Horrible Horse Stories That Have Become Happy Endings

We all know that pet horses dont always have the best start to their lives for me I have six horses that live at my grandparents house since i dont have a barn of my own but I live very close to my grandparents so i am over there pretty much everyday my own horses have their own sad stories but so do both pairs of my cousins horses.
Here are my horses stories (i will try to make these as short as possible)
I have six horses their names are Midnight Mystery (Midnight), Trinity (Trin), Baby Come Back (Baby), Diablo, Bolt, & Maple.
Midnight is my 12 year old black spotted blanket Friesian Appaloosa Cross Stallion he was found with Maple & Diablo. Midnight was about 3 years old when i first got him. He was found in the mud with Maple, Diablo, and two other horses that did not make it the owners had them in horrible conditions and they were all skeletons with skin draped over them you could see every single bone in their body and feel every bone Midnight though was the worst one they thought he was going to die on them at the scene because he was laying down and wouldnt get up but gladly he made it along with Maple & Diablo which i ended up fostering all three of them and of course i kept all three of them as well. Know i am actually at my friend's house so i dont have any pictures of my horses since she doesnt have any pictures of them on her computer but this is the closest thing (i guess not the closet thing) i could find that i could show that would kind of give an example of what Midnight looks like he looks pretty much like this but is black and has a different pattern on him with white stockings and a white blaze. http://www.equineinspections.com/RESULTS 2008/Sport & Utility/Ava_0027sm 100408.jpg
Maple is my 6 year old Black Forest Horse mare. Her story is pretty much the same as Midnight's but a little bit more sad not only was she s88kin in bones but she had a foal with her and was actually later when they got her back to the center the vet actually figured out that she had been breed even though she still had a very young foal with her (she ended up losing the foal that she was pregnant with) she is now very happy and the foal has a home actually right down the road from my grandparents house so they still get to see each other sometimes haha. Like with Midnight here is the closest thing that i could fine which would kind of give a description to what Maple looks like
Diablo is my 8 year old Friesian stallion. Out of Maple & Midnight, Diablo was the one that was probably the best in shape when it comes to weight but he had horrible feet and actually had laminitis in his front left foot and his right hind leg but he actually pulled through he gets rode but i make sure that i dont work him hard he is still a little lame in his front left leg but that is from the torture that he went through. here is a picture that i could fine that looks like him since once again i am on my friend's computer. http://thefalconerswife.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Friesian_galloping_by_LarissaAllen.jpg the differences are that his mane and tall are longer and are always wavy cause i braid them all of the time he is the only one that actually lets me braid his mane and tall and i dont have to worry about getting kicked or bit haha.
Baby Come Back is my 2 year old Gypsy Vanner mare and is actually my newest horse i have only had her for about 3 months and the funny thing is she kind of just showed up one day at my grandparents house when i was giving Comanche (one of my cousin's horses that i was watching for her) a bath after a workout i gave him. She actually walked right up to Bolt my roan Quarter Horse stallion who doesnt really get along with new horses and is a little temperamental and the thing is she was in great shape so we put up posters and everything and ended up finding her owner and when her owner showed up he was being really aggressive with her because she wouldnt load in the trailer and so i finally stepped in before it got worst and he said that if you want this then he called her names then take her and he drove off and i have had her ever sense. Here is a picture of what she looks like ( i dont have any pictures of any of my horses since i am on my friends computer) http://www.horsenation.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/tumblr_mhf8mo0dXM1qduj9ko1_500.jpg
That leaves Bolt & Trinity who were rescued together. Bolt & Trinity i have only had for a few weeks, they are both older horses Bolt is a 16 year old roan Quarter Horse gelding, and Trinity is a 15 year old black Hackney mare. Their owners had three horses in these stalls that were never or barely cleaned out they were in piles of their own you know what their hooves were way way over grown they both could barely walk and probably one of the most sad things was that when they were first rescued Trinity didnt want to walk on the grass and Bolt was terrified of the grass which only means that they were probably in those stalls for who knows how long and now they both cant get enough of the grass they are always the hardest ones to catch especially when they are out in the long grass in the pastures which causes my grandpa a problem when he is trying to mow the lawn haha. It is even harder when i am trying to take either one of them back to the stable from the pasture to saddle them up for a ride cause we have to walk by grass and all they want to do is walk through the grass haha.
Once again here are pictures of what they look like (these are not pictures of them)
This is what Trinity looks like http://www.oughtonlimited.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/500x000/hackney-1.1.jpg
Here is what Bolt looks like http://www.angelfire.com/me5/karengriffith/auction/rksroyalroan.jpg

