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  • Hi Carol, that was funny. Great minds! That is one of my favorite Steve Haskin articles of all time.
  • Anyway, just to answer the other questions, I think Easy Goer was better than Sunday Silence. I tend to have some unpopular opinions (Bernardini would have beaten Barbaro, I completely disagree with the Zenyatta vs the Best video on YouTube)

    - Easy Goer ran 8 winning Triple Digit Beyers in 1 year, 5 of them consecutively (110, 118, 119, 110, 122, 121, 115, 120)
    - Absolutely SHATTERED Secretariat's track and stakes record in the Gotham Stakes (by a full second if memory serves me correctly, and if Secretariat isn't a yardstick for greatness, then I don't know what is)
    - Easy Goer ran all of these historic races(most of them with well over 100 runnings) in the Top 1 to Top 5 all time fastest runnings: Belmont Stakes, Gotham, Travers, Whitney, Suburban, Champagne, including this fastest mile of all time by any 3 yr old in 1:32:2, second fastest Belmont of all time behind Secretariat, and in addition to running the fastest 7f of the year in Florida & right on the track record at 6.5f as a 2 yr old.

    Not to mention, Easy Goer had a hatred for the sloppy track at Churchill that day.

    I take nothing away from Sunday Silence. He was amazing, he was FANTASTIC, and he was one of the greatest we'll ever see.

    Remember that this is just my opinion, and we all have our own. I'm only about to turn 16, so forgive me if some of my opinions seem a bit invalid. :) I still have much to learn.

    All good points!

    I can't agree with you [except on the Zenyatta vs the Best video] but I won't try to argue you off your point of view on this.

    Thank you for understanding Zenyen, we'll agree to disagree. :) That's what I love about opinions, we can all have our own. I don't fault you for disagreeing with me.

    But despite seeing my boy lose by a nostril in the race, the 89 Preakness is probably my favorite race of all time!
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    I was thinking that Shadowofthewire has done her research.....we are all ages and far flung here...some like me came late to Z's world ....and we like to speak our minds...and mostly are good enough to let everyone else speak theirs...
  • I can't say because that was just one race on the card. I don't have info on the other races raced that day at Aqueduct. For those of you who don't understand, a "speed bias" is a track condition that favors front runners over closers. Santa Anita's current dirt track is usually speed biased.

    But it looked like both Sham and Secretariat were just given hand rides down the stretch, saving their horses for the Derby which back then came two weeks after the Wood. Even Shecky Greene raced in the Stepping Stone, one week before the Derby. That's how they did it back in those days.
  • Street Sense got me into the game when I was only 8 years old when he won the Derby. He was my first racing hero. I'm so glad I decided to watch the Derby coverage that day.

    And thanks to all of you guys here for not ripping on my opinion, we get enough of all that in a lot of other places. :)
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    Shadow, I disagree with you, but I like your style. You should think of journalism, perhaps racing journalism. You have a good writing skills.
  • Street Sense got me into the game when I was only 8 years old when he won the Derby. He was my first racing hero. I'm so glad I decided to watch the Derby coverage that day.
    Genuine Risk was the first real face of the Derby for me. I still have a soft spot in my heart for her and her accomplishments, though she probably would not be ranked among the 'greats'.

  • Shadow, I disagree with you, but I like your style. You should think of journalism, perhaps racing journalism. You have a good writing skills.
    I have thought about pursuing this so many times, but unfortunately it's frowned upon by much of my family. On the writing, it is one of my passions. I've even placed down here in several events in Texas. I run an inactive blog, that I'm going to need to get working on before the Derby runs.

  • "Street Sense has run from NINETEENTH position, to FIRST in the Derby!!!"

    That race changed my life.
  • It's completely sentimental but I love her Derby win!

    Thank you, Mark!!
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    You're welcome.

    I just hope we get some new talent into the business. Some of the journalists in this game aren't journalists. There are many stories and angles that aren't covered. They don't want to upset their advertisers. If journalists did their jobs, perhaps racing would be in better shape right now.
  • I don't want to come between you and your family, but I say you pursue what you share interest in. There's nothing better than having a job that you like. You wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work.
  • Street Sense is a great horse, but his Kentucky Derby win was also facilitated in a large part by Calvin Borel. My greatest horses are as follows, and in no particular order. There are a lot of them, I hope that's ok.

    Native Dancer Sir Barton Citation Secretariat Man 'O War Seabiscut
    War Admiral Whirlaway Seattle Slew
    Dr. Fager
  • Sham equaled the track record in the Santa Anita Derby. In the Wood, neither he nor Secretariat ran his best race-- Secretariat because he had an abscess on his lip that made leaning into the bit painful (Turcotte later said if he'd known about the abscess he would have ridden him differently), and Sham because his jockey was waiting for Secretariat. So it was just Angle Light's day.

