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It was suggested in the General Interest News Items by VA_in_CA
It provides a posting area for breaking and current news items.


  • Boston Marathon Tragedy Inspires Horse Names
    Lynne Snierson The Blood-Horse January 13 2014
    The Boston Marathon bombings last April were rated by many news organizations as the top story of 2013, and now the New England connections of two 3-year-old colts named in tribute to the victims are hoping they will be the ones making headlines this spring.
    Wicked Strong, who carries the colors of Centennial Farms headquartered in Beverly, Mass., is already turning heads and it is hoped that Boston Strong, owned by Sovereign Stable in Manchester, N.H. will follow suit soon.
  • The first Comment I made seems to have disappeared.
    I posted this Discussion after reading the suggestion by VA_in_CA in the
    General Interest News Items.
    This will give a place for the "breaking news" and/or current news items.
    I posted the Boston Marathon name story just to get the Discussion started.
  • Thats a good name for a horse
  • Thanks, Keta. Interesting. I saw the name Wicked Strong and wondered if it had a Boston connection. Apparently "wicked" is current Boston slang for "very."
  • Thanks for posting a new news area! It's good to see the Boston Marathon tragedy being remembered and honored with the horses. I wish them well!
  • Random news

    Jim Beam has been bought by a Japanese company
  • A letter to the new Mayor of NY from a Veterinarian concerning horse carriage, awesome.
  • Funny Tweet for Today!
    The Blood-Horse @BloodHorse tweet Wed. Jan. 15 2014
    Eclipse Winner Ramsey Breeder DO NOT POST
  • This was a great read. Lucky lady! Did I read that right? The incomparable Galileo is stateside?
  • This was a great read. Lucky lady! Did I read that right? The incomparable Galileo is stateside?
    No she went to Coolmore in Ireland to see him.
  • Wow 13z looks great
  • As I understand it - the new mayor of NY has promised to ban carriage horses in the city -finally an end to a cruel and outdated practice! Hopefully other big cities follow...
    With all approvals ensured and long-range projections starting to come into clear focus, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club has begun to move forward toward a two-meet racing season in 2014 – the initial session being its usual summer stand, the second a shorter run covering the month of November.
    Near the conclusion of 2013, Del Mar received the green light for its dual meets from both the California Horse Racing Board and the California Coastal Commission. In addition, it also worked through date and grounds issues with its landlord – the 22nd District Agricultural Association, the state body that oversees the multi-purpose, 350-acre Del Mar Fairgrounds that is home to the seaside racing oval.
    With all parties in agreement, DMTC officials now are preparing to put on their usual special summer show followed by a unique fall session that will help patch one of the holes in the Southern California racing calendar caused by the closing of Betfair Hollywood Park in December.
    The track’s summer season – which will be its 75th going back to 1937 – will open on Thursday, July 17 and go forward to Wednesday, September 3. Over the past several decades Del Mar usually has started its regular meet on a Wednesday, but with the San Diego County Fair running until Sunday, July 6 in 2014, the extra day to prepare the grounds and the racing surface – and to allow horses to adapt to it – was considered a safety priority. Del Mar last opened on a Thursday in 1999, and also opened on that day in 1969 and 1956.
    Del Mar’s fall meeting will have 15 racing days, opening on Friday, November 7 and concluding on Sunday, November 30. It will race Friday-Saturday-Sunday on its first weekend, then settle into a four-days-per-week (Thursday through Sunday) schedule for the balance of the session. In conjunction with the singular nature of the second season, track officials are planning a totally different theme to the session, one that calls on the track’s Hollywood roots harkening back to its founder, Bing Crosby, and his show business connections.
    First post during the summer will be the usual 2 p.m. with the adjustment to 4 p.m. for all “Four O’Clock Friday” cards. The fall stand, however, will see first post at 12 noon throughout to allow for the earlier sunsets. The lone exception to the noon start will be Thanksgiving Day, November 27, when the starting time will be 11 a.m. to allow fans time for a day at the races as well as the opportunity to be home in time for a turkey dinner.
    Both sessions this year will showcase the debut of Del Mar’s new seven-furlong inner turf course, a wider, safer racing surface that is replacing the track’s original greensward installed in 1960.
    Online ticket and seat sales for the summer meet is schedule to start on Friday, May 9 at 10 a.m. Tickets and seats will be available for the fall session during the summer meeting beginning on a date yet to be determined.

    Sorry that this is so long. But, lots of good info. Go to article to read
    more on 2015 which is also a Dual Meet. Keta
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    nayrod, thanks for posting the letter to the new mayor of NYC from the equine veterinarian. It comports with what I saw on the ASPCA site which prompted me to bring this issue to the Forum's attention and request for signing the petition on the General News thread. It's a serious problem as this Vet's letter shows. He doesn't talk about the actual stabling available to horses but according to the ASPCA, the horses are stabled in small spaces in old wooden buildings with no air conditioning, often on the upper floors, which from experience I can tell you are stifling and unbearably hot. The horses must reach their "stable" by walking up several flights of stairs, which they must come down the next morning. I think this must put unusual stress on their leg joints. Poor things. I hope the mayor follows through on his promise. This is an industry that has outlived it's desirability. They actually had video of horses walking up the stairs.
  • I hope they ban the Hansom Cabs in NYC. It's no place for horses. I think it will happen. I hope there is full accountability as to where these horses end up. Sounds like some of them came off the Amish farms. NYC would be a step up from that! At any rate, they need to be properly retired and not sent down the road to who know's where!
  • The Budget bill that was passed by the House of Representatives contained defunding of the USDA inspectors that would be assigned to the horse slaughter plants. If the Budget passes the Senate without adding the funds back in, this means that the facility in New Mexico will not be allowed to open. Also, a Federal judge is to rule Friday on petitions that have been presented by the New Mexico Attorney General and others to not allow the facility to open. Those of us who are anti-slaughter have a few rays of hope that we will be able to stop these facilities from opening. Eventually we hope to stop the transport of horses to slaughter in Mexico and Canada.
  • Fingers (and hooves?) crossed.
  • And toes crossed too!
  • fire in the mountains near Arcadia out by Santa Anita racetrack. people have been arrested for arson, so this is not a natural fire. thats awful, firefighters are fighting to put out the flames. judging by the picture they showed on TVG it is a huge fire
  • fire in the mountains near Arcadia out by Santa Anita racetrack. people have been arrested for arson, so this is not a natural fire. thats awful, firefighters are fighting to put out the flames. judging by the picture they showed on TVG it is a huge fire
    Rachel can you find a picture?
  • trying to find news on it but not getting much
  • this is all i was able to find
  • i am so happy for this news, theyve have had 54 deaths and counting and said they arent responsible for those deaths nor do they know if a horse has drugs in its system. bout time they ought to know!
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