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  • Xpressbets, since I have an account. They update super fast
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    I watched the race on I have a free 30 day trial
  • RachelRachel Member
    Sarinne 66.60
    Me 40.80
    Crdolce 36.50
    Carol 34.20
    Bigherbie 18.10
    JanD 15.30
    Adrianjh 11.40
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    ugh, im watching it on Calracing. i guess its my crappy internet connection. i have the same issue with NBC for the derby. my view is a slow one, so what im viewing other people already know the outcome x.x
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    it makes it extremely frustrating to do this contest now
  • Aww sorry, didn't know I was spoiling it for you. Want me to wait to post the Whittingham that just ended?
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    no i got it
  • I was just trying help out, I didn't know you were seeing it on somewhat of a delay. If you wanna do all the payoffs and standings, go for it
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    1) fire iwth fire 16.60 6.00 2.60= 25.20
    2) segway 5.40 2.80= 8.20
    3) quick casablanca 2.40

    adrian 25.20
    Bigherbie 8.20
    CC1121 8.20
    Carol 2.40
    Crdolce 25.20
    JanD 8.20
    Sarinne 8.20
    Me 2.40
  • RachelRachel Member
    Sarinne 74.80
    Crdolce 61.70
    Me 43.20
    Carol 36.60
    Adrianjh 36.60
    Bigherbie 26.30
    JanD 23.50
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    its alright
  • RachelRachel Member
    @Sarinne , you are the winner of the contest
  • Congrats Sarinne, well deserved win!!
  • RachelRachel Member
    if we were doing it this way....Sarinne 1st, Crdolce 2nd and Me 3rd haha
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    So I won $36.60.....but spent $ win 60 cents...
    Back to the drawing board
  • RachelRachel Member
    LOL thank god its hypothetical!
  • sarinnesarinne Member
    hahaha I wasn't going to say anything until all the races had run. Wow, it's about time I caught a break, maybe I've finally figured it out! If you guys had bet on me winning, you'd have gotten a huge payoff. LOL

    Thanks Rachel and crdolce for doing such an awesome job. :-)
  • Haha that's an interesting idea, maybe for bonus points we can bet on who we think will win the week ;)
  • i thought the contest ended in july
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    @Sarinne . you get the honors of choosing next weekend's races, since you were this weekend's winner
    i thought the contest ended in july
    Rachel and I are co-sponsoring a new contest that is open to everyone who wants to have some fun "playing the horses!" This will be a great way to enjoy the thrill of picking a winner, without having to open your wallet. The contest is for bragging rights only, no actual money involved, and we certainly don't encourage anyone to go out and gamble.

    Every weekend there will be up to 6 races that we will be "betting" on. They may be Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, or Standardbred races, or a mix of all 3. Here is how the contest works:

    1). Each contestant will select one horse per race that they are "betting" on
    2). The bet will be one "Across the Board" wager on the horse you chose. This means that you're wagering $2 on the horse to win, $2 for it to place (come in 2nd), and $2 for it to show (come in 3rd)
    3). If your horse wins, you receive the payoff from all 3 wagers. If your horse is second, you get the place and show payoffs. If your horse is third, you get only the show payoff. There is no payoff for a horse finishing outside of the top 3.
    For example, this was the payoff from the Preakness:

    California Chrome____$3.00___$3.00___$2.40
    Ride On Curlin______________$5.60___$3.80
    Social Inclusion_____________________$3.40

    If you picked Calfornia Chrome, you would win $8.40 ($3.00+$3.00+$2.40)
    If you picked Ride On Curlin, you would win $9.40 ($5.60+$3.80)
    If you picked Social Inclusion, you would win $3.40

    There will be one winner each week: the person who has the highest total payoff at the end of all the races. In addition to bragging rights, the winner will also get to choose the races for the following weekend!

    We will also keep track of the number of times each person is the weekly winner, so that we can find out who is the Master Horse Player!

    Neither of us are horse playing experts, just people who enjoy trying to pick winners, but we're absolutely willing to help anyone who has questions or wants advice on making picks :)
  • sarinnesarinne Member
    @Rachel, thanks! Can you recommend a web site that has next weeks races on it for me to pick? Like I've said before, I'm pretty green at this and not too savvy on navigating all the racing websites. I know it's terribly out of fashion, but maybe because of my dog show background, I pedigree handicapped these races today.
  • I can't speak for Rachel, but I picked this weeks races just by looking on DRF at the stakes races schedule. Not that we always have to bet on stakes races, it was just the easiest option. Since there are usually only 6 or so graded stakes races going on across the country in one weekend day (unless its a huge race day like Belmont day will be) it makes the picks pretty much a no brainer :) Outside of graded stakes, maybe just look at tracks you like or high paying races in general.
  • RachelRachel Member
    jesus, if you did all that just by Pedigree alone i applaud you LOL. just look up places like Belmont Park, Santa Anita, Monmouth Park, or whatever. Pedigree Handicaping is actually one of the ways used to bet, so you arent wrong for that lol.
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    @crdolce_777 and @Rachel, thanks for the help. I am HUGE on memorizing pedigrees in my chosen breed, and often chose my stud dogs based on their pedigrees and how complimentary it is to my girl. When I saw that you could look up horse pedigrees, I've spent hours pouring over them, trying to see it that would help me make sense of handicapping, because other ways just make my eyes blur. lol I enjoy reviewing pedigrees. :-)

    Okay, for May 31, how about:

    G1 American Oaks (SA)
    G2 Californian (SA)
    G3 Aristides (CD)
    Penn Mile (PEN)
    Springfield (AP)
    Critical Eye (BEL)

    A variety of tracks, surfaces, distances and age/sex breakdowns. If these races will be too hard for you to follow Rachel and crdolce, please let me know and I will pick something different. I feel honored to be able to do this! Now that I've picked the races, I'll be sure to be last! lol
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    PS: @Rachel, I also took your advice at picking horses I thought might pull in more to place or show. When they won, well, icing on the cake! lol
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