.
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