Discussions vs. Categories — What do you think?

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You may have noticed that the home page of the forum has changed quite a bit. It is now broken down into categories, listing the five most recent discussions in each.

The old view can still be accessed by clicking Discussions in the menu bar or Recent Discussions in the sidebar on the right.

In the Feedback & Suggestions thread there have been a few requests for a "Back To Discussions" link at the end of each discussion. This can't work exactly as before, since everyone isn't necessarily coming from the same place. Readers may have clicked in from the Categories view (Home), the Discussions view, or from an individual category. I can look into adding a general "Back" button at the end that will take you back to your last viewed page.

What do all of you think of this new format?


  • I love everything! I never used the "back to discussions" option anyway, so i like everything. Great changes! It just took a little getting used to (cause I'm old, lol) but I love it.
  • I have not spent a lot of time navigating yet in the new format, but it seems like a great idea and hopefully this will prevent numerous Discussions on the same topic being created. My only "concern" is that I might not know where the hot new Discussion is taking place. But I am sure I'll figure it out. Thanks Kylea and Team Z for always thinking of and making creative improvements!
  • I always used the Back to Discussions link and find it a drag that it's missing. Now you have to go back to the top of the page and click on Forum to start all over again. Although it might work to just click on the Recent Discussions link on the right side of the screen. I'm going to try that. I like the page numbers being both at the top of the page and the bottom. I think using the back button on the computer tool bar might be able to replace Back to Discussions. I'm going to try that one. If we can't have Back to Discussions, there may be those other ways to accomplish the same thing. We'll just have to try them all and use what works the best. It will take some getting used to.
  • Louise, if you never used the Back to Discussions link, what did you do when you wanted to read another discussion?
  • I just go to "recent discussions" to find the "hot, new discussions" and instead of "back to discussions". It's pretty easy to do that way.
  • kyleakylea Administrator
    @VA_in_CA, you're correct that clicking Recent Discussions on the side will take you to all discussions. Clicking Discussions in the dark gray menu bar will do the same thing.
  • Virginia, I just would click on discussions and now I click on recent discussions. If I saw the "yellow" mark on the one I just left, I would go back there first to see what was added.
  • Those solutions involve scrolling up. I know it sounds lazy to want a back to discussions link at the bottom of the page, but for arthritic hands scrolling hurts.
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    Those solutions involve scrolling up. I know it sounds lazy to want a back to discussions link at the bottom of the page, but for arthritic hands scrolling hurts.
    Yeah...I have issues with my fingers too! Like I suffered swollen, painful trigger thumb issues on both hands in the past and the doctor had to inject cortizone into the base of my thumb joints. I still can't use my fingers to open a tight cover in the jar...have to ask my husband to do it for me.

    That's why I hate texting when you have to use your fingers...I see younger people using their thumbs to text. I use a stylus for texting...luckily this pen-like instrument can be stored inside my cellphone so I won't lose it. :oD
  • OK, I've solved the painful scrolling issue to get back to Recent Discussions. I don't use that at all, I just move the mouse/cursor to the back arrow on the computer tool bar. Sometimes I have to click back several times, but eventually I get to the Discussions List.
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    The two most used by me in the side bar are:
    My Bookmarks & Recent Discussions. I add current discussions that I want to follow
    to My Bookmarks.
    Recent Discussions let me know what Forum members are talking about.
    These are topics I may or not follow. I usually just look at top items.
    The third most used sidebar item for me is My Discussions.
    Since I started these, I want to keep tabs on them.

    Using My Bookmarks & My Discussions gives me a limited list of Discussions.
    Helps me with the scrolling problem-bad hands & shoulder.

    Yes, I do like Categories. Haven't used them enough to suggest changes.
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