Zenny's Mom, Vertigineux

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Does anyone know if Zenny's mom, Vertigineux, is in foal to Street Cry? I believe the breeding last year didn't take and they were going to try again this year.


  • No idea. Anyone who knows please respond, I would love to know the answer to that question. I love Z's mom. LOL.
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    Good photo of Vertigineux in this article!
    Catching up with Silverbulletday and Vertigineux
    21 Apr 2011 2:43 PM
    Several Blood-Horse projects have kept me on the go recently, including photo shoots with mares Silverbulletday and Vertigineux and a handicapping webinar called How to Bet: A Beginner’s Guide for Thoroughbred Racing. If you are new to betting or just need a refresher check this out.
    Vertigineux was named the 2011MarketWatch Broodmare of the Year. She now resides at Ashford Stud near Versailles, Ky. I photographed the great mare nearly three years ago at Winter Quarter Farm. She then was sold and moved to Ashford Stud, where broodmare manager Bob Davis oversees her daily care.
    “She’s an easy mare to work with,” said Davis, who noted that even as a 16-year-old she is fit and strong. Vertigineux’s 2011 foal is a Henrythenavigator filly born on April 2. The mare produced a full sister, now a yearling, in 2011
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    stunning photos of vertigineux's at 16 years old she look great and healthy love ya vertigineux xoxoxo.
  • Thanks for posting. Great pictures. What a handsome family!
  • Now I see where Prince gets his looks from, its from his Granny, the star on his fore head is exactly like hers and the same star on her young foal by Henrythenavigator. Waoh.
  • You are so right...Zenny's mom is still a beauty and "Prince" looks a lot like her. But then, Zenny also looks like her fabulous mom.
  • I love Vertigeneaux. I wish I could see some recent photos of Eblouissante. She is also a beauty.
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    Ebby is giving Ann a kiss or checkkng out BabyZ's first halter on the current blog page...photo by Mr Moss...I think its wonderful they visit her in Barn 55...since she is not theirs...but she is Z's half sis....she just also BabyZ's half sis..Bernie is her dad too
  • Ebby is 12Z's Auntie Sis.
  • My, she is a beauty! Zenny certainly looks a lot like her mom.
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    I love Vertigeneaux. I wish I could see some recent photos of Eblouissante. She is also a beauty.
    friend me on facebook, and you can see pics I took of her on the 16th- casey phillips
  • Backside 55‏ shared an article on Twitter that is a Must Read for Zenyatta & family fans!!
    This article is a great fix for all of the Zenyatta/Vertigineux/Eblouissante lovers amongst us (that should cover…
    Fond memories of Zenyatta’s family
    By Glenye Cain Oakford Posted 8/5/2010, 1:53 pm
    LEXINGTON, Ky. − It’s fitting that Don Robinson was the first human to put a hand on Zenyatta. As owner of Winter Quarter Farm, where the great mare was foaled on April Fool’s Day in 2004, Robinson has handled three generations of Zenyatta’s family for breeder Eric Kronfeld, starting with Zenyatta’s granddam, For the Flag, in the mid-1980s.
    What Robinson remembers most about Zenyatta’s birth is that he was nervous about it.
    “I was kind of concerned about it, because she was a big mare,” he said of Zenyatta’s dam, the towering Kris S. mare Vertigineux. “I was more anxious than I was for most foalings.”
    Vertigineux tended to produce large foals, always a worry for breeders because they can cause tears and other complications.
    Robinson, 62, needn’t have worried; Zenyatta’s arrival was uneventful. Her career, by contrast, has been anything but. Looking back over the 25 years he has known her family, Robinson says he and Kronfeld knew there was good quality in Zenyatta’s bloodlines.
    Today, Vertigineux is a broodmare of the year, the dam of a champion in Zenyatta and a multiple Grade 1 winner in Balance. But on April 1, 2005, Kronfeld and Robinson’s faith in Vertigineux hadn’t been borne out yet in past performance lines and win pictures.
    Keta Note: Yes, this is from 2010. But, so much good stuff thought it worth sharing again.
    Hava a great Monday!!
  • Don Robinson Talks About Zenyatta as a Young Horse at Winter Quarter Farm.
    at THE SATURDAY POST. November 15th, 2010 § 39
    Fairy tales often begin when a seemingly ordinary life takes a magical twist and ventures toward a fabled outcome.

    Keta Note: The article is a Q & A session. Here is an excerpt
    JW: How would you describe Zenyatta’s personality as a young girl?
    DR: As a young girl, Zenyatta was very personable.
    Zenyatta was full of spirit, but she was reasonable. She had a sister before her, a really good filly, named Balance. Balance was very flighty. She was a great race horse, not as good as Zenyatta of course, but Balance was hard to handle. You always had to be thinking ahead of her.
    Zenyatta had that sort of energy, but was much more reasonable. You could sort of talk to her and she understood you. Thoroughbreds can be very spirited and fiery, but the good ones tend to have a good mind.

    A huge thank you to Ann Maree for sharing this! Here is part of her comments on it.I'm going to piggy back on Keta's retrospective from the TVG printing of the article, which quotes Don Robinson. Jennifer Wirth-Ice's old blog (she no longer updates it, but it's still up to look up old articles) had a wonderful interview she did with Robinson just before the BCC10. I love reading this because of his early history with Zenny and her entire family
  • Casey, is there any other way I can see more of your photos? I'm not on facebook and just love your stuff. Thanks!
  • Great article, love anything about our gorgeous Zenyatta
  • Keta Note: Like mother, like daughter!
    VERTIGINEUX – July 2, 1999
    NYRA video Published on Dec 15, 2012
    At the time, this race at Belmont Park seemed to be pretty typical. However, with the passage of time it has become quite noteworthy.
    The winner, Vertigineux, went on to produce superstar Zenyatta.
    Runner-up Ruthian is no slouch – she’s the dam of millionaire Rutherienne.

    Thanks Ann Maree for finding this!
  • The filly shown with Vertigineaux has the family ears! She looks promising in the photo where she is running next to her mom.

  • How cool to see Vertigineux's race! Thanks!
  • I think Vertigineux got her big ears from her sire, Kris S. His ears seem big as well.
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    Now that I think of it....EVERYONE we see in that family looks like Kris S. .....The long face, the big ears, the massive shoulder, the long neck....They all get it from him. Ebby is even the same color he is!
  • V is so much bigger than Ruthian. You can see that Z got her size from her mom's side of the family.
  • Now that I think of it....EVERYONE we see in that family looks like Kris S. .....The long face, the big ears, the massive shoulder, the long neck....They all get it from him. Ebby is even the same color he is!
    You're right. I've heard this very fact mentioned in several articles about Zenny.

  • Speaking of Kris S, Old Friends has two of his sons in Prized and You and I. Both are beauties.
  • Remember Uncle Mo? Kris S is his grt-grandsire on dam's side.
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