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Now Silver Train!
Silver Train, a two-time grade I winner including the 2005 Breeders' Cup Sprint (gr. I), died from a colic attack Dec. 29 while shuttling to the United States from Brazil, Northview Stallion Station reported Dec. 30.


  • OH NO! Another one dying from colic! Soo very sad. DId they say what caused Silver Train's colic? Was it the strain of traveling?
  • Yea, i posted this news on horse racing injuries and deaths yesterday
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    Yea, i posted this news on horse racing injuries and deaths yesterday
    Oops...yes read about Silver Train on the other thread...Didn't remember his name since there were sooo many colic deaths recently...I had a "Senior Moment"..LOL! Thanks!
  • That's okay Paniolo_Gal, I have senior moments daily. You're right, though, there have been a lot of colic deaths lately. I hate it!
  • Thought this would be a good topic for discussion - wrong again. I'll go back being the "peeping" Herbie instead of Tom.
  • Don't just be the "peeping" Herbie! It is a great topic and you didn't know someone else had posted on another thread. It happens and happens to me often. I also have a habit of hijacking threads into a whole other direction which isn't often appreciated. We are just human. I hope you don't leave. It's nice having new people around.
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    I think the thread: Shuttle Stallions is a very good topic! This way other people can post stallions who could be imported to the US to breed with our mares. We need new blood in our fragile thoroughbreds! I just wish there was a safer way of transporting these valuable studs so that they do not succumb to illnesses caused by travel and environmental changes...perhaps gradual feed and water changes so they can acclimate better...idk.

    I don't travel well either and there's certain places I am definitely "allergic" to...namely Los Angeles. Everytime...on the morning after arriving...I wake up and my eyes are always blood-shot red due to the air pollutants...sigh! No offense LA people. :o)
  • Good idea, Paniolo_Gal, we can definitely keep this thread going. So, please, bigherbie, stick around! I know other stallions have died being shuttled, so it will be interesting to keep up with this.
  • Paniolo_Gal, we don't have air pollution in Los Angeles. LOL. Well, it's not as bad as it used to be back in the 60s and 70s. Chances are good that the cause of your eye irritation is the different pollens in the air. I remember having problems in the 70s with severe eye irritation in Orange County when the smog there was awful. But it really is a lot better now with many new regulations that have curtailed a lot of pollutants. I moved out of Riverside County which has worse pollution nowadays than LA, back in Dec 1999 and am really happy to say that pollution is rare here, well east of the heavily populated areas. I'm about 3,000 feet high, which also helps.
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    Thanks VA_in_CA...But my LA trips are more recent...like a couple of years ago to do research at the design centers. You never can tell what I am reacting to. I stayed at the W Hotel in Westwood near UCLA campus far away from inner city and I still got up with blood-shot eyes! :o(

    I also had an incident while in Lexington (Embassy Suites) where I was reacting to the tap water when brushing my teeth...my tongue got really, really sore & a little swollen. I had to resort to bottled water to brush my teeth! However, when we drove down to stay at Louiseville, the swollen tongue issue immediately disappeared...even when using tap water to brush teeth!

    That being said...horses unfortunately can't speak for themselves to tell their keepers how they are feeling after long distance traveling...simple things like I don't like the taste of the water, or the water makes me feel sick...etc. :o(
  • It's a good bet that the water has a role in the colic issue. I read somewhere that even though the water all over the US is safe to drink, each region has different water with different chemical compositions and different flora and fauna. People with sensitive intestines are advised to drink bottled water to avoid shifting between these regional differences. I always do it, even when I drove across country, I used bottled water all the way.

    It would be pretty impossible to do this with horses. They'd have to buy the water in 5-gallon drums. It would also be impossible if the horse were going to be living in the new area for any length of time. Maybe they need to gradually make the transition, bringing water from the former home to gradually mix with the water in the new area. Of course, without modern modes of transporting horses over great distances, and in nature where horses live their whole lives in one region, this wouldn't be an issue.

    Paniola_Gal, you have very interesting allergies. Funny, but not lol.
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    Yep...I have to be careful when I travel. Even with new foods and medications I have to be very, very careful...I had a severe allergic reaction to BEXTRA (an NSAID: aka Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and broke out in a very severe case of HIVES (aka Urticaria)! Crazy itchy HIVES! Had to go under immediate high dosages of Prednisone (steroids) to stabilize my condition...the hives lasted ONE YEAR!

    This may be similar to what happened to poor Jimmy when he reacted to the antibiotic or anti-venom medications for his spider bite.
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    I remember there was one Kentucky Derby contender years back that had his own supply of Fiji water brought along with him to drink. I can't remember the horse's name off hand.
  • Apparently, Zenyatta also drank a lot of Fiji water
  • Lol Mario was her waterboy
  • I remember there was one Kentucky Derby contender years back that had his own supply of Fiji water brought along with him to drink. I can't remember the horse's name off hand.
    OK...the Kentucky Derby contender who brought his own Fiji water was Tiago in 2007. This was the race where Street Sense won (Tiago placed 7th).
    Tiago was also in the Belmont Stakes where Curlin and Rags to Riches ran that exciting final stretch. Tiago placed 3rd in the Belmont...and again brought his own Fiji water. LOL!
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    Apparently, Zenyatta also drank a lot of Fiji water
    Great picture. The series of pictures taken of Z at the Apple Blossom, found on both sides of this one are wonderful as well. There's a really fine head shot of Z on the morning of the race; it's the next picture to the right, and the one beyond that is really good of Z and Steve out for a jog.

    I'm glad they kept her on bottled water and didn't risk any colic episodes.

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    This is a lengthy excellent article on the impact shuttle stallions have had
    on Australian breeding & racing. Undated Keta

    By Kelsey Riley TDN
    Australia has become a melting pot of sire lines and pedigrees from across the globe, and nowhere is that more evident than this week’s Magic Millions Gold Coast Yearling Sale. Books 1 and 2 of the country’s first yearling sale of the season include the progeny of 21 Northern Hemisphere-based shuttlers (accounting for 159 of the 912 yearlings catalogued), and sires like More Than Ready (36 catalogued), High Chaparral (Ire) (12) and Street Cry (Ire) (7) have become as revered in Australia as anywhere else in the world.
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