Ria Antonia

Has anyone heard how she came out? Wouldn't surprise me if her owner doesn't try to beat the boys again. Calvin said something about her back end felt funny. So how come he raced her so hard she ended up last if something didn't feel right? I don't get it


  • i havent heard anything i am hoping that she is okay Calvin is not my favorite jockey at all he never has been the only year i really like him was when he was able to ride Street Sense to win the Derby but that was only because Street Sense was one of my favorite horses
  • This poor mistreated filly....putting her in the Preakness two weeks after her disappointing Oaks performance...abuse.
  • I can't find out anything about her either. Calvin is being crucified for his ride and everyone wondering why nothing was said about him crushing Bayern. Ride on Curlin's race also was good compared to when Calvin rode him.
  • yes. I was wondering way Bayern didnt run as good as i thought and knew he could now i know that it was because of Calvin crushing him
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    Ria A needs to be rescued.....she is a good horse ...but her owner is a headcase...IMO
    I will take the unpopular....at the moment....view....l like Calvin...all jockies get directions from trainers/owners....this "let the jockey and horse do their thing" attitude is bull.....again IMO...but it sounds good in an interview but I doubt it is actually the case in fact....but I do believe different jockeys riding styles will "sync" well with different horses ....the trick is finding the right fit..
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    What does that mean, crushing Bayern? Isn't Calvin the jockey from the Peta report earlier this year? Do you think that's effecting his riding style? Wasn't he using a prod or something illegal on the horses?
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    Ria A had no business in this race. I'm all for fillies racing against the males much more often than the way it is now, but in this case, the horse must come first. I was so impressed with her at 2 but she hasn't done anything since to warrant racing her back on 2 weeks rest against males, or even against females for that matter. It just seems to me that she doesn't want to race anymore and she certainly isn't happy on the track.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Calvin NOT in PETA report.....and the one that was had been completely cleared months before the lying erroneous report surfaced
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    This WAS horse abuse. Ria Antonia has only really won ONE race in her entire career--she was moved up to first place via disqualification in the BC Juvenile Fillies.

    I agree with Carol in describing her owner as a "headcase."

    Rachel Alexandra won the Longines Kentucky Oaks by 20 lengths, then won the Preakness. Ria LOST the Longines Kentucky Oaks by 15 lengths.

    The only time she's crossed the wire first was a maiden race at Woodbine.

    Now she's one for ten lifetime. Sad.
  • KayJayKayJay Member
    Any news on how she came out of the race?
  • LyndaKLyndaK Member
    I feel so, so sorry for Ria Antonia. I fear that this beautiful filly's life will end tragically. Not sure what the deal is with Calvin Borel. He certainly made a big mistake on ROC in the Derby and now this horrible ride on the filly.
  • Calvin's ride aside, Ria had no business being in the Preakness, period. For crying out loud, Baffert said he wasn't comfortable with racing her again in two weeks, and the owners took her to a different trainer. If anyone is to blame it's her owners. Everything after that is just circumstantial.
  • I like Calvin okay, I just think he's been riding like a wild man recently and I do think he whips too much. Just my opinion, but I don't think he is a bad guy. He's getting slammed on twitter tonight though. Did I understand right that he was fired from Ride on Curlin and, if so, does anyone know why?
  • Because he did not give him the ride he was told to give ROC in the Derby and the trainer?(in the cowboy hat) was not afraid to tell the press on the walk over how mad he was after the Derby.
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    I feel really bad for Ria. I didn't think her owners should run her in this race. If she couldn't even get close to Untappable then how did they figure she could run again these boys. I truly fear for her. I fear that they will continue to abuse her until something really bad happens. The problem is not the trainer or jockey, it is the owners and they should be ashamed of themselves!!
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    Sometimes when you have a good stroke of luck, it goes to your head. By her being moved up in the BC Juvenile, suddenly they thought they had a superstar on their hands. They refused to look at her entire record.

    To me, she's only won one race, a maiden race.

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    Because he did not give him the ride he was told to give ROC in the Derby and the trainer?(in the cowboy hat) was not afraid to tell the press on the walk over how mad he was after the Derby.
    Thanks, I guess I missed that. That's pretty funny that the trainer said that on t.v.

  • Can't really blame Calvin. He's a jockey. Offered a mount for the Preakness, he has to take it. That's what he does for a living. Ria's owners should be ashamed. What, they wanting their names in lights? Come to Carrollton. We'll put your name up on the Dairy Queen sign. Lights up real pretty at night. Where's PETA in all this? They are usually up everyone's tail end.
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    I just watched the replay of the race again, and this time, I watched how Calvin rode Ria, especially when she faded. I didn't see him take a whip to her or try to force her to keep running. I think he was actually quite kind to her. And he brought her home safe.
  • I noticed that too Casey. I specifically went back to see if he whipped her when she was way behind and I didn't see any at all. And, yes, thank God he brought her home safe. I hope her owners will let her have a nice, long rest.
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    i saw in the video i posted either on the preakness thread or Cali's thread. around the turn for home at the unique cam angle overhead Calvin did not whip Ria, he sat still on her and let her drift back. he didnt really try on her at all. she started to back up nearing the turn for home. im glad he didnt whip her into a pulp, i can atleast say that. but to have her in the race at all was crap
  • Yeah Rachel, it was crap. It was totally on the owners, though. Calvin just got paid to do a job and at least he seemed to take care of her. The owners should be ashamed of themselves. I hope someone kind will buy her and treat her right.
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    I will go back and watch the replay of Rio Antonia. I so hope Calvin did let her drift down. If true, then I certainly will apologize for being so hard on him. I was going by what others had posted about him on other sites.
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    Claire Novak ‏The Blood-Horse tweets Sunday May 18
    Although she finished last in #Preakness, Ria Antonia did not appear to have suffered injury, was bright-eyed this am (PHOTO)

    Ria Antonia, Bayern, Pablo Del Monte, Dynamic Impact, General a Rod all loading on van now to fly back to Kentucky. #Preakness
  • Anyone one else think that John Sherriffs should be her trainer? Atleast then we will know she is being treated right!
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