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  • Does any one have any pictures of a Lucky Pulpit foal called Sunday Pulpit?
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    I think California chrome is an outlier for his sire unless we get different outcomes if he is bred to stellar mares.
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    He is an unusual case for his sire. Outlier in statistics means way outside the norm or average. Cc for his sire was probably 1 in a million.
  • Please understand that Lucky Pulpit bred to mare, having been bred to leading California Sires, shows a plus increase in productivity. All the statistics can be broken down and shown to you. Easy to find. Easy to research. Does this mean that Lucky Pulpit is a pusher? It seems to. The connections of CC, having purchased the daughter of a Maryland legend, probably got lucky hooking up with Lucky Pulpit. He wasn't the first choice. One thing for sure....the grandsons of Pulpit are a gift to us and something we should all embrace. -K,tincup
  • He is going to have to come up with some more good runners, hopefully Graded stakes winners, or that $10,000 stud fee jump will soon slide back down to $2,500. If I owned one of the half sisters to Love the Chase I'd be coming to Lucky or looking for an affordable Tapit or Pulpit son.
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    Made is nothing fancy either. CC is an anomaly. Very slight chance that sire or dam will score like this again.
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    Mare--CC's dam is nothing fancy either.
  • I didn't mean to cause some type of argument about this I was just posting pictures of foals that he had cause I found if neat that a lot of his offspring have a lot or some "chrome" on them.
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    No problem. Just opinions.
  • Mare--CC's dam is nothing fancy either.
    Look up Maryland breeding. Look up numbered account. If you think that Love the Chase is no big deal, you are mistaken. Let's not forget that Lucky Pulpit hasn't had the oppurtunities Tapit has had. If you did the homework, you could have easily found California Chrome as easy as I did. This is not a brag, it is what it is. If you really understand pedigree, you can see what is really going on here. His FULL sisters, if they never run a race, may be the foundation to serious California breeding. Now I know most people don't want to know this, and is one of the reasons that California Chrome is disparaged the way he is, and no mention of California breeding ever with respect to his retirement, but the people in Kentucky and the U.S. , if they can help it will never let California get that kind of foothold in our country. If it took every dollar I had and every dollar you had, I would make sure that California Chrome would never leave the state, and would build a program that would dominate the U.S. -k, tincup

  • Why are you sounding so snotty @lizzie? You are sounding like you are the only ones who knows bloodlines and where they less back to or how horses are related. It is really kind of annoying especially since it is kind of like your putting people down and making your self so much better than everyone.
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    If building a breeding program was all that easy, everyone would be doing it. Each foal has the same chance of its genetics working to make it THE most fantastic horse that ever lived or the worse... and everything in between. Nature does the selection. You picks your pair and you waits for Mama N to smile. Or not. Breeding is the ultimate betting game.

    And toward the end of 2013 I saw a picture of CC on some website, looked him up on pedigreequery and told my vet to start putting her money on him. It was great fun following him and will probably not happen again for me.

    And I agree he should stay in California after leaving racing. The state can use him, probably to greater advantage than anywhere else in the country.
  • @californiachrome...please understand that i have been defending california chrome for a long time. i've listened to people saying he needs to go to japan, and people in Kentucky who said he wasn't worthy. all i want for chrome is what he's worked for....the love, the admiration and everything we can give to him and his entire family....not the humans. that's it. -tincup
  • I have been defending him for a while now as well.
  • @californiachrome...i hope it's going to be a fun watch. i'm very concerned that we might lose chrome. i'll tell you a secret, i've actually considered petitioning the governor to declare chrome a state treasure because i don't trust the connections. -tincup
  • That doesn't make any sense in my opinion. We aren't going to lose Chrome anytime soon he is 4 years old and going to be racing I would start worrying about his future as a stud when he reaches that point in his career and right now he isn't there. In my opinion.
  • really? what do you know about california racing? again, please understand this country triangulates. football players, baseball players, soccer players, athletes, horses, do you get the picture? california is opinion to the racing future. kentucky has held a hold for many, many years. if they're so shortsided as to not even see kitten's joy, how can we expect them to see california breeding. i appreciate your participation in this thread, but know this is a deep, deep, deep, deep pond -tincup
  • Once again I am hating your attitude right now it is not wanted and not necessary at all, @lizzie. And everyone thinks I have an attitude issue. You don't need to tell me how football players circulate I know, I watch foot ball. Wes Welker played for the New England Patriots, but now he plays for the Denver Bronocs. Peyton Manning played for the Indianapolis Colts and of course now he plays for the Denver Broncos.You are not making any sense at all.
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    Love the Chase is not fancy by breeding but because she is the dam of CC. Numbered Account is back a little in sire's line. Her dam's line is somewhat obscure.
  • @californiachrome, hates a bad word. -tincup
  • @kmm, numbered account is not obscure. -tincup
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    Meant "Love the Chase". Pronoun was not close enough. Numbered Account is not up close in CC's pedigree.
  • That's okay KMM
  • Lizzie, I agree with you and think you should start that petition.

    cc1121 , I wouldn't count on Jr running for very long this year. As much as his people love him... and they DO love him... he's not a pet. He's a business proposition. And the business of horse racing is money.

    I spend more time defending DAP than Junior. I find them refreshing honest. The saying is "out of the mouths of babes" and when it comes to horse racing, they're babes. It's time people spoke up about what is right for THEIR horse and THEIR business, regardless of the party line, and they don't have to pretty it up for me. Plus I see 90% of the ranting against them as sour grapes. "They haven't paid their dues. Their first mare, their first colt... where do THEY get off telling people anything?" seems to be behind all the anti Martin/Coburn crap.
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