    Sham then ran very fast Derby (in spite of hitting the gate and knocking out two teeth) and Preakness times, and then was burned out in the Belmont trying to stay with Secretariat. We'll never know how good he might have been without Secretariat tormenting him, because he broke a leg in training one month later and was retired. To me, he's one of those hard luck horses that showed streaks of brilliance, but who never really got a chance to prove whether they were great or not.
  • Well said Jen.

  • "Street Sense has run from NINETEENTH position, to FIRST in the Derby!!!"

    That race changed my life.
    I love that call and this one is probably one of my favorites
    "Here comes Barbaro the undeafted Barbaro comes up on the outside and he takes the lead as the field comes for home Barbaro turns it on"
    "Barbaro in a supply supply performance Barbaro wins and he has saved some for the Preakness."
  • Thanks, Mark. It's interesting to think about the role luck plays in greatness. Secretariat had both good luck and bad luck during his short career. The Whitney, that you showed above, took place while he was coming down with a virus and probably running a fever. He was a terrifically talented horse, probably even better on grass than on dirt, and won in all sorts of conditions. But the reason he's considered one of--if not the--all-time great is that on the most important day of his life he was in condition to run the best race of his life. If the virus he caught later in the summer had struck at the beginning of June, we might think of him as just another nice horse.

    I've always wished we could have seen him run at four.
  • Perhaps Sec wasn't as lucky as Zenyatta who had a lot of things go her way. But when she lost her finale, no excuses. Blame beat her fair and square. And I'll always give Blame credit as the only horse who could hold her off.

    Yes, Secretariat would have been awesome to see at four as long as he remained sound. Smarty Jones retired too soon too. Owners need to realize just how important these greats are to the game.
  • The first 2 Derbys that I remember were Damascus and Dancer's Image/Forward Pass. Looking at current issues with medications makes 1968 all the more significant to me.
    I was truly a fan of Easy Goer, I never really was fond of Sunday Silence. Easy Goer was a New York horse. He loved the New York tracks and always ran his best races on them. Sunday Silence was the better horse on ALL tracks, as much as it galls me to say that.
    On the track, Lady's Secret was clearly the best of the Secretariat offspring. However, based upon their impact on horse racing, Weekend Surprise surpassed them all. Her sons Honor Grades, Summer Squall, and A. P. Indy need no explanation. Her daughters Weekend Storm, Weekend in Seattle, and Welcome Surprise have in turn been superior broodmares and can be seen in many pedigrees. She is the greatest pedigree link to Secretariat.


  • I love to watch those two. Here's another of my favorites.
  • If Risen Star hadn't had so many traffic problems in the Derby, we might be talking about Secretariat as only the second Triple Crown winner to sire another.
  • do any of you guys have any favorite racehorse calls? Like for the Derby or any of the other races here are a few of mine
    1. 2009 Breeders Cup Classic
    "And lets Zenyatta has a lot alot of to make up if she wins this she'll be a super horse shes starting to pick them off though Zenyatta going to hook to the outside. Meanwhile its Coloniel John, Summer Bird Twice Over and Zenyatta has come to the out Zenyatta coming down the middle of the track Gio Ponti Summer Bird is right there this is unbelievable Zenyatta what a performance that well never forget looked impossible but it is Zenyatta still unbeaten under Mike Smith"
    2. 2006 Kentucky Derby
    "Here comes Barbaro the undeafted Barbaro comes up on the outside as the field turns for home Barbaro turns it on..... Barbaro in a (i forget the word) performance and he has left some for the Preakness"
    3. 2009 Breeders Cup Juvenile Turf (i believe this was)
    "And here comes Pluck from out of the clouds Pluck looks like he just joined in at the quarter pole"
    4. 2010 Breeders Cup Classic (this one i dont have as memorized as the rest even though this is not one of my favorite calls it was a great and dramatic one)
    "Blame, Zenyatta, Zenyatta, Blame Zenyatta whose going to get there first Blame has won it a head Zenyatta ran her heat out but had to settle for second"
    5. 2013 Breeders Cup Classic (i also dont have this one memorized as well either)
    "Mucho Macho Man is the leader but here comes Will Take Charge. Its Mucho Macho Man Will Take Charge Mucho Macho Man has won the Classic."
    this is not one of my favorite ones at all but one of the most saddest moments ever
    "Barbaro, i believe he is being pulled up Barbaro's been pulled he is out of the race and out of the triple crown he appears to have injuried his right rear leg his right hind leg has been injured"

  • Alex's Preakness, of course. "In Dramatic Style!!!"
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