Amazing Clydesdales

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This is amazing! Wait for the miracle!


  • if we are talking about Clydesdales then i am in. Before i had my six horses that i currently have along with two foster horses and their foals i actually had 4 purebred Clydesdale and then 4 Clydesdale Crosses they were amazing. Right now i only have a foster horse named Blossom who is a Shire Clydesdale Cross mare, her foal that she had is a Friesian Lippizaner Shire Clydesdale Cross colt
  • That was amazing, Kalar. Thanks for posting. Certainly not what anyone would expect.
  • Amazing, indeed!
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    a thorough look at what goes on in the Budweiser Clydesdale breeding business

  • Clydesdales are amazing i really wish that i actually owned some but i am only fostering a Shire Clydesdale cross and then i have to take her back we use to bred Clydesdales, Shires, & Percherons
  • I have really fond memories of visiting the Clydesdales at various Sea World parks when Budweiser owned a piece of that operation. The people who handled the horses were always great at answering my questions and explaining all sorts of things about them. Budweiser was sold tho(Japan maybe?), so that whole relationship is gone.
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    okay i cant find the picture of the clydesdale team that we use to have when we were breeding Clydesdales but here is a picture of what our team looked like and i also cant find the pictures of the Clydesdales that we use to own i have way way way tomany horse pictures on my computer haha. These pictures are not mine since i cant seem to find the pictures even though i have all of my files named on my computer
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    Okay so we always use to hook up the Clydesdales that we use to own to our big wagon and would have them pull us around the neighborhood kind of like this
    Our Clydesdales that we owned were also working horses since we have fields and everything so we always use to hook them up to the plow for them to pull. Some times we would just use two of them or sometimes use four of them. Here is another picture (this is what it looks like with two Clydesdales hooked up to the plow
    Now since i cant find the pictures of my actual clydesdales here are pictures of horses that i found that look like them
    This is what Nessie looked like she was a gray Clydesdale mare she was about 26 years old when we lost her she was our very first horse and was our favorite
    This is what Salma looked like she was also a gray Clydesdale mare her mom was Nessie she was 17 years when we lost her of unknown causes. The differences between her and Nessie were that Salma had a darker mane and tail and had more white on her face than Nessie did she was Nessie's 4th foal and was her first filly and first gray foal
    This is what Luke looked like he was a bay he was 6 years old when he had to be put down after he freaked out when being hooked up to the wagon he gashed his leg open and we treated it but it still got infected he was such a sweet boy
    This is what Hopper looked like he was a dark bay, he was 31 years old he is the father of Salma, Luke, & Diddo. He was our second Clydesdale that we got after Nessie
    This is what Tate looked like we actually had recently lost her, Diddo, Finch, and Reece a few years before we got my current horses. Tate was a 21 year old black Clydesdale mare her two foals that she had were Finch & Reece.
    This is what Diddo looked like he was 23 years old he was a roan Clydesdale stallion (he was later gelded after he turned aggressive after the second time he was bred) and he was the sire of Finch & Reece
    This is what Finch looked like he was a chestnut Clydesdale gelding his markings actually make him look more like a sabino he was 15 years old when we lost him a few years ago. We lost Finch and Reece a year apart of each other
    This is what Reece looked like she was a pure white Clydesdale mare she was 14 years old when we lost her. I know that white Clydesdales are rare unless they are crossed but trust me she was purebred we breed her ourselves.
  • We also owned Shires, Percherons, Belgians, Halflingers & American Cream Drafts.
  • My goodness that ranch must have covered half the county. Is it still in your family? What's the Website?
  • we dont have a website it we didnt go public with our breeding they were just family horses where i live there are a ton of people who breed different kind of draft horses but dont have a website for it they pretty much breed them as pets which is what our draft horses were when we had them.
  • I saw a bumper sticker that said, "Ride a Draft. It makes your butt look smaller."
  • haha yeah it is so much fun riding the draft horses that we use to own haha
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