Do any of you have any pet horses that have had a hard start to life or know of horses who have had horrible starts to life but have gone on to live a great life post them here


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    you guys can commit on this it is just a forum for telling personal experiences about how horses lives have been changed i told you guys my horses lives before i owned them
  • Don't have horses of my own but help with friends. All my dogs I have owned though were rescued. I commend you on your efforts. It takes special people to give them a life they so deserve. Thank you. I am sure you are rewarded every single day.
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    Hi ZenyattaRules1121-
    Thank you for sharing your personal stories of horse horses that you have rescued! So glad they've found a safe haven with you. They are lucky to have you as their guardian as well. It really saddens me that humans would treat these noble animals so badly. Honestly, I prefer the company of animals over people for reasons you have described.

    I do have a thread from last year that is similar...entitled Amazing True Horse Stories. It is an eclectic collection of stories gathered from around the world and from the past. But your thread allows others to share their own personal experiences with horses and I think that's great! :oD
  • thanks Paniolo_Gal i really appreciate that my cousins and i have rescued horses and i said that Baby Come Back is my newest horse i miss typed that cause Bolt & Trinity i have had the less amount of time since i have only had them for about 5 weeks. And even though the pictures that i found on the internet of horses that look just like them pretty much it doesnt give the real horses any justice but looking at the pictures you can tell that the coloring of them and the breeds it makes no sense why people would abuse them
  • Don't have horses of my own but help with friends. All my dogs I have owned though were rescued. I commend you on your efforts. It takes special people to give them a life they so deserve. Thank you. I am sure you are rewarded every single day.
    Thank you i really appreciate that. My cousins have horses as well that have horrible stories and even though the pictures that i have on this arent my horses but only pictures that i found on the internet of horses that look just like them since i was on my friends computer it makes no sense why people would abuse them
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    Mariah's Storm is an incredible story
  • yes that is another incredible story. did you read the stories about my horses? i mean the pictures arent pictures of them because i was at a friends on her computer and she doesnt have any pictures of them for some odd reason but the pictures that i posted are pictures of horses that look just like mine so it makes some wonder why would people abuse the horses that i own especially after their coloring and their breeds
  • Okay guys so my cousins just sent me a picture of this retired show jumper thoroughbred mare & this retired Quarter Horse racer (she is thinking or that is atleast what her neighbor is saying since her neighbor has seen the horse before and has talked to the owner before) that she found a couple of days ago in her pasture when she went to let her eight horses out in the big field. I would post the picture my my phone wont let me so i found a picture of a horse that looks just like the one in the picture this is just wrong for a retired racehorse to be neglected like this.
    The horse that my cousin found though is a darker bay and has white on her face and
    white on her legs.
    This is the retired Quarter Horse racer stallion but once again the picture that my cousin sent me is not loading so i found a picture that looks like the horse
    The differences between the horse in the picture and the horse my cousin found arent really alot the real differences between them are that the horse my cousin found as a stripe and two stockings one on the front left leg and one on the hind right leg
    this is just horrible
    the thing is my cousin doesnt know if she can keep them because she already has eight horses named Comanche, Sage, Apache, Junior, Renesmee, Sparkle, Tigger, & Crystal. Comanche is her 3 year old flaxen chestnut Tennessee Walker stallion, Sage is her 6 year old black tobiano Paint hrse mare, Apache is her 9 year old sorrel tobiano Paint Horse stallion, Junior is her 14 year old Black Forest Horse gelding, Renesmee is her 4 year old dark bay Tennessee Walker mare, Sparkle is her 10 year old light gray Andalusian mare, Tigger is her 2 year old black Shire stallion, & Crystal is her 2 year old gray/white Shire mare.
  • My son is currently riding a Friesian mare. She was imported and purchased by some local people after arriving here. They decided that she would make a real nice barrel racer. She does not have the temperament for it and became really fried mentally. They kept dropping her feed to try to "calm her down", she just got more fried and thinner and thinner. The person that my son works for runs a rescue organization and she got hold of the mare. After being given time to recover, she was sent to a dressage trainer. Once back, everyone at the barn was terrified to ride her, ride near her, or really have anything to do with her even though she was very sweet to work with on the ground. Enter my son. The owner asked him to try riding her, the first time he had NO steering, NO speed control, NO NOTHING. He survived, that was about it. He has persevered with her and is taking dressage lessons with her. 2 weeks ago he won a Gentleman's Go as You Please class with her and they are slated to go to a dressage show in early June. She is now a pleasure to ride, at least for him. She still doesn't trust too many people on her back. I cannot figure out how to post a picture of the 2 of them, he in sitting on her blanketed back in the snow. She is not even wearing a halter and is touching his knee with her nose. It truly shows the rapport that they have developed.
  • aww that is cute. my horses have horrible stories if you have read them but that is just horrible about how they treated that friesian and i hold them close to my heart since Midnight Mystery is a Friesian Appaloosa cross and since Diablo is a purebred Friesian
  • Hopefully this will have a happy ending but wanted to share just to make you aware of the true reality of rodeo.
  • I hope this story has a happy ending too but most of these horses end up going to slaughter.
  • On a more positive note, my son earned his first 70% or better on the fresian mare in August.
  • Houston has been deluged with at least 16" of water and still raining. Cypress Trail stable was hit by severe flooding before they could evacuate the 75-100 horses that were trapped. Some headed for higher ground. Many passers-by, concerned neighbors, law enforcement, the Houston SPCA, and probably more mounted a heroic effort to help. I don' know how to post links. But if you google "horse rescue houston 4-18-16, there are a number of stories and videos. There is also a 14 min. A video on youtube under Scott Engle horse rescue. Maybe someone who knows how to do the links and proper credits could do that for these stories.

