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  • California Chrome – After overcoming a slight stumble at the start, and racing in tight the first hundred yards, he remain composed and went on to press a swift opening quarter while two wide around the first bend. The tempo slowed down a touch through the half and he enjoyed a nice pressing trip down the back stretch. Rounding the far turn he made his move on his own and took over with ease without being asked yet. Entering the stretch he took off under a hand ride and demolished the field while being geared down late. It was a truly awesome performance. He answered the distance question in my eyes and leaves California for Kentucky as a legit Derby favorite, and has a huge chance to be draped in roses on May 3rd
  • He goes off at 2-1 in Louisville
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    Are necropsies a normal procedure following the death of racehorses? I wouldn't think it would be, but I don't know for sure. I don't understand how they could determine where the x-factor mutation began (Pocahontas), but I'm not a scientist.
  • Sham-- who's heart was large-- his dam was a daughter of Princequillo just like Somethingroyal.
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    Yup he did, his heart was very large but still not as large as secretariats

    Paniolo_Gal has informed me that there is no X Factor gene per se; just horses with larger hearts for whatever random reason.
    It is considered a mutation and not an abnormal one but a very positive one. Heart perfectly normal, just huge. It was supposedly traced back to a mare by the name of Pocahontas. How they can figure that out is beyond me, but that's what 'they' say.

  • Let's not forget that Z13 is bred very similar to California Chrome. Here's hoping that, that cross has a lot of success in the future. :)
  • Great pics! I'm reminded of something Penny Chenery said about Secretariat that "He was too pretty. There had to be a flaw somewhere. God doesn't put everything into one package." :D Love CC! Looking at those pics of CC, I'm reminded that approximately 90% of today's thoroughbreds can be traced back to the Darley Arabian. CC seems to have a touch of Arabian in the shape of his head....or is that my imagination? And wouldn't it be something if he has the large heart?? Wow!
    I noticed the same thing about his head Kalar. I think the way he arches his neck when he walks makes it stand out. :)

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    Making his home at our little bush track in Los Alamitos...well not really a bush track but definitely not Hollywood Park. Saw my first horse race at Los Al….when Kaweah Bar, known as the Palomino Express, was racing.

  • Cali Chrome gettin a bath after his jog this morning at Los Al

  • Cali Chrome on the track at Los Al

  • Pretty boy!
  • Very pretty! And appears he can do a little 'soft shoe' dance, so we know he may have a future in show biz if all else fails...LOL!
  • He's such a gorgeous horse. I think Zenny would give him a second (and third look.)
  • He's such a gorgeous horse. I think Zenny would give him a second (and third look.)
    I agree, I think she would like him. He's also very sturdy looking.

  • Gorgeous!
  • Looking at this picture, I daresay that Cali Chrome has a rather Alydar look to him.
  • Here's an article I found about California Chrome. It also talks about Wicked Strong's performance in the Wood.
  • I am King
  • image

  • Everyone, check this out:


  • A shot of his win in the SA derby, just look at that! Ears and head as perky as a bunny:

  • He is just simply gorgeous. And I love his chestnut freckle in his blaze; can't be mistaken for anybody else!
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