My visit with Zenyatta and Z13!

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Dear friends,
I am one of the lucky fans who bought a Z sticker for a great cause and won a visit to see her. I did this last week, and it was everything I had hoped it would be and more! I wrote a story about it and it appears here:
Also, there are photos me and my husband took of Zenyatta and Z13. Alys was there and took many, some of which I hope will appear on this site as she is a far better photographer than me! Please know I rubbed her growing belly and kissed her muzzle, telling her it was from all her fans that love and miss her so.


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    Thank you for sending our message of love to her with a kiss!
  • This seems to be a repeat of the beginning of the Visit with the Queen thread. Probably ought to be combined somehow.
  • Casa, I read your article. Great job! I really enjoyed it, especially when you said, when she approached you got tears in your eyes and asked if that was a common response and was told it happened all the time. "I" cried while reading it. Beautiful pictures too! Thanks for sharing.
  • It was like being with you on the visit.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
  • Casadaly, Thank you for telling us of your visit to Zenyatta and her red prince. Tear welled up in my eyes reading about your eyes welling up at the initial meeting. That "little" boy of hers is just so handsome. A treat of a lifetime...lucky, lucky you.
  • Thanks, Casadaly, for sharing your visit to Zenyatta and her baby boy with us. When I got home from work back on Nov. 5 (the day of the visit winners notification), there was an unfamiliar L.A. area phone number on my caller ID but no message and I wondered later if I'd missed a chance of winning an opportunity to meet beautiful Zenyatta... sigh. So I am glad to hear that you had a lovely visit with her and 13Z. And thanks for giving her a kiss from all of us!
  • Thank you so much for sharing your story and these wonderful photos with us. As Keta said, it was "almost" like being there with you. Congrats on getting to do this - I also would have been in tears seeing our Queen and her "baby boy."
  • Thank you so much for sharing your Zenyatta experience! Reading your article and viewing the photos actually took me there with you. I could feel your excitement and the joy. What a wonderful once in a lifetime moment!
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    I thought Galileo stayed in Ireland.
  • I thought Galileo stayed in Ireland.
    He does I believe they will ship here there to breed to him?
  • Hi, the Galileo portion was from my trip last September to Coolmore Ireland where I got to meet him (through appointment scheduled months in advance!). Galileo will never leave Ireland and Zenyatta, I was told, will not go to Ireland. He was one of 3 other stallions who do not shuttle, due to age and value. I included the short piece and photos in my Zennie story as I had promised HRN photos. :)
  • casadly, the link to your story no longer works for me and I only saw one photo of Zenny "stepping out" with Charles. Are there more? Thanks!
  • Thank you for sharing your visit with Zenyatta, a dream many of us hold on to - lol! How wonderful you were chosen and could spend time with our Queen and the young red prince. Your photos are amazing as well, so I'm headed back there to look again.
  • I didn't notice the photos by Alys on your flickr site the other day, but I love them also!! Thank you for sharing - again! That pic of you and Zenyatta with the selfie on your phone just illustrates so well how she knows where the camera is no matter if it's one of the huge ones the pros use or a telephone. Oh, how I love that horse!!!
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    I finally found the pictures...they are precious! Thanks for sharing everything with us.
    To anyone who has missed them, the photo section of this site has been updated with photos of all five winners and our Zenny and 13Z. What memories must have been made during those visits!
  • Thanks for the tip, Crazy4Z. I hadn't checked the Photos section in awhile, so wasn't aware the pictures of all the lucky winners visiting with Zenyatta were there. The big question is, have any of those people washed their lucky hands yet?
  • I washed only because my husband made me :) But Z left some "snoozle" on my jacket that is still there... I love the photo of the little girl and Z13. I was told that when the little girl visited, that she was hugging Zenny's hind leg, even trying to climb her before anyone noticed. Zennie took it all in stride --rather non-stride, as she did not react! Alys photos are wonderful!! And yes, I commented to her crew that Zenny knows where the camera is!
  • casadaly, your post about the little girl hugging Zenny's hind leg is precious. I truly believe Zenny knows the human mind better than we humans!
  • Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us! Your pictures are so wonderful!
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