  • I watched a lot of those videos on facebook yesterday. The last I heard, none of the horses was lost. Amazing. They showed horses who were standing and barely able to keep their heads above water, and a lot of other horses were swimming, trying to find higher ground; one horse was standing to rest a bit with his head just sticking out, then he started swimming again. He saw 3 other horses all stuck at a fence and then he got stuck in the fence for awhile, a little ways from the other 3. Only the fence posts were sticking out above the water. You could tell when the single horse found the top rail of the fence, because his entire front area rose up, but then he floated over the fence and continued downstream, I guess. Several videos showed people getting the horses and pulling them toward land. It looked as if all the horses had harnesses on, which helped. I hope there were no foals or minis in the area. They would not have made it.

    Here are some links: https://www.facebook.com/KFDMNews/videos/10154106151508756/ Apparently this one went viral and a woman reported that the rescuer was her nephew and that he is a horse trainer. Lucky horse.

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    Wow to those animal rescuers!
  • So far, per Houston media, only one horse has been confirmed dead and 3-4 are still loose and have been seen on higher ground. It may be a few days before details emerge. Also another dozen horses in another part of houston required rescue, so no idea if the total numbers were comingled in the news stories.

    One thing I did notice in the stories was that there was a rush to judgement about why these horses weren't evacuated sooner. This flooding has surpassed that which has happened even during tropical storms. At least seven people have died so far and 1200 rescued. Over 1000 homes have been flooded and there is over $5 billion in damage. Nine counties are under a state of emergency and more rain is expected to fall on Wednesday. And the creek from which the horses were rescued yet hasn't even crested yet.

    Let's keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
  • For sure. It seems like they were having a serious drought in Texas not too long ago. What a change!
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    I was listening to an expert on city flooding explain it on NPR. Houston has increased its cement/sidewalks/paved areas over 25 % in the past few years. The ground that might have absorbed the water has decreased significantly.
  • Figures. City-planner-fail.
  • Yesterdaythere was a story about a man leading a nearly blind horse to safety with multiple videos on youtube. Bravo.

    When I rechecked the above, this site came up:


    Presumably, google picked it out from the search word "blind". Serendipity. When I looked at this site I was amazed and awed by the work that they do. They have blind and disabled dogs cats horses.. They have horses with wobblers, severe sway back. , animals with many disabilities. They take animals nationwide. They have a new blind foal named Brynn. Aww! They have created a companion site: http://www.blindhorses.org/. Thisis an informational site about how to care for a blind horse.

  • And today in Houston...yup rain thunder storms...more flooding, historic flooding, rivers lakes and creeks all over flood stage. Rain in forecast through Friday. There has already been over three times the average rainfall for April.

    Louisiana and Mississippi are also experiencing flooding.

    This is one ugly series of storms.
  • Wish we could have had at least some of that rain. Sigh.
  • Yeah, too bad there wasn't a way to siphon some of it into RR tanker cars and ship it to you by rail.
  • hahaha
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