Lucky Pulpit - Sire of California Chrome



  • Grand dam is the tough race mare Lucky Spell.

  • Rachel, maybe you can find a photo of Lucky Spell.
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    CALIFORNIA CHROME (1st) – The chestnut colt California Chrome carved his name in the history books Saturday afternoon at Churchill Downs, earning himself the right to sleep in until 6 o’clock Sunday morning at his Barn 20 new Kentucky home.

    “He’s fine,” reported the newest oldest trainer (77) to win a Kentucky Derby, Art Sherman, to an early bird gathering of media types Sunday at the barn. “He left just a handful of grain in his tub last night, but that’s all. His appetite was good. He got a little tired, but not too bad. Victor (jockey Victor Espinoza) told me yesterday that he did get a bit tired on him at the end; that he eased him a bit that last 70 yards. He said he didn’t ask him for too much thinking about saving something for the next one, for the Preakness.”

    Espinoza began to draw clear from his 18 rivals inside the quarter pole, but mostly kept busy aboard his mount through the lane. He popped California Chrome three times on the flank, but mostly just waved his whip alongside his head to give him encouragement. His final winning margin was a length and three-quarters.

    Sherman said the Preakness was the next goal for the son of Lucky Pulpit, though he wasn’t fully sure when and how the horse would head up to Baltimore.

    “I’m thinking we might keep him here four or five days, then van him up there,” the conditioner said. “We could fly him, but we’ll have to see.

    “To be honest, I’m not real comfortable with running him back in two weeks, but I know that’s what we’re bound to do. I don’t normally run any kind of horse back in two weeks, not even lowly claimers. I’m morethe kind of guy who likes to wait seven or eight weeks between races. These horses run hard and they need time to recover.”

    Sherman was asked if he was concerned at any point during California Chrome’s winning Derby run.

    “Not really,” he said. “When Victor broke clear and got a good position, I knew we were good. He (Espinoza) told me after he had some thoughts about sending him away from there to avoid any trouble, but that he liked his position. He didn’t want to get forced down on the rail and he was looking around from side to side to see what the other riders were doing, but he held his position. I saw that the fractions weren’t that fast – 47 (seconds) for the half isn’t fast for this horse – and I saw Victor had a good spot and hadn’t let him run at all yet, so I was happy.”

    Sherman was asked if he had other concerns about his horse and a possible run toward the Triple Crown.

    “I try to take these races one at a time,” he said. “But I’m always concerned about my horses. You know how fragile they are, so you’ve got to be concerned. It’s just how they are.

    “But I’m really happy for this horse and what he did yesterday. I know there was talk here that he wasn’t really a good horse, that he was only a ‘California’ horse. I knew he was a really good horse, but now everyone else does, too. He beat good horses in good style and there’s no denying that now. He’s peaking now. He’s full of himself. And the nice thing about him is that you can do anything you want with him. Victor said that when he won the Derby with War Emblem (in 2002) he knew he was only a one-dimensional horse – he had to go to the front. This horse gives you options. He has the speed to be in front, but he doesn’t have to be. He’s just a really cool horse.

    “He’s a double-tough little horse and I want to keep him around. I think he’ll be a terrific 4-year-old.”

    The conditioner said he and his entourage had had a late dinner at his hotel (The Brown) by way of celebration and that it was about 12:45 when he toddled off to bed. He said he got about four hours sleep before he headed back to the racetrack to check on his charge.

    Sherman, who trains about 20 horses at his Los Alamitos headquarters in Orange County, indicated he’d be headed back to Southern California Monday morning. His son and assistant trainer, Alan Sherman, would stay on with California Chrome.

    “I heard it erupted at Santa Anita and Los Alamitos when he won yesterday,” Sherman said. “I was told they went bananas. I’m glad for everyone in California. He’s a rock star.”

