Is California Chrome the first triple crown winner in 36 years?



  • I hope so, too. I wish between now and the Belmont, maybe they can get some written rules put down so this doesn't have to be an issue.
  • RachelRachel Member
    i hope so too, but people have made a good point......if they allow it, they should allow it for everyone else as well. as they should too. but once again, its a crappy situation for all involved. NY backs down and allows it, people will cry fowl cuz IHA didnt get allowed but O'Neil said he would race anyways (then look what happened). if he backs out, hell be seen as a farse and people will talk about how he can run without a strip blah blah blah.

    i really hope he does run in the Belmont....if i were to weigh the situation, id rather them talk smack about the horse if he gets allowed to run in the belmont with the strip, than have them talk smack about the horse for backing down
  • This never would have happened if they had put rules on the books after what happened with IHA. They have to allow it for everyone in every state or they run CC without the strip and ban them in every state. It's ridiculous that this is now an issue. And the East coast folks are just loving it.
  • Not all of us east coasters are loving this, believe me. I live in NY and find it beyond embarrassing that an obscure and subjective judgement call could jeopardize a chance for everyone to see another Triple Crown
  • RachelRachel Member
    im an easterner and i hate its the jerks on the east that are loving it
  • crdolce_777 and Rachel, My bad! Lol! I should have said the "jerks" on the east are loving it. I'm sorry for badmouthing you guys on the east coast. I was just angry and spouting off nonsense. Sorry!
  • Its all good, the jerks are just giving the rest of us a bad reputation!
  • RachelRachel Member
    took no offense for me, i know im not a jerk lol
  • Lol! And I'm from the south where everyone has a bad reputation due to some choice idiots so I should have known better.
  • KayJayKayJay Member
    I always believed the 'real' reason IHA withdrew from the Belmont was the nasal strip issue and the other crap they put DO thru and not an injury at all. Art was being very serious when he said Perry Martin would withdraw the horse from the Belmont over the nasal strip. I agree, louise, this is another perfect example of why we need ONE set of rules nation wide that apply to all states. I hate NYRA......No nasal strips but David Jacobson is allowed free rein to do exactly as he pleases. Makes me sick!!
  • KayJayKayJay Member
    BTW I'm from the East and I'm not a jerk. : (
    But I'm not offended either, cause my Mom was from Ky and she would have been very upset with the treatment the Martins recieved at Churchill. My Mom would invite strangers to dinner and stay the night. = [ Drove my Dad nuts.
  • Does a nasal strip make that much difference? if he trains without it, he should be ok during a race. Belmont used to ban Lasix too but that has changed.
  • KayJayKayJay Member
    I don't think it's a matter of making a big difference. According to Art, it's a supersition thing. The first time he wore one was when he started his winning streak. Perry Martin is a big believer in that stuff.
  • Yea, I just signed the petition and put that a nasal strip wouldn't win a race. They still had to have a talented horse.
  • EriNCEriNC Member
    Personally as much as I want to see a TC I think they are right to withdraw if they arent allowed the strip. It has been proven it works, there is no drugs involved, and in my opinion the stewards have too much control and need to be regulated. This whole thing is just the stewards going on a power trip.
  • tanzatanza Member
    It has just been reported that the nasal strip WILL be allowed...
  • *happy dance of joy!* NY did the right thing!! Go Chrome!
  • RachelRachel Member
    Id like to see NY allow them always. Get ready for the flack people will have over this. Im so happy
  • I'm so glad they've decided to allow the nasal strip. Even if it doesn't make that much difference to him, the idea that they would be forced to make an equipment change just in time for the Belmont would probably persuade a lot of owners not to enter their horse. It would be like being told you can't use blinkers or a tongue tie after you've been using those successfully.

    They should allow nasal strips for all races, and ban raceday use of lasix instead.
  • Sounds like they are going to always allow them - smart move. Fingerlakes Racetrack announced they would follow suit as well.
  • Good idea, ban raceday Lasix. I'm all for that.

    Rachel, I think they are going to allow them always. Not positive.
  • RachelRachel Member
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    They are going to always allow them. That PDF states the ban has been overturned. They no longer feel nasal strips are performance enhancing thus dont need regulation
  • RachelRachel Member
    This is going to set an unpresedented ripple thru the race world. A good ripple
  • BTW I'm from the East and I'm not a jerk. : (
    But I'm not offended either, cause my Mom was from Ky and she would have been very upset with the treatment the Martins recieved at Churchill. My Mom would invite strangers to dinner and stay the night. = [ Drove my Dad nuts.
    What kind of treatment did the Martins receive? I heard they got offended but not the reason.

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