July Birthdays- Happy Birthday Mrs. Moss!

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A Birthday Poem for Ann Moss
(July 14, 2012)

Dearest Ann,
I hope you’ll today feel as divinely fine
As you made Judy Gadwood feel
At the Lady’s Secret 2009
As Judy to us did reveal—
That was when you Judy
With her Queen Zenyatta poster did see,
And, after Z’s thrilling victory
Where Z at the finish outran
The gallant St. Trinians,
Judy did out of the blue
On her shoulder receive
A light tap of your hand,
And you made her feel so grand
As you proceeded her to invite
Into the winner’s circle with you--
What a marvelously kind thing to do!
And similarly imagine my own delight
When recently
At Hollywood Park
As you awaited in the paddock
The arrival of Sister Moon,
You soon did approach
Our little Z-ster flock
Gathered at the rail
And ---be still my heart!!—
ME with birthday salutations
So graciously did hail!
My heart indeed leapt for joy!
We did then ourselves avail
Of this opportunity
The subject to broach
About a name for Zenny’s darling boy,
Of whom we’re all so fond,
And you generously did respond
With some of the many details
The selection will entail.
We excitedly do wait
To know which name will prevail!
Dearest Ann, we want to thank you
For all that you are
And all that you do—
You are in so many a way
A bright shining star!
In closing I wish to convey
Our sincerest wishes for you today
To have a most splendid birthday,
And we pray
You’ll enjoy love, health and happiness
For forever and a day!


  • Happy belated July 12 birthday to Keta Hagen! I'm sorry I missed it, Keta!
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    Happy Birthday to the Queen's (human) mom! Thanks for all you do for Zenyatta's fans (animal and human)!
  • Thank you so much for the care and love you have given to Zenyatta and her son. Wish there were more people like you and your husband, Happy Birthday!
  • Belated Happy Birthday, Ann! You have to be the worlds sweetest and greatest owner, and so generous with Zenyattas' fans!
  • Happy Birthday, Ann Moss! We so appreciate your continuing to share beautiful Zenyatta with us! Thanks a million for that and have a great year!
  • Hope your special day was just that: very special. I add my voice to the choir of thank yous for loving your horses and appreciating their worth beyond dollar signs. Thank you for loving and spoiling Zenyatta and Baby Z12. Finally, thank you for the happiness you give to all of us.
    High hooves all around, Mrs. Moss!!!!
    Take care,
    Mary in Boone
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    Belated Happy Birthday Mrs. Moss! I hope you had a great day.
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    I second all of the above. Happy Birthday (and Bastille Day, too) to Ann Moss. Your sign is Cancer. That explains everything--your warmth and caring, especially.

    Best wishes for a great year to follow.

  • Sorry to be late to the party, but that means you can keep on celebrating - Happy Birthday to our beloved Ann Moss!!
  • Happy Birthday, Mrs Moss. Thank you for the gift you've given all of us.
  • Happy Birthday, Mrs. Moss. You are one in a million and much loved by all Zenny's fans.
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    Happy happy happy Birthday, Mrs Moss- you have graced us with your kindness, your abundant love for our Queen, and have allowed all of us to feel as if we are a part of your extended family! I hope you have a good visit with the Queen and Prince for your birthday!
  • Dear Dear Ann, thank you for being the kind and gentle person you are. Your generosity has given so many so much by allowing Zenyatta into our lives and ours into hers. We are Cancers together, mine the 8th. Interesting. I hope your day was as wonderful as you are. May you have many many more and I hope to see you again at one of Zenyatta's celebrations. I love the picture of you laying in the hay with 12Z. So so sweet. You are a very special person.
    Love hugs and kisses to you on your special day
  • oops forgot to sign the above
    Love hugs and kisses from Triaha-VA
  • candicandi Member
    Belated happy birthday Ann Moss and have a good health and happiness,your a beautiful woman inside and out, thank you for Zenny and 12Z.
  • ArleneArlene Member
    I extend to you a belated happy birthday. Many, many thanks for sharing your beautiful Zenyatta and her darling Z12 with us. Love & Hugs, Arlene
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