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    Lucky Spell
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    That must have been Lucky Spell when she was definitely in her twilight years. I hope there is another photo of Lucky Spell when she was at her prime. But for any until age 34 is a triumph in itself indeed! :oD

    OK...just checked that the photo above of Lucky Spell was taken when she was 33 years old!
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    Lucky Pulpit is built like a tank on is Lucky Spell....look at those age 33 no less...
  • correct me if i am wrong but Lucky Pulpit's stud fee went from 2,500 to 10,000 is that right?
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    Yup it did, but now his fee is private
  • okay that is what i thought i checked the farm website and i saw that but i am pretty sure that alot of people know that his stud fee is now 10,000 probably
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    Yea, Art Sherman stated that in one of his interviews the day after the derby
  • okay just making sure i wasnt hearing things
  • are my go to girl for photos....can always count on you. Thank you!
  • Lucky Pulpit Pedigree

  • California Chrome—You better believe that the flashy chestnut winner of the 140th G1 Kentucky Derby made a believer out of me. I had him as one of my Top 4 selections, but I was not truly convinced he could get the job done, mainly because I was expecting a faster pace, leaving the proverbial door open for the closers to swoop in and steal it on the wire. He was clearly the best on paper, but we as handicappers have a tendency to overanalyze things. My mom had California Chrome for goodness’ sakes, and she only tunes in for the Triple Crown, Breeders’ Cup, and whatever race Mucho Macho Man (she refers to him as Charlie’s horse) happens to be running in! Congrats again Mom for nailing the Kentucky Oaks/Kentucky Derby double. Away cleanly, California Chrome established good early position and stayed out of trouble. Couple his ideal trip with the reasonable pace, and conditions were ripe for the colt to make mincemeat out of his competition, which is exactly what he did. Now, I’m not ready to crown California Chrome just yet, but given his race pattern, he’s the one best equipped to handle the grueling Triple Crown schedule.
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    This was posted in California Chrome's Discussion earlier...but I thought this article would be appropriate in this thread as well.


    Please read Mary's Interesting article on California Chrome, his owners/trainer, his sire, Lucky Pulpit and dam, Love the Chase in her Article: California Chrome: A Derby Dream Come True on the turquoise link below...
    From Mary's Past The Grandstand
  • California Chrome's Preakness page: Chrome
  • ik that this has nothing to do with this but this is just horrible and unbelivable it is also on my new forum please check it out
    Okay guys so my cousins just sent me a picture of this retired show jumper thoroughbred mare & this retired Quarter Horse racer (she is thinking or that is atleast what her neighbor is saying since her neighbor has seen the horse before and has talked to the owner before) that she found a couple of days ago in her pasture when she went to let her eight horses out in the big field. I would post the picture my my phone wont let me so i found a picture of a horse that looks just like the one in the picture this is just wrong for a retired racehorse to be neglected like this.
    The horse that my cousin found though is a darker bay and has white on her face and
    white on her legs.
    This is the retired Quarter Horse racer stallion but once again the picture that my cousin sent me is not loading so i found a picture that looks like the horse
    The differences between the horse in the picture and the horse my cousin found arent really alot the real differences between them are that the horse my cousin found as a stripe and two stockings one on the front left leg and one on the hind right leg
    this is just horrible
    the thing is my cousin doesnt know if she can keep them because she already has eight horses named Comanche, Sage, Apache, Junior, Renesmee, Sparkle, Tigger, & Crystal. Comanche is her 3 year old flaxen chestnut Tennessee Walker stallion, Sage is her 6 year old black tobiano Paint hrse mare, Apache is her 9 year old sorrel tobiano Paint Horse stallion, Junior is her 14 year old Black Forest Horse gelding, Renesmee is her 4 year old dark bay Tennessee Walker mare, Sparkle is her 10 year old light gray Andalusian mare, Tigger is her 2 year old black Shire stallion, & Crystal is her 2 year old gray/white Shire mare.
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    I just saw were Lucky Pulpit is ranked #9 on the leading Stallions list with his "private" stud fee. Good for him !
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    Woo he really shot up there lol
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