What is Z12 doing now?

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Okay, I have been out of touch for a while-have checked in but not commented. Z12 or Cozmic One is a 2 year old -who is training him and when and where will he start racing-remember I have been out of touch-I am 71 and have had health issues but my love for Z will never die until I do.


  • And by the way, Buck Brannaman calls it colt starting vs breaking-I prefer his methods-the true horse whisperer.
  • Mamaw, sorry to hear about your health issues and glad to have you back. You'll be occupied for awhile catching up. Lots of good comments to read on lots of good threads. I empathize with your being 71. I'm 74 going on 75. It ain't fun dealing with arthritis and itchy dry skin and indigestion and insomnia and aching muscles and problems with balance and hearing difficulties and changing eyesight, etc. etc. etc. I can't figure out where the past 60 years went. Woooosh.
  • I'm just a little behind you two...I'll be 65 this month and generally feel pretty good but there are those days. I've heard it described as being a cereal...snap, crackle, and pop. And I love that Tshirt I've seen...'Inside every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened.' Thank goodness I'm still working; gives me something to do.
    Have a good day, all!
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    hi Mamaw.....I am in the mix also....67 and counting...Va in Ca's list sounds like she has my medical down...just throw in high blood pressure and artificial knee...
  • Coming 65 soon. Used to be exercise rider in Ocala in the dark ages. Now can't even swing a leg over a pony....sigh. Still interested in my beloved TB's and keep a few retired broodies just to mow the pasture.
  • graymare, love your pasture-mowing idea. Tried to talk my parents into going that route, too. But no luck. LOL
  • My friend's parents used to do that. Not sure if they still do?
  • 64 here. Where DID the time go?
  • I think I remember where the 60 years went. Waiting in lines. Nowadays, we can add waiting on hold (telephone tag).
  • Welcome back, Mamaw! Hope your health issues are improving at a steady rate. Like many have said, I'm in that snap, crackle pop generation as well - turned 66 in December - woohoo! As far as what Cozmic One is up to now, I tried to search through the blogs because somewhere recently there has been a link to a video of him in Florida learning his new job. It's so cute - the Mosses are there and so is John Shirreffs and it's fun to see a video of John taking a video of Coz in the round pen. I wish I could find the link for you, but my searches didn't pan out. Hopefully someone else with more computer savvy than me can find it for you.
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    You can find it on the Blog. It's about the 5th story down and is called Cozmic One at Mayberry Farm. Scroll down through the pictures until you find the one with the red "go" arrow in the middle. It's a video.
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