Cozmic One Vs. Jess's Dream

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I just wanted to talk about the possible rivalry of Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandrea living on b/t their first foals and y'all's opinion of who might be better cause I wouldn't know :)


  • I think they each have a good chance to be good racehorses, stakes winners even, and yet never meet / compete in the same race.
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    I agree. However based on some reports I have heard, I am pretty sure that neither will be ready before they are 3.
  • Yeah i wouldn't want them to race Coz before he is three although i am anxious to see him in action
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    Yeah i wouldn't want them to race Coz before he is three although i am anxious to see him in action
    They have training videos available on the blog that show him galloping

  • Ooo really thanks EriNC I'll check those out
  • I read that Coz has a lot of confidence in himself especially for a colt his age.
  • Arkansas Derby 2015? That's the track their mama's were supposed to meet . . .
  • Yeah wished that could have happened before they were retired but if RA wasn't fit to run then I wouldn't want to endanger her like what happened to Ruffian
  • She was endangered in her last start of 2009, the Woodward at Saratoga. A three year old filly SHOULDN'T be running against older males, period. If they instead ran her in the Alabama, Rachel probably would have been much fresher as a four year old.
  • Yeah I didn't know about that race I never kept up with RA
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    2009 Woodward Stakes at Saratoga, 3 year old Rachel Alexandera faces older males:

  • Here's Rachel getting much deserved applause from the Saratoga crowd while walking back to the barn, but she was spent:

  • The pics aren't showing up
  • Rachel had a grueling campaign in 2009. Her season was done in late Summer. She would have no chance to win in the Breeders' Cup at Santa Anita, which was synthetic Pro-Ride at the time. The Pro-Ride surface favored come-from-behinders, one reason why Zenyatta flourished.
  • Rachel's Woodward, when you realize what she did above and beyond beating older males, is still bittersweet.

    Sweet that she had the heart and talent to get to the wire first but bitter to see what was thrown at her and how what should have been a joy became a desperate scramble that I believe broke her spirit for racing.
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    True. Here's the 2009 Ladies' Classic. Watch the running order into the clubhouse turn, and then notice it at the finish:

    Careless Jewel was a very nice filly, but had no chance on the Santa Anita surface, meanwhile, Life is Sweet is in last place turning into the stretch would win by a large margin.
  • Jess Jackson (Rachel's owner) knew the SA surface would impede Rachel's chances of winning and campaigned her NOT to race in the Breeders' Cup.
  • After the splits she ran in the Woodward I don't think Rachel could have run in the Breeder's Cup if it had been held on dirt, turf or trampolines.

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    True. That wasn't an impressive group of older males she beat in the Woodward. She was done. They got the Horse of the Year, but they paid a heavy price.
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    More than likely, Jess's Dream and Cosmic One will not meet in the Ark Derby, I doubt CO will be ready by then. JD might, as Rachel was an early bloomer, Zenyatta was a late bloomer.
  • They did indeed. Whether they knew she was going to get dog piled like she did or not, you're right that she didn't have to go in the Woodward. Unless they did that to secure Horse of the Year since Jackson didn't want to send her to the BC at SA.

    It was a gamble and they won the race but lost the horse.
  • And I imagine Coz will stay in CA for the Mosses to enjoy his races, unless he shows particular promise that justifies the risk in shipping him East. Meanwhile JD will run in the East (for the same reason so BB can enjoy his races) and won't go West unless there is justification for the risk.
  • But they put her health at risk just for the HOY? Winning the Alabama probably wouldn't have locked up the title. They rolled the dice. But look at the long-term results . . .

    Ruffian was a great, great filly. But she beat up on three-year-old fillies. The moment she faced a three year old colt, and Foolish Pleasure was a very robust, talented three year old colt, look at what happened.

  • Hopefully the owners wont make the same mistake twice with Jess's Dream
  • Nah, Mark you can't go down that route and say that.

    A Match Race is two horses going flat out and from that stand point Ruffian had him by a head. In a normal race against males, where there was going to be strategy and it wasn't 'hammer the gas from the gate' there may have been an entirely different result.

    She may have gotten beat, she may have won, she may have lived, she may still have broken down. We don't know but what was obvious was the inherent danger in the match race format.

    Rachel almost ran a damn match race in her Woodward and though by the grace of God she remained physically sound, it's pretty obvious she was broken in heart and will.
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